(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)

Valentine’s Day is all about love. It is the expression of emotions in their finest form. You can express your care and affection by something as simple as a glass of his/her favourite drink or something as complex and intricate as a long list of letters and small gifts for each day of the week.

In the same vein, your favourite valentine’s destination can be something fancy like a trip to Paris or it could an evening in Santorini, the balcony to the Aegean Sea. All the entries on this list are sure to kindle your romance in a way that tells them that they matter to you. Come and celebrate the magic of love with this 20 offbeat valentine’s day destinations all over the world.

  1. Tromsø, Norway

    m_Tromsø, Norway 1

    Attractions: For Animal Lovers, Lyngen Alps, Villmarkssenter, Mack Brewery and others

    m_Tromsø, Norway 2

    With charming cultural celebrations, outstanding performers and animated street panoramas, Tromsø is a paradise for party fanatics and pet lovers alike. The snow-capped summits with arresting backdrops will leave you feeling passionate with your beloved. Visit the gruff ranch dogs and embrace with your pet in Villmarkssenter. Canter on a bob sled aboard the stunning Lyngen Alps to adore a romance filled experience.

  2. Krabi, Thailand

    m_Krabi, Thailand 1

    Attractions: For Adventure Junkies, Railay Beach, Tiger Cave Temple, Limestone Cliffs, KhaoKhanap Nam and others

    m_Krabi, Thailand 2

    A paradise for adventure couples, Krabi boasts of experiences that involve zip lining through the forests, canoeing and quad biking across this picturesque west bank of Thailand. Get your adrenaline propelling while you ripple past the majestic limestone cliffs and hike your way to witness the exquisite Railay Beach. Explore the beautiful Tiger Cave Temple with your spouse while you plummet on the coastline for a romantic stretch.

  3. Carcassonne, France

    m_Carcassonne, France

    Attractions: For Historical Lovers, La Cité, Château Comtal, Pont-Vieux, Basilique St-Nazaire, Bastide St-Louis and others

    The medieval romantics can indulge in an idyllic experience amongst the plush legacies and chronicles of France, which will take you back in time to be sentient alongside elegant armors and fitted corsets. Explore the historical turrets with your beloved and lounge beyond the timeworn settlement of Carcassonne. Experience the antiquity of knights and princesses and feel cherished by rekindling your romance amidst the splendor of the primitive city.

  4. Hawaii Island, United States

    m_Hawaii Island, United States 1

    Attractions: For Stargazers, Mauna Sea, Volcano Adventure, Maui, O‘ahu and others

    m_Hawaii Island, United States 2

    If your idyllic valentine retreat involves gawking at the starry skies and spotting cosmic charms, Hawaii is your ultimate dream destination. The flawless heavens accept you to envisage your existence in the universe while a trip to the Mauna Sea to spot constellations using the world’s largest telescope is an enchanting experience in itself. The golden beaches, the techno-colored corals and the mystical volcanoes reinforce Hawaii as a perfect paradise on earth.

  5. Scandinavia, Europe

    m_Scandinavia, Europe

    Attractions: For Music Lovers, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sonar Festival, Blastfest Festival, Frost Festival and others

    Home to electrifying music festivals and a celebrated waterfront, Scandinavia is renowned for its impeccable beauty and romantic musical nights. Experience the energy of celebrations at the Sónar Festival that knocks on Sweden’s Capital over Valentine’s. Engage in an awe-inspiring romantic getaway in Stockholm while Iceland’s geological charms will leave you enthralled. Hop across the border to Norway and experience the Blastfest Festival. Guide your partner through the transfixing heavy guitar to glide over to the poise of jazz harmony with the Frost Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  6. Portland, United States

    m_Portland, United States 1

    Attractions: For Craft Beeraholics, Brewvana, Brewbus, Hair of the Dog, Wine-Tasting and others

    m_Portland, United States 2

    Prominently known as the City of Roses, Portland is the prized brewery capital of the world. Enjoy a spirited epoch with your partner on a brewery tour while you relish your voyage amidst the spirit of tawny nectar. Discover the exquisiteness of the city by foot, as rambling across the paths will leave you bedazzled. Boasting with the label of hosting the largest number of breweries across the world,Portland will offer you a memorable experience filled with its dazed eccentricity.

  7. Venice, Italy

    m_Venice, Italy 1

    Attractions: For Swingers, Grand Masked Ball, Piazzas, Domes, Gondola, Theatre and others

    m_Venice, Italy 2

    With a magnificent assortment of gorgeous churches, palaces, historical locations, islands, lagoons, exquisite gourmet and bountiful islands – Venice is a lover’s paradise! The delightful carnival of the Grand Masked Ball hosted in February marks as the perfect period to engage in blissful visits to the golden domes and piazzas. Don an elegant mask; view the gondola parades amidst outdoor theaters and give in to the charming atmosphere with your beloved.

  8. Cambridge, England

    m_Cambridge, England 1

    Attractions: For Book addicts, Universities, Pubs, Bridge of Sighs, King’s College and others

    m_Cambridge, England 2

    Cambridge is the unconditional haven for couples, especially if your love has flourished over addictive books and torrid pubs. There is no other place that beats this metropolis of momentous universities, which brags of countless intellectual assets that include the likes of Stephen Hawking and Isaac Newton. Engage in an intellectual bargain of knowledge while you nuzzle up for a boat trip across the estates of King’s College and the Bridge of Sighs guided by educated apprentices.

  9. Tasmania, Australia

    m_Tasmania, Australia 1

    Attractions: For Isolationists, Cradle Mountain National Park, Overland Track and others

    m_Tasmania, Australia 2

    To escape the exaggerated festivity of Valentine’s, enter the wilderness of Tasmania with your beloved and explore the rugged regions of the Cradle Mountain National Park.Hike up to envisage the picturesque beauty of Tasmania while you challenge yourself to ascend the incredible Overland Track. Surrounded by the ecstatic silhouettes of pristine lakes and grasslands, your Valentine’s escapade will be nothing short of extraordinary.

  10. Khonsa, India

    Attractions: For Wildlife Enthusiasts, Trekking, Khonsa Museum, Tirap District and others

    For a truly delightful escapade into the wilderness, take on a spectacular jungle trek amidst the enchanted hill station located in the lap of Arunachal Pradesh. Romance amidst the rare treasures of flora and visit the exquisite waterfalls. Discover the delightful cultural traditions amidst the Nocte tribe that inhabits this region. Anexcursion to the Khonsa Museum will fascinate you both with an insight into the inquisitive life of the tribals.

  11. Canary Islands, Spain

    m_Canary Islands, Spain 1

    Attractions: For Beach Lovers, Santa Cruz De Tenerife Carnival, Beaches, Volcanoes and others

    m_Canary Islands, Spain 2

    Cushioned between the Atlantic region of Spain and the territory of Morocco, the Canary Islands are a euphoric getaway for the candid beach traveler. A Spanish archipelago with sub-tropical weather and charismatic beaches, this is one of the most striking vacation backdrops in the world. Engage in a complete nomadic experience with marine life, volcanoes, wildlife and beaches while enjoying the immaculate architecture with a visit to the pulsating Carnival of Santa Cruz.

  12. Wadi Rum, Jordan

    m_Wadi Rum, Jordan 1

    Attractions: For Desert Lovers, Zalabia Bedoiun, Camel Ride, Rock Climbing, Camping, Trekking and others

    m_Wadi Rum, Jordan 2

    A stunning valley crafted by granite and sandstone rock formations; Wadi Rum is a blissful habitat that has resulted in exquisite unnatural formations.Nestled in the southern part of Jordan, eco-tourism has rapidly augmented due to the combined efforts of the Zalabia Bedouin Tribe that habitats this region. Engage with your partner in exhilarating camel rides and rock climbing while hiking and camping beneath the starry skies will be a pleasurable experience. Live amidst the era that is bound to remind you of ‘Arabian Nights’, thus crafting your valentine’s celebration into a perfect romantic getaway.

  13. Plitvice National Park, Croatia

    m_Plitvice National Park, Croatia 1

    Attractions: National Park, Waterfalls, Dams, Mineral Deposits, Trekking and others

    m_Plitvice National Park, Croatia 2

    A beautiful dreamy attraction that will take your breath away, the Plitvice National Park is one among the oldest natural abodes in the southern part of Europe. From enchanting waters that flow across the walls of limestone and chalk, to the mesmerizing natural deposits in dams – Croatia is home to this region’s lakes, caves and spectacular waterfalls. Engage in a mystical tour across the National Park with numerous trails that will challenge you to uptake. Spend your valentine’s with your valentine amidst the fauna and flora that will captivate your dreamy nights.

  14. Galesnjak, Croatia

    m_Galesnjak, Croatia

    Attractions: Lover’s Island, Dalmatian Island, Beeches, Flora and others

    A spectacular heart shaped creation of an island; Galesnjak is eternally dubbed as the entrancing Lover’s Island. What more, it is a private island amidst the charismatic waters of the Pasman Channel. An impeccable setting for romantic couples, this magical land will intensify the charm of your love and passion. It is indeed a dream to get abandoned on a beach with your lover, one that features desolate trees, unscathed beeches and the magical blue Adriatic waters.

  15. Casablanca, Morocco

    m_Casablanca, Morocco

    Attractions: Morrocco, King Hassan Mosque, Old Medina, The Corniche, Mahkama du Pachaand other

    If your thoughts wander to the most romantic movie of all time, you are on the right track! Casablanca, a celebrated city in the stunning land of Morocco, allows you to relive the movie with Morocco’s landscape that lifts up one’s spirits. Contemporary art and fashion is widely celebrated and cherished here along with the pride of Middle Eastern Food. Visit the magnificent King Hassan II Mosque, Old Medina and the shrine of Sidi Abderrahman.

  16. Verona, Italy

    m_Verona, Italy 1

    Attractions: Piazza deiSignori, Piazza delleErbe, Juliet’s Balcony, Roman Arena and others

    m_Verona, Italy 2

    Celebrate the day of love with your soul mate as the festivities in Verona are adorned with heart-shaped lanterns across the city to rejoice Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet. Verona is also famous for operas at the Roman Arena, which is bound to take you back in time to experience romance in all its oddity.Visit the Piazza delle Erbe at the heart of Verona and make your way across to Piazza dei Signori,that precinct various prodigious structures. Take a tour to Juliet’s Balcony to be enchanted amidst the symbol of fervent love.

  17. Liliw Laguna, Philippines

    m_Liliw Laguna, Philippines

    Attractions: Mount Banahaw, St. John The Baptist Church, Gat Tayaw Street, Liliw Church and others

    Eminently branded as ‘The Shoe Capital of Philippines’, Liliw falls under the province of Laguna and is a sleepy town, which makes for a great, secluded romantic holiday. The scenic countryside is a majestic sight to behold while Liliw falls right at the foot of Mount Banahaw. With vibrant pathways and appealing backdrops, Liliw beholds beautiful churches, pretty streams and delicious regional cuisines. Take a tour across the shoe factories and engage in local shopping experiences with your mate.

  18. Istanbul, Turkey

    m_Istanbul, Turkey

    Attractions: Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and others

    A mystical amalgamation of Asia and Europe, Istanbul is a glorious enchantment of history, culture, culinary heritage, religion, architecture and art. Various mystical monuments adorn the city with the best diversity and dynamic lifestyle you will ever witness. Tiled arches and décor distinguished Grand Bazaar that is famous for shopping. Visit the famous Blue Mosque, the mysterious AyaSofya and other mystical locations that form the collective charm of Turkey’s best offering.

  19. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    m_Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Attractions: Casa Rosada, Teatro Colón, Feria de San Telmo, Estancia, Plaza de Mayo and others

    A truly intriguing and exclusive destination that boasts of European heritage, Buenos Aires is sometimes called the ‘Paris of South America’. A beautiful city with its unique zeal and passion for life, this city will offer you exquisite insights into its culture, music and dance, cuisines, and excellent architecture. Take a journey with your partner to experience the mighty sights including the architectural charm of Casa Rosada and the marketplace of Feria de San Telmo.

  20. Montenegro, Europe

    m_Montenegro, Europe 1

    Attractions: Montenegro Museum, Stari Bar, CetinjeMonastry, Bay of Kotor, Adriatic Coasatand others

    m_Montenegro, Europe 2

    One of Europe’s mysterious secrets, the fascinating land of Montenegro offers relishing sights that bind romance and drama. With natural beauty embracing pristine beaches, placid lakes, reckless rivers and majestic mountains, Montenegro permits you to romanticize your life with your partner. Visit the scenic Bay of Kotorand the Adriatic Coast along with a voyage to the memorable museums and monasteries that enhance the magic of the delicate destination.