(Last Updated On: February 2, 2017)

New year, New Goals, and New You – Isn’t that what we all try to do every new year? Well, this new year make this true – Add traveling more to your new year goals. No, you don’t have to spend a bomb on traveling in 2017. There are so many affordable travel options that are so worthy yet so beautiful that it can give the exotic international locations a run for its money.

We have compiled a list of new attractions that you must visit for sure in the year 2017. These places are something that you might have not been to before. This new year, pack your bags, book your tickets, and go on lovely backpacking trips to these amazing attractions.

1) Jatayu Nature Park, Kerala

Source: jatayunaturepark.com

Who doesn’t love nature? Located in Kollam, Jatayu Nature Park is a park and tourism centre that was recently constructed. If you want to have a lovely, natural trip experience, back your packs and leave to Kerala. No wonder Kerala is known as God’s own country.

This Nature Park in Kerala is one of the unexplored, quaint attractions that you must visit this season.The park sprawls over 65 acres and is home to a giant sculpture of Jatayu. The bird sculpture, which is 200 feet long and 70 feet in height, has a 6D theatre and a digital museum. Apart from these, the park also has an adventure zone that has close to 20 games. Isn’t it amazing?

2) Madame Tussauds Museum, New Delhi33

Source: firstpost.com

As we might all know, Madame Tussauds is a wax museum in London with branches in a number of major cities. The famous museum is going to be opened in Delhi by next year. Therefore, in 2017, you will get to see wax statues of famous celebrities, right here in Delhi. For all who were keen about this museum and wished to visit this place at least once, your wait is over. You don’t have to go to London, for the museum has finally come to our country.

Bollywood stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan are among the most popular exhibits at Madame Tussauds in London. Aren’t you all excited to know which celebrities will have their wax statues in Delhi?

3) Eiffel Tower, Kolkata
la tour eiffel II

Source: thousandwonders.net

As a tribute to Paris attack victims and as a part of West Bengal Government’s Seven Wonders of the World project, the government is planning to replicate the Eiffel Tower in Kolkata. The Eiffel Tower was recently added to the list of monuments as a tribute to the 130 people who lost their lives in the dreadful attacks in Paris.

The replica will be 55-metre high, which is about six times smaller than the original tower which stands tall at 324-metre. However, the replica will still be about as tall as at least an 18-storey building. The tower will be built using 300 tonnes of steel, and is expected to be in a steel grey colour. Excited already? So are we!

4) Statue of Unity, Gujarat

Source: statueofunity.in

Known as the statue of unity, this under construction monument is dedicated to the Indian independence movement leader Vallabhbhai Patel. Located in Gujarat, this statue is expected to be 182 metres i.e. 597 feet in height. The statue will be facing the Narmada Dam. Located 3.2 km away, on the river island called Sadhu Bet the statue will be near Vadodara.

This statue will definitely increase the tourism in Gujarat. While people are currently focusing only on Ahemedabad and Rann of Kutch when it comes to Gujarat Tourism, this statue will open the options to Vadodara and other nearby citites. This will be one of the best attractions to visit in 2017.

5) Rock Garden, Orissa

Source: firstpost.com

If you thought that you have to go to Chandigarh to see the beauty of Rock Garden, you are wrong. If you are planning to visit Orissa anytime in 2017, then you will be in for great delight. One of the great attractions to visit in 2017, Rock Garden in Orissa is one-of-its kind of attraction.

The rock garden will be built in Ambapua are of Berhampur. Orissa is indeed a beautiful city that has a lot of tourist attractions. The rock garden will be a feather on the cap. What’s more, the garden even uses only renewable sources of energy like solar energy. It’s time to book tickets to Orissa right now!

6) World’s Tallest Clock Tower, Mysore
New attractions in India

Source: bbc.com

Since childhood we fancied clocks and clock towers to a great extent. From the local clock towers in our cities to the clock in Salarjung Museum, you might have loved them all. Well, for the child in all of us, we now have the world’s tallest clock tower in Mysore.

Yes, you heard it right. Infosys, one of India’s largest multinational corporations, is building the world’s tallest free-standing clock tower. Built on the 345-acre Global Education Centre in Mysore, Karnataka, the clock tower will be one of the tallest towers in the world. The Infosys campus that houses the monumental tower is one of the world’s largest corporate universities. Ha, how we wish to take a road trip to Mysore right away!

7) River Gallery, Mysore

Source: 3monthsinindia.wordpress.com

Cauvery River Gallery in Mysuru – How exciting is that? Constructed as a tribute to the beautiful river, the gallery will portray the beauty, nature, geography, and history of the river. The gallery is expected to be built at a cost of ₹3.5 crore. The life of the river, from its starting point to end point, its culture, the biodiversity, etc. will be showcased in the gallery.

Expected to open for the public as a tourist attraction sooner, this gallery is something that would not only be a recreational or tourist attraction but also one of the informative attractions to visit in 2017. Looks like Mysore has a lot of tourist spots that we can explore. As we said before, time to take a weekend getaway right now.

8) War Memorial, Delhi

War memorials are something that interest historians and common citizens alike. The capital city of India gets the National War Memorial. The Government of India has decided to erect a National War Memorial in the vicinity of the India Gate, New Delhi. As the name suggests, this place will be built to honor the Armed Forces of the country. Built as a memory to the armed forces members killed in war after Independence in 1947, this War Museum will be constructed in the adjoining Princes Park area.

The proposed National War Memorial and the War Museum will be connected by a subway. The War Memorial and Museum are expected to cost ₹400 crore. Amazing isn’t it? Another trip to Delhi awaits!

9) World’s Highest Golf Course, Sikkim

Source: indianrecords.blogspot.in/

Golf, by itself, is an amazing sport. Playing golf on a high terrain gives more adventurous thrills, isn’t it? The highest altitude golf course is the Yak golf course at 13,025 feet i.e. 3,970m above sea level in Kupup, East Sikkim, India. Although this is part of an Indian Army base, the 6026 yards long golf course is open for tourists as well.

North East is one of the beautiful parts of India, where tourism is quite common. However, Sikkim is generally a less explored state. Plan a NE backpack tour where you can cover all the major states and also play golf at this highest golf course. Isn’t it exciting? Well, we are off to pack our bags and take a trip.