(Last Updated On: February 14, 2017)

As you set foot on Valentine’s Day let’s celebrate this day of love with some interesting topic for the couple travelers. You might have seen a lot of videos these days on the Instagram of couple travelling together and posting pictures and stories around the globe. These couples are seen going strong and bonding with each other like never before. But have you ever imagined how they are able to keep their love blooming all the time. Let us know why?

In a most recent survey of 1,000 couples on how traveling affected their relationship positively, almost two thirds (63%) of the respondents claimed that it is travelling that has helped them to grow their bonds stronger. It’s a well known fact that when you travel together there are few exciting elements that bring you more closure with each other.

1) Share the same goal and same purpose

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Couples who love to travel together shares the same purpose of travelling the world. The yearning of exploring the exotic destination together with some endless adventure pumps up the fire in both. The reason of unraveling unknown destination always makes them want to stay together. New places, new people add more magic to their relationship.


2) Understanding and adjusting to their limitations


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They say travelling lets you understand yourself in a better way. It is 100percent true that travelling reveals the better you not only to the world but also to each other. This helps you to strengthen their bonds with each other and understand the weakness. They will learn to complement each other as they keep on discovering new destinations.


3) They have better communication

Credits - midtownmarriageandfamilytherapy.com

Credits – midtownmarriageandfamilytherapy.com

According to a survey it is found that couples who love to travel together can easy cope with each other than the ones who don’t travel. They agree much better and have very less disagreements. Another interesting thing is that they learn to be more patient and understand each other better.


4) They have a better sexual relationship

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And it’s a fact that couples who travel together have the most amazing sex life. The recent survey made it all more clear which says that the couples who love to travel together have a better sexual relationship then the ones who don’t. Travelling together helps them to reduce stress and cuts the work into half, which help them to spark up their romance. More than three quarters of couples admitted that they have a magical sex life.


5) Experiencing something new together

Credits - pinimg.com

Credits – pinimg.com

Exploring and experiencing something new helps them to treasure each and every moment in their heart and minds. This leads them to make some more memories with each other and creates a memory that will be forever unique to their relationships.


6) It reveals who they are to each other

Credits - http://battenkillriversports.com

Credits – http://battenkillriversports.com

Since most of the time they are together there are very little chances for keeping ugly secrets. They will learn to appreciate their partner as the way he or she is. Unshaved legs, snores and under arm hairs will no longer be a tension for each other Travelling reveals a bunch of ugly truths which is in a way lovable . And with this there is little or nothing to hide.


7) Their sense of humor is built together

Credits - rd.com

Credits – rd.com

While you are travelling with your partner humor will be always turning up here and there. At time there will be few things which might terribly go wrong and you both end up laughing over it. It might be thing like hotel rooms getting mixed up, losing your map or having a horrible food by the street side. But when you have good company you will always have something to laugh at and make everything go easy.


8) They live the romance


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You will have to believe it with your eyes closed that the love between the travelling couples goes beyond what you watch on cinema screens or read in any book. They actually live the romance which is spontaneous and magical. This will lead to another moment of sparking romance and so it goes on and on. It is never about the money but the experience that traveling together could bring. The survey also revealed that 86% of the couple has still romance blooming in their relationship then the 73% who have never travelled together.


9) They live in the moment

Credits - http://drivethenation.com

Credits – http://drivethenation.com

When we say cease the day or each moment, the travelling couple does that every day. The couples who travel together are not worried about what is going to happen next but try to live each and every moment capturing the intensity. Travelling together didn’t give them the opportunity to over-analyze their situation and be critical on several subjects but made them appreciate the present moment.But you won’t see that with the ones who do not travel, they will have doubts probably thinking about their future and what they have for their future.


10) They have become best friends


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Since they have only each other to turn to and fewer disruptions by other persons they will ultimately become best friends. They would love each other’s company and would stick with each other through challenges and differences to provide each other with the companion they need.


11) They are educated together

Credits - http://indezo.biz

Credits – http://indezo.biz

There is no doubt in that travelling allows you learn in a better way. Couples who travel together learn something new with each other which help them to bond. This makes them open their heart and mind to the world in front of them. Their knowledge increases with each other and allows them to grab things at an instance.


12) They are more forgiving

Credits - http://clevernova.com

Credits – http://clevernova.com

Another thing which is cent percent true is that couples who travel together are more forgiving.  While travelling together there are for mistakes to be made and flaws will be revealed.  There are challenges all along the way but couples who travel together understand the need for forgiving each other quickly and moving on. This helps them to grow with each other in a better way and in the future makes their bonds stronger.


13) They experience freedom together

Credits - http://cagliaribybike.com

Credits – http://cagliaribybike.com

Couples who have been travelling together the freedom and independence that traveling provides. With such understanding they will learn to respect and comfort each other in their solitude and privacy. This provides another healthy angle to the progress of their relationship. Every relationship needs that freedom and for the ones who travel together it’s the perfect medicine.

So, when you have so many reasons to spark up your relationship why wait, just head out for that perfect vacation with your beloved and cease each and every moment with each other.