(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

Arriving at the airport after the flight takes off, or proposing the girl you like after she gets married; what’s the use? Well, while talking about delaying or arrival at the wrong time, this year proves to be a candid year to visit some of the international destinations!

The reason being, this year, some of the countries are hosting some events that are a must to witness and experience. What are these events and which countries are hosting them, let’s have a look:

  1. Milan

    m_Milan 1

    Event: Expo 2015
    When: Between 1st May to 31st October, 2015

    m_Milan 2

    With the theme ‘Feeding the planet, energy for life’, Milan is all set to host the Expo 2015 this year. A confluence point of technology, culture, traditions, innovation and creativity, this extravagant event to take place in the Rho and Pero regions of Milan, Italy is expecting a buzzing crowd of around 20 million visitors with 130 nations participating from around the world.

    m_Milan 3

  2. Yellowstone National Park

    m_Yellowstone national park 1

    Event: Up gradation of the Park
    When: Somewhere in 2015

    m_Yellowstone national park 2

    Located in the Wyoming state of the United States, this park will undergo a profound change this year. This will be the first time since 2003; this major tourist destination in U.S. will witness a facelift and up gradation in its lodging options. The visitors can also enjoy the opulent beauty of the park through self-guided snowmobile tours.

  3. Elqui Valley, Chille

    m_Elqui Valley,chille 1

    Event: Addition of New Telescopes and Observatories
    When: This Year

    m_Elqui Valley,chille 2

    Astrotourism, or the tourism related to star-gazing and other astronomical phenomenons is on the rise! Chile, one of the most popular destinations for such experiences in the world is planning to bring in at least half a dozen of new observatories that are expected to take astrotourism to the zenith.

  4. Singapore

    m_Singapore 1

    Event: SG50
    When: All through the Year

    m_Singapore 2

    Turning 50 is not just the best phase of our lives, but also is a reason to celebrate and cherish all the smooth as well smooth journeys of life so far! And when a country reaches this milestone, it is the celebration time for the entire nation, and Singaporeans are celebrating this auspicious event with all their energy and vigour.

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  5. Durban

    m_Durban 1

    Event: Up gradation of the Beaches
    When: All round the Year

    m_Durban 2

    If you want to feel home while away from the country you must visit Durban. Home to the largest Indian community away from India, this beachfront city in South Africa is all set to wear a new look and charm this year. With plans to promote tourism; beach tourism, several other plans are also on the go to convert Durban into one of the largest tourist hubs in the world map.

  6. Zimbabwe

    m_Zimbabwe 1

    Event: Stabilisation of the Economic System and the Government
    When: 2015 Onwards

    m_Zimbabwe 2

    Did you know, on a short trip to Zimbabwe, anyone and everyone can become a billionaire? Well, it is in this country, people can acquire the Zimbabwean billion dollar notes by spending a bit of bucks. However, these currency notes are now no more than a memento, as the government has now got more stability and is concentrating on expanding its tourism aspects.

    m_Zimbabwe 3

  7. Colorado

    m_Colorado 1

    Event: Winter Carnival
    When: February, 2015

    Not just an international ski destination, but Steamboat Springs is also one of the most popular ski destinations in the world. And this year, this most sought-after skiing paradise turns 100. If you happen to visit this city this year, you will find a whole new avatar of it; new resorts, clearer skiing arenas, night skiing options and biking trials.

  8. New York

    m_New york 1

    Event: NBA All Star Weekend
    When: 13th to 15th February, 2015

    m_New york 2

    Come February, New York is all set to host one of the most popular basketball events in the world, which the entire world calls the ‘NBA All Star Weekend’. A gala of the basketball superstars, this event will witness some of the dazzling stars of Hollywood and basket ball world.

  9. Adelaide

    m_Adelaide 1

    Event: Multiple Festivals
    When: Throughout the Year

    m_Adelaide 2

    There are multiple reasons to visit Adelaide, Australia in 2015. Live music, art and poetry fests, film festivals and food fiestas play the major attractions of Adelaide this year. To name a few festivals, there are the Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide Festival, WOMADelaide and SALA.

  10. New Zealand

    m_New Zea Land 1

    Event: Cricket World Cup 2015
    When: 14th February to 29th March, 2015

    m_New Zea Land 2

    India is a country, where cricket is not only played. Being Indians, almost everyone in the country eat, sleep and live cricket! This year, New Zealand is going to be the epicentre of Indian cricket fans. Along with New Zealand, Australia is also hosting several matches for the World Cup 2015; needless to say, the latter is one of the most sought-after places to be for the Indians this year. Also, few interesting things you must do once in a lifetime in New Zealand.

  11. Squamish

    m_Squamish 1

    Attraction: Gondola Ride
    When: Starting from this Year

    m_Squamish 2

    Already an enthralling destination for the adventure seekers, the Canadian town Squamish is a must this year! With its fascinating mountains and adventure options, the town now has installed one of the costliest godolas (cable car ride) is the world. Worth around $22 million, this cable car ride take the visitors 3,000ft above the sea level; an amazing ride for a lifetime.

    m_Squamish 3

  12. Macau

    m_Macau 1

    Event: Lunar New Year Celebration
    When: 19th to 21st February, 2015

    m_Macau 2

    The gambling capital of Asia, not only boasts of its dazzling beauty, but also for its indigenous roots that hold onto its vibrant cultures and traditions. This year February, Macau is preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year (Chinese calendar) with its full glory and appeal.

    m_Macau 3

  13. Golfe-Juan, France

    m_Golfe juan france 1

    Event: Bicentennial of Napoleon’s Landing
    When: 28th February to 1st March, 2015

    m_Golfe juan france 2

    Glimpses of the bygone era, scenic views all around and amazing people; all in one destination! Yes, the Gulfe-Juna in France is the spot, where Napoleon arrived in 1815 with some of the valorous soldiers and made it to Paris. Every year, a celebration is held at this spot to commomorate the arrival of Napoleon in a candid way.

  14. Essaouira, Morocco

    m_Essaouira, Morocco 1

    Event: Gnaoua World Music Festival
    When: 14th to 17th March, 2015

    m_Essaouira, Morocco 2

    This one goes for the music fanatics! A music fest that plays pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary, Gnaoua World Music Festival is a popular African music festival that showcases different cultures, traditions and musical genres of the African Continent.

  15. Hong Kong

    m_Hong Kong 1

    Event: Cheung Chau Bun Festival
    When: 22nd to 26th May, 2015

    m_Hong Kong 2

    A ritual that has continued since the last century, Cheung Chau Bun Festival is a true delight to witness in Hong Kong. A prismatic festival that is associated with how the locals worshipped the deities to remove an epidemic plague, the ritual of burning effigies has been continuing since last 100 years and is a fiesta for the natives.

  16. Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal



    Everest base camp trekking is an off beaten trek that is taken up by trekkers from all over the world every year, the EBC trek away from the other usual treks is a journey into the most amazing high passes of Nepal. The trek is a complete package of entertainment, adventure and high level of challenge, taking the trekking enthusiasts in the views of the awe-inspiring Mount Everest scenarios that the trekking can provide. Trekking this way, is a unique experience as the route takes the travellers into some of the best vantage points like Namche bazaar, Tengboche and Lobuche village for seeing the summit of Mt. Ama Dablam.

  17. Porto Nacional, Brazil

    m_Porto Nacional brazil 1

    Event: I World Indigenous Games
    When: 20th September, 2015

    m_Porto Nacional brazil 2

    After hosting FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil is looking forward for the next Olympics in 2016. Well, this is not it! In between these two events, the country is preparing for the I World Indigenous Games 2015. This indigenous event will host games like archery, spear toss, tug of war, 100m rustic race, canoeing, wrestling, xikunahati, athletics, associated football and several other indigenous games of Brazil.

  18. Charleville, France

    m_Charleville France

    Event: World Puppet Festival
    When: 18th to 27th September, 2015

    A riot of fun, excitement and colourful puppets, the World Puppet Festival in Charville is a jolly event to relive the childhood days. An annual meet of more than 150 groups from various corners of the world, this event runs for 10 days and is a festival of its own kind.

  19. Mexico City

    m_Mexico city 1

    Event: Mexican Grand Prix
    When: 1st November, 2015

    m_Mexico city 2

    For the Formula 1 fans, this year will be a trip to Mexico City in November. As this Grand Prix will be hosted by this city, the speed enthusiasts can be a part of this internationally acclaimed event. In addition to this, as the event will take place on the ‘Day of the Dead’, visitors can also expect to witness some of the rustic as well as ancient cultures of Mexico.

  20. Edinburgh Scotland

    m_Edinburgh scotland 1

    Event: Hogmanay Celebrations
    When: 31st December, 2015

    m_Edinburgh scotland 2

    If you want to be a part of one of the largest New Year celebrations in the world, you must visit Edinburgh in Scotland. It is during the 31st December night, more than 100,000 people flocks over this city and welcomes the New Year wholeheartedly.

  21. Thailand

    m_Thailand 1

    Event: Songkran
    When: 13th April, 2015

    m_Thailand 2

    If you are visiting Thailand in April this year, be prepared to get drenched with the locals! During this month the entire of Thailand will be celebrating their New Year and a part of their tradition, they showers water on each other as a custom to show their respect and to bring in good fortune.

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  22. Spitsbergen, Norway

    m_Spitsbergen norway 1

    Event: Total Solar Eclipse
    When: 20th March, 2015

    m_Spitsbergen norway 2

    To witness the total solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime experience! This year, this celestial event is taking place in Svalbard, Norway. For those, who want to witness this heavenly phenomenon, they must visit Svalbard before 20th March this year.

    m_Spitsbergen norway 3

  23. Sopparo, Japan

    m_Sopparo, Japan 1

    Event: Sapporo Snow Festival
    When: 5th to 11th February, 2015

    m_Sopparo, Japan 2

    Visit Sopparo in Japan during the first week of February this year and you can enjoy a unique festival. Known as the Sapporo Snow Festival, this event is all about the art and crafts related to snow and ice. From life=sized structures, monuments, minute curving on ice and castles, everything in this festival are made of ice and snow.

  24. Bahamas

    m_Bahamas 1

    Event: Junkanoo Carnival
    When: 7th to 9th May, 2015

    m_Bahamas 2

    An amalgamation or a vibrant display of various cultures and traditions, the Junkanoo Carnival is one of the best reason, you should visit the Bahamas. A 3 days fiesta of fun, music, excitement and arts, it is just an amazing reason to celebrate life to the fullest.

  25. Guadalupe Valley, Mexico

    m_Guadalupe Valley, Mexico

    Event: Grape Harvest Festival
    When: August, 2015

    If you are a wine lover, you must visit Guadalupe this year. Producing almost 90% of the total wine requirement of Mexico, you can sample some of the best quality wines during a 21 days harvest festival.