(Last Updated On: March 20, 2015)

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In world where everybody wants to travel but only a few do, you are bound to come across people who will opt out of a travel plan all the time. Let’s call them “ditchers”. These people are the classic case of ‘arm chair travellers’ who make grand plans a few days before the trip and leave you stranded as the day of the trip approaches. There are a few classics ditcher personalities.

These are in good humor and disagree as you may, we’ve all met them. In fact some of us have been them.

1. The forever broke

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We know the kind too well. These ditchers will make plans all the time, but when it comes to actually spending the buck, they’ll pass. It’s always the ‘I’m broke’ talk you have to listen to as you sip on some overly expensive coffee in a fancy café.

2. The short on time

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Talking to these people will make you realize that you are in fact blessed with a gift of time. These “busy people”  always have a meeting they’ll need to be in or appointment they’ll need to keep.

3. The one with the feelings

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The more simple kind of ditcher is the one who’ll simply say ‘I don’t feel like it’ as if that’s a good reason for standing you up.

4. The commitment nut

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This person always has an important commitment to keep. Some relative is visiting, dog needs to be taken out for a walk, the boss is out of station, wife, husband, boyfriend, and girlfriend; there is always someone more important.

5. The unwell

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Just as you have the impression that you’re going to have an epic day, someone from your group will fall “ill”. It’s almost the most convenient thing.

6. The workaholic

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These guys will use ‘I have to work’ as a reason as if rest of us get paid  just for existing.  The workaholic always has a job to be at. Always a manager who breathes down his neck. Always a report to send over the weekend.

7. The physically unfit

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Here’s the beauty, these guys will make plans and cancel last minute by claiming to be unfit to trek or participate in the games. You feel like asking,  “what changed in the last two days?”

8. The indoors kind

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Some people love the indoors, but it is annoying when they make plans and then cancel because they’d rather just stay at home and watch a movie. Although appealing, wanting to stay at home all the time, really?

9. The curious one

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“What’ll we do there?” It’s almost funny these people think that one person needs to know everything about the trip. Yes, things could go wrong. But that’s not reason to cancel the trip. #ForeverParanoid

10. The fortune teller

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Unlike the curious one, the fortune teller always knows what will happen and as a precautionary measure backs out of a plan, “We’ll just go there and sleep. Why even go?”

11. The accident prone

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We know for a fact that these people genuinely want to take the trip, but we also know they’ll cancel exclusively because something will go wrong. They’ll trip, fall, and break a few bones.

12. The long vacationer

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These are the friends who make such elaborate plans that everybody knows it’s never going to happen.  The conversation goes something on the lines of “Why go to Goa for 2 days, let’s go to Andaman for 2 weeks”. If you can’t go for two days, two weeks? Hell no.

Ditchers or not, take that trip. Even if it means you have to go alone.

Heard some more lame reasons and excuses from your friends? Let us know in the comments below!