(Last Updated On: July 14, 2016)

Take a trip down memory lane. You are 7 years old, playing Pokemon Red or Blue on your Gameboy and trying to choose between Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur to take down your rival, Blue. Fast forward 20 years into the present and BOOM, it happened! Pokemon Go is the next big thing that has taken the world by storm. It is not just a game – it’s an experience!

Virtually anyone with internet on their phone is running around their place like a little child on a sugar rush trying to catch ‘em all. From going to temples for gym battles to walking into Zara store, not to buy that beautiful leather jacket but to catch that rare Onix lurking inside, Pokemon Go is your new virtual travel buddy. Here’s a bunch of reasons why:

1. Gotta explore ‘em all


The other day, a bunch of us set out on a Pokemon catching mission that lasted for more than an hour and we ended up walking close to 6 kilometres. At the end of it, we landed near a secluded park with an incredible view of the Madivala Lake.

Such is the fun of Pokemon Go, that you will not realise how much you walk and the places you will end up touring around in your quest to be the best. Indulge in the game and you are bound to go on exploring, much like Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, and discover so much that you never knew existed.

2. Those hours of studying Geography in school are finally going to pay off


Image Source: media.mnn

Pokemon Go has an interesting concept in-game. Real life locations play a major role in the Pokemon that one encounters. For example, you would experience more water type Pokemon near a beach or a water body and more fire type Pokemon near a flame.

A friend of mine encountered a Krabby that appeared on a huge puddle of water outside her place, so you get the idea. Travel to the mountains, the seas and the jungles to encounter a lot of Pokemon. That Oddish you want is more likely to appear in the jungle near your city than your living room, just saying.  

3. Nothing can stop you on the quest to get ‘em all


Image Source: pm1.narvil

Playing Pokemon Go in India is like trying to walk straight on a tightrope when you are drunk to the highest levels. It is not only tough but at time a little risky. Between potholes, avoiding cow dung on the road and terrible internet network, playing the game will be a challenge like no other.

However, the game is so addictive it will make you stop at nothing as you brave any obstacle that comes your way. Like my man Marvin Gaye always said “Ain’t no mountain high enough”, just like that ain’t no challenge big enough to be the best.

4. Pokemon Go is the new Meetup


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Going around trying to catch Pokemon is damn fun. Something all you trainers will also encounter is the sheer number of people you will come across playing the game as well, out on the streets. My friend, let’s call him PJ, said that he has met close to 15 people all over Bangalore trying to catch Pokemon.

And if the internet is to be believed, there are official groups in Bangalore that will meet up on weekends and go Pokemon hunting together. Seriously, Pokemon Go could very well be the answer to all the conflicts in the world. Imagine all the people you could meet if you traveled all over to play the game and met a bunch of new people with each encounter. It’s pure awesomeness to think about!

5. Do you even lift bro? I play Pokemon Go


Image Source: twitter

The sheer amount of physical activity that the game entails is mind boggling. You have to walk a whole lot around town just to encounter new Pokemon and get to all the Pokestops and Gyms. If you have ever been intimidated to go to the gym, fear not, Pokemon Go might as well be your new fitness buddy. Seriously, the game is like the Mary Poppins of fitness.

6. Physical health – Check! Mental health – Double Check!!


The sheer number of people who have left their laziness behind to run around and play Pokemon Go is incredible. People have reported that playing the game has had a therapeutic impact on their mental health.

Walking around, socializing with fellow trainers and exploring new places has helped people counter stress and more serious issues such as panic attacks ,anxiety issues and even depression in some cases. Who would have thought that a gaming franchise would one day help people handle mental stress.

7. “Mom, you want to go to the temple?”


If you have played the game yet, and there is a good possibility you have, you must have observed the number of religious places that are gyms. While not otherwise, it sure has started making players more inclined to visit these places.

You walk into a temple and you will see atleast someone standing in one corner just there to play the game. Pokemon Go has sure made festivals more fun because well Festivals=Temple Visit and that means new gym battle.

8. Pub hopping move aside, Pokemon Go is here


Image Source: blogspot

Weekends for most of us meant drinking at a pub or going for parties. Well, all that is old school now as weekends have become a strict dedication to Pokemon Go. People have started to use their Saturdays and Sundays to go town-hopping as they go around catching new Pokemon.

There is an actual Pokemon Go Crawl being organized on Sunday in Bangalore so you have your weekend plan sorted. Also a great detox idea for all of those with a bad case of alcohol addiction.

9. Rare locations for rare Pokemons


The first Pokemon Go trailer ended with a bunch of people convening at Times Square, New York to catch Mewtwo. Certain Pokemon in the game can be fought only when you travel to specific locations across the globe. So, if you were hoping to catch that Mew under the truck, tough luck.

On the bright side, Pokemon Go could be your new motivation to save and travel to all the exquisite locations if you want to catch ‘em all.
P.S. Kudos if you got the Mew and truck location reference, you are a certified true Pokemon fan.

10. Solo or Group Travel- Whatever it takes to catch em’ all


Image Source: Nintendo

Pokemon Go is a great game for group playing as well. When you walk around with friends you can spot Pokemon for each other and have a super good time doing so. While solo playing is fun but you must try playing the game along with your friends. You cannot imagine how much fun we all had when a bunch of us set out to play. And besides, it’s always crazy to make your buddy mad when you end up catching the Pokemon he/she wanted.

Don’t want to spoil the fun of the game but a little attention might be needed – you certainly don’t want to end up in a Hospital with a broken leg.