(Last Updated On: February 3, 2018)

Half of January’s already marked off the calendar but you still got a nasty hangover of New Year’s Eve? If you’re finding it hard to battle with your new year resolutions, here’s a way to set your clock back to the most amazing time of the year again. It’s the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong that will get you right back into the party state of mind and relive the fun all over again.

Also, known as the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this year Hong Kong is all set to welcome the ‘Year of the Dog’. Full of interesting traditions blending with contemporary celebrations, it’s one of the most amazing festivals all over the world and totally deserves your audience.

Come this February 16th and Hong Kong is going to be a riot of colours and a hotspot of festivities. Since in here, the Chinese Year is a bigger deal than Christmas and totally a spectacle to behold with your own eyes, it’s time to get your bags packing and book your tickets right away to Hong Kong where the magic happens.


1) Soak up All the Good Luck for The Year Ahead


From flowers, feasting and family, Hong Kong remains doused in a spirit of faith which is believed to bring good fortune in the coming year. Everything they do is supposed to have roots in tradition whether it’s gifting cash especially in red envelopes or the ubiquitous red decorations found every two feet away.

If wishing to boost your luck, Hong Kong has got an exciting array of traditions that you can give it a try. Visit the temple, light the incense, bring Mandarin oranges, buy some gifts and eat all you can while you’re in Hong Kong to welcome the Chinese New Year with a touch of luck.

Certainly, the phrase ‘paint the town in red’ is an understatement for Hong Kong on
Chinese New Year!


2) Sample the Mouth-Watering Food

The festive season comes with its own delicious treats in Hong Kong. Whether it’s the Nian Gao bringing out the sweet tooth or the savoury Dim Sums making your mouth water on the streets, Hong Kong definitely knows how to put a feast. While most of these delicacies are inspired by timeless traditions which are considered auspicious, it’s no surprise that they will excite you with their different symbolic meanings.

The city’s markets light up with the aromas of Chinese New Year’s dishes while the family gatherings at home are a special occasion to express your happiness. In Hong Kong, choose your food wisely to augur some good luck as you treat your taste buds in Hong Kong.

When eating food brings good luck. This happens only in Hong Kong!


3) Dazzle Yourself In the Nightlife

If you’re in Hong Kong at Chinese New Year, then all your dreams of enthralling parties come alive. From the Clock Tower to the stunning Disneyland, Hong Kong invites you to let your party demons out on the Chinese New Year. Make sure you be a part of this beating crowd in Hong Kong and live a night full of entertainment and excitement.

Hong Kong is invariably a hotspot for party goers and there is enough booze and bass here to cherish a night for life. All you need is to choose a place and you’re all set to witness the tantalizing nightlife.

People in Hong Kong actually live by the motto ‘Work Hard Party Harder’


4) Try Some Retail Therapy

For both the tourists and locals, the biggest attraction of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is its splendid markets. Shopping lovers find their favourite hobby here as the malls get decked up with decorations. In this festive ambience, you’ll find everything that you want to gift yourself or gift your loved ones.

However, most of these markets remain closed on the day of the festival. All the more reason to go a few days early and shop your heart out in the streets on Hong Kong in the run-up to the festive flair of Chinese New Year.

A woman shops for good luck ornaments at the traditional Dihua market for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations in Taipei, Taiwan, Monday, Feb. 16, 2015. The first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year falls on Thursday, Feb. 19. (AP Photo/Wally Santana)

Coz shopping on the Hong Kong Streets brings you joy (and many gifts)


5) Behold the Sparkling Fireworks

One of the most heart-pounding events to witness in Hong Kong is the wonderful show of pyrotechnics at Victoria Harbour. Fireworks are supposed to scare away the evil spirits since ancient times in Hong Kong and the tradition has only become bigger and better with every passing year during the Chinese New Year.

Hopping on a cruise offers the best vantage point undoubtedly, yet there are many other places where you can catch a sight of the electrifying wonder illuminating the skyline of Hong Kong. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera along to capture the million-dollar view.

This is your time to sparkle with the fireworks in Hong Kong


6) Take Part in the Amazing Parade

In Hong Kong, the Chinese New Year Parade isn’t anything ordinary that can be missed. The annual gala puts up a display of national and international performers that will blow your mind (in this case maybe, literally). Join some Golden Lions dancing on the street while the dragons steal the thunder at these spectacular parades in Hong Kong.

Held on the evening on the lively streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, this parade comes without a price tag involved. Yet the experience of witnessing the vibrant floats, marching bands and flying acrobats is one which could never be bought for money.

With Dragons and Lions, Chinese New Year Parade is Nothing Short of a Fable


7) Race Your Bets 

One of the most popular events, horse racing remains a notable activity where you can try your luck during Chinese New Year. This is when the city rushes madly to participate in the annual tradition charging up the festive atmosphere. This notable horse race takes place on third day of the Chinese New Year and certainly an event to place your bets upon. Whether your luck pans out or not, this experience is going to leave you as a winner.

May the Best man Horse Win!


8) For a Sky of Lanterns

Here’s the final chapter that heralds the end of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. While the dancing lions and dragons decorate the land, these lanterns brighten the sky with a grand display. Hong Kong is known for its themed display of lanterns coming in all shapes and sizes. Also, the lantern carnival brings together a stage for several dance performances, music, acrobatics

This event is also special for couples and often known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. The event was designed in the past to serve as a chance for unmarried women to find a suitor and today has become the annual matchmaking gala for people in Hong Kong.

Who said that only fireworks could light up the sky? There are Lanterns too!