(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

There are various places on this planet Earth that have splendid views, amazing beaches, dense forests, expansive landscape and warmth of local people that make them a must-visit destination for every traveler. But there is only one place, one destination that has truly touched everyone’s heart and if, there is heaven, it is here: Kerala!

No wonder, Kerala has earned its title as ‘God’s own country’ because of its never-ending stretch of beaches, stunning backwaters, scintillating colors of nature, tea plantations, aromatic therapies, staycation in house boats and never ending views that rejuvenate you from within. Sudipto Basu decided to venture far south from his city New Delhi with his family and experience heaven for real.

A few emails, telephone calls with Thrillophilia and packed suitcases later, he found himself one early morning in Kochi from where one of his most memorable journey began.



“From the moment our flight landed at the airport till the driver took us to the booked hotel, we thought that we are in a different place altogether. It seemed like we had dived into a green paradise. The very first footage that we captured was of the lush green spread far and wide where a river meandered through.”


“Struck with hunger pangs from a long flight, our local driver took us to an authentic cuisine restaurant which welcomed us with a wide spread of Kerala dishes served on a banana leaf that we cherished to our heart’s content. Everything was so tasteful. With our tummy full, we headed our way to start exploring this bit of heaven.”




The next few days of the trip was where Sudipto and his family were taken from Kochi to Munnar via Athirapally, an exotic land of rivers and forests. After a rest day in the hotel, the family witnessed the ‘Niagara of India’ i.e. the Athirapally Falls plummet a drop of around 80 ft. The entire area was surrounded by lush green forest cover, bright silver cascades, fishing pool, tribal village and majestic views.



“It was only the beginning of the trip and you can say that the teaser was itself so mesmerizing. The views that you see in films were right in front of me. The only regret I had while I was there was that if I knew, I would have put on swimming trunks and immerse myself in the waters of Athirapally. Nevertheless, watching the beauty was heart filling to me.”

En route Munnar, the family was introduced to the stunning expansive regions along the road that were dotted with pepper and cardamom plantations, sprawling tea estates and dense green forests.
“The high point of the trip was exploring the tea plantations and spice gardens which were very well organized by the spice garden team. This is one of the main boosting factors of tourism in Kerala and being there amidst the garden made us realize that all those films that show these green beauty isn’t color tinted but essentially real to its core.”





“After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we started exploring Munnar, the most awaited destination of our trip Munnar. After the beginning from the tea plantation, Munnar offered extravagant beauty in all forms. We visited Mattupetty Lake and Dam, Kundala Lake, Rajmalai, Blossom Gardens, quirky place called the Echo Point and the best was the short trip to Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. We had a chance to experience elephant ride in which the elephants went from deep jungle to cool waters and we had the time of our lives.”

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With Munnar being overtly beautiful, the next place to be discovered was Thekkady or Periyar. The towering Western Ghats along the way with array of spice plantations, waterfalls and gushing streams added distinct hues of beauty to the traveling family. In the afternoon, Sudipto and his family went to Periyar Lake for a boat ride where they spotted wildlife in their sanctuary which was both, exciting and adventurous.





“After a couple of days into our stay, we had the lifetime experience of living on a boat in the backwaters of Alleppey. Serene and picturesque are barely sufficient words to describe our stay there. The place is the highest visited holiday destination in India because of its backwaters and houseboat.

We stayed at the luxurious boat which took us cruising through the local villages, azure lagoons, paddy fields, lakes and canals. With all the luxuries inside the boat, there was breathtaking beauty outside each window. Any word used here will do no justice to the experience that we have had there. You have to; in fact, you must visit Alleppey at least once in your life to know why Kerala is compared to heaven.

After a delightful stay in the houseboat, the family was taken for a sun-bathing and activity filled day at the Cherai Beach. This was the blending place of backwaters with the sea and formed a stunning view. The sandy beach, along with palm trees on the banks, seashells spread across the ground and cool breeze hitting you, the Cherai Beach added a beautiful touch to their family vacation to Kerala.




“All those who travel to Kerala are not limited to witnessing only a few touristy things based on the itinerary that is planned by tour operators and tour guides. If you look properly, Kerala is filled with rich culture, traditions and treasures that you can see in nature, cuisines, dance forms, ancient arts, medicine, rituals, people and even in the coconut trees that you will find everywhere in the state.”
“Travel is my passion and so is exploring new local cuisines of the places that I visit. I am a nature lover and naturally beautiful places are very close to my heart, especially those who remain untouched by human greed. Kerala was one of those special places for me that gave me the best time of my life.

I traveled and explored a lot during my stay there. The history, the culture, architecture, food, traditions and what drive people of the city are something that I learned during my trip here. I was relaxed, excited, peaceful, in love and amazed by so much beauty that I am sure I will keep coming back here whenever I feel life’s worries are pulling me down. This is the magic of this place. It will rejuvenate you, truly and deeply.”