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Gazing at the sky, haven’t you often gone green with envy at the birds flying so high up there? The carefree feel with which they maneuver at their will and wish, through the raging breeze and no traffic signals is always fascinating to watch and you wish you could fly too! Don’t you? Well, how would you like to step out of dreamland and actually get into their shoes and cruise through the boundless sky rather than being a mere spectator? Forget about seatbelts and annoying flight delays that comes as a parcel while flying in planes. Just pump up your enthusiasm for the time of your life as you get hooked on to nylon chute and race against gravity as you sail like a bird from far up in the sky and land safely like an aircraft. paragliding in indiaParagliding_above_clouds India – the paragliders’ paradise. If this is exactly your idea of adventurous fun, then India is the ideal place to be. Gifted with natural paragliding-friendly terrain and climatic conditions, India is proud to be home to several flying operator who conduct paragliding activities throughout the year. You can have your pick from mountain flying, coastal flying, flying over flatlands and desert flying. The history of paragliding in India rewinds back to the early 1990s when some foreign visiting pilots decided to explore flying possibilities in the beautiful valley of Kullu. This fascinating sport didn’t take long to capture the interest of local adventure lovers and become one of the amazing things to do in Kullu.  Hence, it is the Valleys of Kangra and Kullu are two places that have witnessed the birth and spread of this in India. Get, set…FLY!  Paragliding in Kullu is with no doubt the closest experience one can get to a bird’s flight. There is not much special training required to indulge in this sport activity. With basic safety flying gears such as…

  • A pair of sturdy laced boots.
  • Protective helmets
  • A nylon paragliding outfit

…you are ready to fly! The feeling of exhilaration while airborne cannot be completely put in words! Nothing can compare with the feeling of defying gravity, while the winds caress your face and the feeling of utmost freedom as you glide through the never ending skies. An experience like none other! Even the most beautiful picture taken from the highest end camera with a panoramic view option cannot prepare you for the breathtaking 360 degree aerial view of the ground below from miles up in the air. The feeling of empowerment that you get by being able to steer the paragliders as and where ever you wish to travel, is just incomparable. Paragliding_cloudsParagliding in india Paragliding clubs in India: Currently, there are several flying clubs spread across the country with over 200 known active pilots in the country. Some of the places that offer this sport are:

  • Maharashtra – Panchgani, Matheran, Raigad, Talegaon, Sinhagad (Pune), Panhala (Kolhapur), Murud-Janjira, Bhandardhara, Ajinkyatara (Satara), Amboli, Ratnagiri, & Ganpatipule
  • Goa – Anjuna & Arambol beaches
  • Karnataka – Chamundi hills (Mysore) & Nandi hills (Bangalore)
  • Tamil Nadu – Nilgiri hills (Ooty & Kodaikanal)
  • Rajasthan – Aravalli hills
  • Uttarakhand – Nainital & Pithoragarh
  • Himachal Pradesh – Manali, Bilaspur & Billing
  • Meghalaya – Shillong

Paragliding schools in India: Of the few paragliding schools that have come up in India, the following are the most notable:

  • PG-Gurukul
  • Western Paragliding Association
  • Paragliding in India
  • Paragliding India
  • Nirvana Adventures
  • Om Air Paragliding
  • Bangalore Mountaineering club
  • Temple Pilots.
Once you get a hang of this exciting sport, you are sure to get addicted! Paragliding quenches the less heard desires of the free-spirited. Then it’s definitely time to embark and experience the world of freedom, exhilaration and absolute adventures with more flying sports like sky diving, parasailing, and even bungee jumping. For starters, try riding a hot air balloon or zip line to understand what it means to be high up in the air.
Meanwhile, also keep yourself abreast on how to stay safe in certain unpredictable natural calamities. Like if you are high up in the air and you suddenly encounter a sandstorm or a snowstorm, or even if the ground under you begins to shake with an earthquake. Such precaution only makes adventure sports more fun. So get safe and simply fly! Wish you a safe flight and happy landing!
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