(Last Updated On: November 23, 2018)

Discovering new places, meeting new people, learning about new cultures has always been a blissful experience. Getting out of your comfort zone and going on an expedition should always be on one’s bucket list. The vast canopy that this world is, one never knows what surprises await on the other side of the canvas. There are various destinations throughout the globe that will mesmerize your heart and make them fall in love with them, one of them being Malaysia.

Now, travelling with a plan in your mind really helps, I agree. However, this time plan a trip “unplanned”. Travel as a backpacker and rejoice adventure. A bag, no money and just your credit card- A trip to Malaysia. How does that sound for an experience?


The first and foremost is how you arrive and depart your destination. Book your flights in advance. Confirming dates and booking flights is the first step to really putting a seal on your trip. You know when you leave. Hence, as the day comes by you are more and more prepared. Or if you are a bag packer just pick your bag up and book your flights on the day you want to leave and retrieve the rest on your journey.

Activating International Mode:

To reap the benefits of your credit card, visit your nearest branch or your base branch of the specific bank and ask the customer care to activate international mode on your credit card. How will this help? You may ask. Once you activate international mode on your card you can simply use it in countries apart from your base country.

Booking Hotels and Visits in Advance:

You can always book your hotels before even arriving at the destination. Or when you do arrive you can check in to your hotels with your credit card. Similarly in numerous places in Malaysia be its theme parks, restaurants or exotic places all accept credit cards. Hence, one can always book them in advance or on the spot with their credit cards.

Local Travel

Local travel without any local currency might look difficult. However, that’s not the case. Simple choose public transport like metro lines. Buy a seasonal pass. You can always do that with your credit card at any nearest metro station in Malaysia. This will not only sort your travelling issues but you’ll also get a sense of how localities in Malaysia travel.

Your flights are done, the stay is done, food is done and your local travel is also sorted. All with nothing but just a credit card. So, what say? Next trip to Malaysia without any money and just a credit card? Remember to carry a map of Malaysia, a map of their railway or metro lines and a little grasp over their local language is always a plus point. Now, go enjoy a blissful journey and tell your friends how cash doesn’t really matters at times.