(Last Updated On: March 20, 2015)

We all knew that one kid in class who came first in everything. Failing that, we all knew someone who was top of the class in something. Now according to Shakespeare if the world is a stage and we are all actors then I am pretty sure these countries were right up there on the honor roll of the class. Though, as you will see in a moment, not always for the right reasons. Here are the some of the places ranked and rated top for various artifacts. Let us know in the comments some other countries which are first in any relevant or irrelevant field that you can think of!

  1. World’s Most Visited City

  2. World's-Most-Visited-City

  3. World’s Most Connected City

  4. World's-Most-Well-Connected-City

  5. World’s Hottest Place

  6. World's-Hottest-Place

  7. World’s Driest Spot

  8. World's-Driest-Spot

  9. World’s Wettest Spot

  10. World's-Wettest-Spot

  11. World’s Wealthiest City

  12. World's-Wealthiest-City

  13. World’s Sunniest Place

  14. World's-Sunniest-Place

  15. World’s Shortest Life Expectancy Country

  16. World's-Shortest-Life-Expectancy-Country

  17. World’s Poorest City

  18. World's-Poorest-City

  19. World’s Oldest City

  20. World's-Oldest-City

  21. World’s Most Sexually Satisfied Country

  22. World's-Most-Sexually-Satisfied-Country

  23. World’s Most Populated City

  24. World's-Most-Populated-City

  25. World’s Most Popular Country

  26. World's-Most-Popular-Country

  27. World’s Most LGBT Friendly Country

  28. World's-Most-LGBT-Friendly-Country

  29. World’s Most Energy Efficient City

  30. World's-Most-Energy-Efficient-City

  31. World’s Most Drunken City

  32. World's-Most-Drunken-City

  33. World’s Most Dog Friendly Country

  34. World's-Most-Dog-Friendly-Country

  35. World’s Most Dangerous City

  36. World's-Most-Dangerous-City

  37. World’s Most Consumed Food Country

  38. World's-Most-Consumed-Food-Country

  39. World’s Most Cat Friendly Country

  40. World's-Most-Cat-Friendly-Country

  41. World’s Most Caffeinated City

  42. World's-Most-Caffeinated-City

  43. World’s Most Bicycle Friendly City

  44. World's-Most-Bicycle-Friendly-City

  45. World’s Lowest Point

  46. World's-Lowest-Point

  47. World’s Longest Life Expectancy Country

  48. World's-Longest-Life-Expectancy-Country

  49. World’s Least Sexually Satisfied Country

  50. World's-Least-Sexually-Satisfied-Country

  51. World’s Least Populated City

  52. World's-Least-Populated-City

  53. World’s Least Popular Country

  54. World's-Least-Popular-Country

  55. World’s Highest Point

  56. World's-Highest-Point

  57. World’s Youngest Country

  58. World's-Youngest-Country

  59. World’s Least Stressed Out Country

  60. World's-Least-Stressed-Out-Country

[H/T: Distractify]