(Last Updated On: May 30, 2018)

First bottle: hi, nice to meet you! Second bottle: yes, we are friends now! Third bottle: yaar, tu toh mera bhai hai! Yes, that the magic of sharing a beer.

Break-up or patch-up, meeting an old pal after decades or hanging with someone new, India won that T20 match or lost it, weekends or weekdays; ek beer toh banta hi hai bhai! Not just a drink for fun and delight, Beer is a way of uniting with people from across the globe.

  1. Masti Ka Pathshala in Nahargarh Fort:


    Remember ‘Sukhi’ (Sharman Joshi) falling freely in ‘Rang De Basanti’? How often do you wish to fall like a free bird just as what Sukhi did? Make it to the Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur to make your wish come true!

  2. Romance the Clouds with a Beer in Laitlum Canyon, Shillong:

    m_Laitlum Canyon

    Stuff yourself carefully as you might not only wish to enjoy your favourite beer in Laitlum Canyon, but also might not wish to come back! Located in Shillong, Meghalaya, a beer in and around this canyon is a tryst with the clouds.

  3. Stunning Views of Manali and a Beer; Irresistible Temptation:


    Manali is the most stunning as well as highest visited tourist destinations in the country consisting of the most thrilling places to visit, thus it becomes a perfect delight for the tourists to experience the ultimate fun and adventure tours in the Kullu Manali region, with some of the splendid things to do on a Manali trip but when it comes to share a beer in Manali, nothing can beat the experience. The snow-clad peak all around, the groovy pine forests, the frosty winds and the stunning views around you…can you really resist the temptation of having a beer in Manali now?

    m_manali 1

  4. Relaxing with a Beer in Coorg:


    Not always, you would wish to visit the groovy places! At times, we do need a holiday to a serene and tranquil destination. And if the destination happens to be the magical locales of Coorg, all you can wish for is a beer in hand and a relaxed you!


  5. A Royal Tale in the Jaisalmer Desert Camps:

    m_Jaisalmer 1

    Camping in the heart of the Thar Desert, the charm of the tepid sands and a chilled beer…don’t just wish for it; you need to do it! With the open sky as the roof over the heads and golden sands singing the hymn for you, the spirit of having a beer will definitely be something more than bliss!

  6. Into the Wilderness of Ranthamobore:


    Add more fun and excitement to your wildlife camping in Ranthambore National Park with a chilled beer in hand and encounters with the untamed beasts. Enough with friends and family, it’s time to share your beer with the wilderness of Ranthambore.

  7. Wish to Overcome the Spookiness of Bhangarh with a Beer:

    m_Bhangarh Fort

    This is the place, where even on broad day light, you will get goosebumps. Wish…you could have had a few mugs of beer before you enter into this spooky fort in Rajasthan; don’t you!

  8. Zanskar Valley, Ladakh; an Obvious Reason to Finish the Beer:


    While in the Zanskar Valley on a Ladakh tour during the months of January-February, you will have an obvious reason to finish your bees as soon as possible! Well, you might prefer having chilled beer, but can you have frozen beer?

  9. Digest the Mysteries of Roopkund Lake with a Beer:

    m_Roopkund lake

    If you are one of the adventure buffs or a daredevil at heart, you truly deserve a beer beside the Roopkund Lake. And in case, you a light or weak heated adventurer, you will definitely need a few beers to digest the spookiness of this mysterious lake.

  10. A Beer on the way to Majuli:


    One of the most appealing and offbeat tourist destinations in India, Majuli is the largest river island in the world. Take a boat ride to this quaint island, and by the time you reach the heart of Majuli, gulp in all your beers with the mighty Brahmaputra as your companion!

  11. A Beer by the Sea; Peace and Tranquilitty in Gokarna:


    When the tranquillity and stunning beauty of Gokarna gets to your holiday list, you know it’s time to have some fun and enjoyment. Now, imagine beer in hand, cool sea breezes and pristine views of the turquoise waters of Gokarna; what else on earth can you wish for?

  12. Share a Beer in Shivpuri Beach, Make Friends:


    After all the fun, adventure and tiredness in Rishikesh, you actually deserve a beer! Even if not participating in any of the adventure sports, the charm and appeal around the Shivpuri Beach will make you wish for a chilled beer around a campfire and sharing stories with other fellow-campers.

  13. Between the Hills and Plains in Matheran:


    If only all our imaginations turn out to be real, a beer in Louisa Point would have been possible! Imagine sitting on the edge of this amazing point in Matheran with a beer in hand…words simply cannot define the experience!

  14. In the Middle of Nowhere Rann of Kutch:

    m_Rann of kutch

    How often you wish to kick out all the worries from your life or just say ‘goodbye’ to your annoying boss and get pleasantly lost into nowhere? Well, no matter how much you think of this, it’s not literally possible! But…imagine a trip to the Great Rann of Kutch with a beer in the middle of nowhere; only if you could have done this, you would have fulfilled your dream!

  15. Make Your Wish Come True in Lonavala:


    How you wish to have your beer? Chilling out beside a lake or sitting at the top of a mountain, while enjoying the panoramic views of the surrounding hills or away from the rush of the city-life? Make it to Lonavala and you will find all the ways to fulfil your wish!

  16. Tsongmo Lake or Changu Lake, the Natural Freezer:

    m_Changu Lake

    The azure sky, the majestic hills and mountains, the stunning beauty of the landscapes and a beer in hand; nothing can beat this experience beside the Changu Lake in Sikkim! While here, you don’t need a freezer; just dip your bottles in the lake, and you will be having your chilled beer for the day.

  17. Reason to fall in love with the Andaman:


    Only if you could have tossed down a few bottles of your favourite beer in the surreal vicinities of Havelock Island in the Andamans, you would definitely have a million reasons to fall in love with the Andamans.

    You must also visit the Andaman and Nicobar islands for a surreal vacation.

  18. Relive the Bachchan Fever in Mandwa:


    “Pura naam Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, baap ka naam Dinanath Chauhan, maa ka naam Suhasini Chauhan, gaon Mandwa, umar chhattis saal…”; if you know this dialogue, you know why to wish for a beer in Mandwa!

  19. Stop the Time with a Beer in Khimsar, Rajasthan:


    Imagine sipping in your favourite beer in a village that can only been reached by enthralling Jeep rides or on Horsebacks! Nestled away from the hodgepodge of city-life, Khimsar is all about being carefree amidst the golden sands and enjoy your beer!

  20. Get frosted in Drass Kargil with Your Beer:


    Do not just wish to have a beer in the frosty environs of Drass! Discover and enjoy its celestial beauty along with witnessing and appreciating how the brave jawans of Indian Army and BSF keep us safe putting their lives in danger!

  21. Say Cheers in Dal Lake:

    m_Dal lake

    If not wished for a beer in the Shikaras of Dal Lake, you will miss one of the best moments of your life! Open a few bottles, paddle through the tranquil waters and get yourself acquainted with the magical beauty of Kashmir.

  22. Mix the Fun of Your Beer with the Wilderness of the Sundarbans:


    What’s the fun, if you cannot gulp in your favourite beer while on the way to the natural habitats of the Royal Bengal Tigers? Hire a traditional boat on the Ganga River and make your journey a memorable affair with a few sips!

  23. A Beer with the One-Horned Rhinos in Kaziranga:


    The marshlands of the Kaziranga National Park and its fascinating range of wildlife make it for an amazing wildlife tour. Not just this, the appealing beauty and openness of the park will definitely tempt you to wish for a beer!

  24. Open the Can at the highest Point of West Bengal:


    Gaze over the hills and mountains, touch the clouds and scream out loud to feel the freedom while revelling with a chilled bottle in Sandakhpu, the highest point of West Bengal.

  25. Do Nothing at All, Just Relax Around Malpe Beach:


    Doesn’t matter how and where you have enjoyed your last beer! This time, make it to the beach town of Malpe in Udupi, Karnataka, and you will feel the magic and charm of the same bottle that seemed to be quite dull last time.

    [Also check out beaches in India where you would love to grab a beer]

All we can say: drink accordingly within the limits and enjoy each of the moments with friends and family. Do not indulge in ‘Drink and Drive‘ in any form and stay safe!

***Note: Some of the places mentioned here are eco-sensitive regions. Liquors are strictly prohibited in these regions…we can only wish to enjoy our beers in these places.