(Last Updated On: January 11, 2017)

For a person who travels wide and far, grand hotels and exquisite cuisines are not appealing; A traveler is always looking for something more than just visiting places. His aim is to become one with his surroundings, take something away with him from wherever he goes.

This is where the travel operators come in. Designing tour packages is an art every travel operator needs to master. Comfort and pleasure is what the tour operator is always trying to cater to especially when it is designed to satiate and support the wandering lust. A number of things need to be properly synchronized for a smooth and hassle free travel. Below is a list of few tips to bear in mind as a tour operator while designing packages for those adventure freaks.

Understanding the Traveler’s needs :

When an adventurer comes to you seeking for help be very warm and welcoming. Make them feel at ease. Empower the traveler with enough information so that decision making comes easy to him. Offer him the most exciting packages available to you.

Equip the Traveler with proper information:

Once the destination is decided explain to them about the places they will be visiting, ask them about what their special preferences, the kind of accommodation they desire and their budget. responsible-tour-operator1
Send them travel package which tells them about the history, food, culture and people of the destination location. Be upfront about all the expenses that the tourist will have to bear throughout the travel. Chalk out a travel plan accordingly.

Lastly, encourage travelers to arrive with an open mind and to be prepared to have their world-views gently challenged by the new cultures they will encounter.

Offer Cost-Effective Services:  Sometimes travelers tend to cancel their traveling plan due to extensive travel budgets. Most of the wandering travelers are not too big on spending on lavish idiosyncrasies. They‘d rather prefer doing things on their own. Hence it is better to provide economically feasible travel rather than loosing out on them. This can be done by retaining a significant portion of the travelers trip cost in the destination country. Arrange stay-ins and food at local or government hotels and restaurants. Offer travelers opportunities to purchase local produce and food.

Encourage small group size :

Smaller the group more environment friendly it will be. Lesser number allows more freedom and light treading protecting and preserving the surroundings from too much pollution.
Homestays are a hit :  Adventure travelers are generally not too keen on putting up at grand hotels. They have basic needs and are more focused on experiencing what they see. For them, nothing can be more welcoming then providing them with an opportunity to stay with a local family. The unique culture and linguistic exchange will take the travelers experience to the next level.

Use of Local Guides:

Tour operators are ethically committed towards raising the economic conditions of people belonging to the travel destinations. Training locals to become responsible guides who can enhance the tourists traveling experience is mark of excellent service.

Be Eco-Conscious:

Make the traveler aware about the importance of conserving nature and its resources. Aim at minimizing and properly disposing of the waste created by conserving energy and water and by ensuring that endangered wildlife and environmentally compromised areas are treated with respect.

Go-go Carbon Neutral:

Consider the number of flights required to participate in one tour. Then calculate the carbon emissions emitted by each flight. Balance it out by paying for the number of trees built to absorb the carbon emissions. You can even provide the travelers with an option of planting trees themselves.

Participate in Community Development work :

Now this is completely optional; you as tour operators can tie up with events organized in the local communities where the travellers can contribute. In addition, a portion of each traveler’s trip cost can go towards empowering the locals either through a charity or directly.

Keep them coming back for more:

Hospitality combined with fun and adventure; if that is what you have successfully provided to the traveler, be assured he will revert back. Express your thanks to them for using your services by sending occasional greetings. Being in touch with the travelers after the trip is over is a gesture worth investing time in. Exchange full contact information and keep them updated about old and new ventures your travel agency is planning.