(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

How about day where you can become invisible or can make all your wishes come true in just a blink of the eye! Sounds crazy, right? Well, these two celestial occurring might not be possible, but there are plenty of crazy happenings in the nature that are enough to make you bite your own teeth!

From bleeding stones to blue volcanoes, green sunset to river under a river, nature showcases plenitude of crazy phenomenon! Here is a list of 50 craziest natural phenomenons around the globe that will surely raise your eyebrows:

  1. Gateway to Hell, Turkmenistan:

    Well, you have to witness these crazy phenomena to believe its existence! It is in the arid Karakum Desert of Turkmenistan, a fire lit by petroleum engineers in 1971 is still burning and makes the gas reserve appear like the gateway to the hell.


  2. Volcanic Lightning:


    Standing beside an active volcano; are you getting goosebumps? If not, then you might not have witnessed a volcano emitting lightning yet! This crazy phenomenon is called ‘dirty thunderstorms’ where volcanic eruptions also produces lightning and are enough to scare the hell out of anyone!


  3. Steam Eruptions, Hverir, Iceland:


    Most of the children go crazy over playing in the mud! But what about when these muds start boiling and produces never-ending steam rays; isn’t this strange and eerie too! And if you still want to witness this crazy natural occurring, head to the Hverir, Iceland and witness it to believe it!

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  4. Columnar Basalt:


    On the very first look, these facades might deceive you to believe they are artificial. But don’t hold this delusion for long as they are purely one of the crazy creations of the nature!


  5. Danxia landforms:


    Be like the wind and the water; be shapeless but hold the capability to shape others! And if you visit the Danxia Landforms in China, you can witness how the wind and water has shaped up an entire valley into a fascinating piece of land!

  6. Monarch Butterfly Migration:


    Can’t call this crazy, but must say this will be one of the most desirable experiences of your life! With the advent of October, you can witness a kaleidoscope of Monarch Butterflies migrating towards Mexico from North America; a must experience in life.

  7. Nacreous Clouds, Antarctic:


    Though these prismatic clouds appear not be real, they can be observed in the polar regions at full glory. Also known as the ‘mother of pearls’, these clouds are only visible during the twilight hours; at the crack of dawn and after sunset.


  8. Sardine Run:


    Starting from the month of May to July, billions and trillions of sardines swims across the Agulhas Bank to the coasts of South Africa. Large in number, this gathers creates an amazing sight to behold and can utterly be believed if not witnessed on own.


  9. Dragon Blood Tree, Yemen:


    Not just the unusal shape; like an umbrella, but this species of tree in Yemen has a unique as well as intriguing characteristics. The secretion of red coloured sap (plant fluid) got it the name Dragon’s Blood Tree.


  10. Lenticular Clouds:


    These clouds are often mistaken as unidentified flying objects due to their lens-shaped formations. Well, these clouds are usually stationary and are formed perpendicular to the flow of the wind.


  11. Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island:


    If you happen to visit the Christmas Island, Australia during the months of October and November, you might witness a crazy phenomenon whereby the roads in the island turns red. Not just this, even the traffic in the island halts during this period. Well, all these happen as the commonly found Red Crabs in here makes their way to the ocean for mating; truly an amazing view!


  12. Spotted Lake, Osoyoos:

    Spots in a lake; can you believe this? Though sounds unbelievable, but its true and this crazy phenomenon occurs as the saline and highly concentrated water of the Spotted Lake in Osoyoos evaporates during the summer leaving behind colourful mineral deposits.


  13. Underwater Crop Circles:

    If crop circles are not enough to raise your eyebrows, the underwater crop circles will surely accomplish the task. First observed in 1955, these fascinating circles on the ocean bed even kept the scientists in darkness for quite a long time. However, the mystery has been solved and it says, the male puffer-fish creates these designs to entice the females; crazy, isn’t it?

  14. Frozen Methane Bubble:


    Organic matters when accumulates at the bottom of the Abraham Lake in Canada, the high bacteria content starts decomposing them. As a result of this, high amount of methane gas is produced, which is turn freezes down creating a mesmeric spell under the surface of the lake.

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  15. Fairy Circles, Namibia:


    Commonly found in the grasslands of Namibia, these circles are also one of the craziest phenomenons of the nature. What makes them crazy are their barrenness while surrounded by lush vegetations all around.


  16. Starling Murmuration:


    The first view of this crazy occurring might make you wonder about what it is! But if observed carefully, it will be clear that tens and thousands of starlets, with their coordination and communication skills forms amazing shapes in the sky that entices plenitude of visitors to Denmark.


  17. Morning Glory Clouds:

    Clouds usually do not have any definite size and shape. But if luck favours you in the quaint Australian town called Burketown, you can witness a strange and unique shape of the clouds. The wavy or rolling formation of the clouds in this region is still not clearly understood.


  18. Fields of Web:


    Only a true Spiderman fan will love this crazy phenomenon! An aftermath of the floods, this happens due to the large gathering of spiders that takes shelter in the nearby fields, trees or shrubs and starts webbing up their shelter.

  19. White Rainbow:


    Unlike the normal rainbows, fogbow or white rainbow does not posses multiple colours. With the edge bearing red colour, the rest of the bow appears white or blue due to the presence of fog droplets.

  20. Bioluminiscent Waves, Maldives:


    During a walk in the Vaadhoo Island of Maldives, you might come across a crazy as well as fascinating phenomenon whereby the beach gets naturally illuminated! Also known as the ‘magic light’ by the locales, this phenomenon takes place due to the presence of light emitting phytoplankton in the water.

  21. Mammatus Clouds:


    Their occurrence is very rare and if you happen to witness them, you will surely find it tough to believe they really exist. Due to this unnatural phenomenon, clouds are formed in an unusual way with hanging pouches.


  22. Underwater River:


    A river underneath a river; can you just believe this? Well, if not, you should dive into the Cenote Angelita, Mexico. What appears to be a river is originally a deposit of hydrogen sulphide that imitates a river under a river.

  23. Calcifying Lakes:


    Lake Natron in Tanzania is often disguised as the ‘Deadly Lake’ due to its high concentration of calcium carbonate. What fascinates about this lake is that due to this high concentration, it calcifies any small living being; animals or birds, into calcified mummies.

  24. Asperatus Clouds:


    Well, this type of cloud formation is one of the rarest events in the nature. Last observed in 2009, due to this phenomenon, the clouds are formed in storm like formation that also make it for an amazing view.


  25. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree:

    How often do you get to see a eucalyptus tree with multi-coloured barks? The answer might be ‘rarely’ for sure but cannot be ‘never’! Under this phenomenon, the tree develops a multi-coloured bark: mainly of green, purple, blue, maroon and orange.


  26. Striped Icebergs, Antarctica:


    Nature has its own ways of mixing colour and fascination! And to observe the best compilation of this unnatural phenomenon, you must visit the Antarctica, where you can witness icebergs with green, blue, black, brown and yellow stripes.


  27. Frost Flowers, Antarctica:


    These unnatural formations on the sea surface might deceive you to be a floating garden of white flowers! But be aware, as these are basically crystal formations in the shape of flowers due to the drop of the atmospheric temperature.


  28. Snow Chimneys (Fumaroles):


    A chimney emitting endless chains of steam amidst the arctic regions; does it sound normal to you? Though sound unnatural, this can be seen when the opening of a volcano in the colder region freezes down leaving a chimney like opening for the steams to come out.


  29. Russian Light Pillars:


    The fascinating colours of the nature can be well observed in cold countries like Russia. It is in these regions, the light from the sun and the moon reflects against the ice crystals, producing varied coloured light columns.


  30. Sailing Stones, California:


    Sailing stones might sound crazy to all of us, but it’s not a fictitious tale at all! This crazy as well as unnatural phenomenon occurs due to the melting of ice that makes the stones slide a long distance as the friction decreases between the stones and the soil.


  31. Supercell Storms:


    This unnatural phenomenon is amongst one of the disastrous classifications of the thunderstorm. Commonly found in moist, arid and high plains, this type of thunderstorm are way more powerful than tornados and are quite crazy by nature!


  32. Maelstroms:


    You might have seen this phenomenon in the fantasy tales or in movies. In case, you found it tough to believe they really exist, you are definitely on the wrong page! Yes, these kinds of whirlpools are strong enough to suck in human beings, animals and even smaller boats deep inside the water.

  33. Hair Ice:


    When cold water droplets move through ice formations over dead twigs, small branches or even leaves, these droplets freezes down and appear to be leaflets or hairs. These formations might sound unnatural, but they are one of the crazy phenomenons of the nature.


  34. Blue Volcano, Ethiopia:


    For most of us, a volcano venting out blue lava might sound total fiction. But if you happen to be in Ethiopia, you can witness this crazy phenomenon. Well, science ha its reason, why the molten lava appears blue in colour.


  35. Turquoise Ice:


    A lake that holds around 20% of the earths freshwater, Lake Bilakal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Water in this lake is so very clear that when they freeze down, they appear turquoise in colour due to reflection.


  36. Blue Glacial Ice:

    ‘As white as the snow’ goes the saying. But once you are in Iceland, you might not find this saying true anymore! Yes, it is in this province, you will witness blue ice formations as ice cannot absorb the blue colour of the light.


  37. Everlasting Storm, Venezuela:


    Storms, fear, rage and destructions are incomplete without each other! And whenever we hear of a storm, we always pray for it to get over as soon as possible. But if you happen to in Venezuela, you can witness a crazy storm that almost never ceases and is accompanied by heavy thundering and lightning.


  38. Great Blue Hole:


    These underwater caves are no less than a creepy site to visit! Formed due to the rise of the sea level, these holes can be found in Belize, Bahamas, Egypt, Australia and Guam.


  39. Spherical Boulders, New Zealand:


    On the first glance at these rocks, you will definitely wonder, who and how has shaped the massive rocks in such an intricate way! Also known as the Moeraki Boulders, these rocks can be commonly found in Oamaru, New Zealand and is also one of the crazy natural phenomena in the world.

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  40. Ice Caves:


    Though these caves are short lived wonders, they also make it to the list of the crazy natural phenomenon around the globe.


  41. Fire Rainbows:


    The name might mislead anyone, but this is purely an optical phenomenon that forms a band of different colours over the horizon. At times, these types of colourful formation can be seen around the sun in the form of a halo.

  42. Pororoca:

    It’s the Amazon River that is flooded with numerous numbers of mysteries! Amongst all these, the never-ending waves or the pororoca is one. Measuring up to 4m and travelling at around 800kmph, these waves attract those surfers who always carve for adrenaline kicks.

  43. The Eye of the Sahara:


    Visible from the space, this prominent mark in the Sahara Desert can be called as one of the crazy wonders in the world. Resembling to a human eye, this gigantic structure is also known as the Richat Structure and Guelb er Richat.


  44. Aurora:


    This mesmerising display of the natural light in the sky will definitely astound you with their showiness. Caused due to the entry of charged particles (electrons and protons) into the atmosphere, this optical phenomenon is a true wonder for the spectators.


  45. Cave of the Crystals, Naica Cave:


    Almost 300m underneath the ground in Naica, Mexico, there is a cave that attracts plenitude of scientists from various corners of the world. It’s not the cave that attracts the scientists, but the huge crystal formation inside that attracts them.


  46. Reflecting Desert, Salar De Uyuni:


    Clear reflection of the azure sky under your footsteps; doesn’t this sound exciting? Also known as the ‘Heaven on Earth’, Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia is one such salt desert that can make you believe, you are standing on a natural mirror!


  47. Forest of knives:


    Secluded from the rest of the world, Madagascar is truly a treasure trove! On a visit to this land of wonders, you will witness one of the crazy phenomenon; forest of knives. Yes, you heard right! Spreading around 666sqkm, this forest has rocky outgrowths in the form of knives and is a major attraction of Madagascar.


  48. Green Flash Sunset:


    This crazy phenomenon occurs as the sun starts wishing adieu to the horizon. Occurring only for few seconds, the rays from the setting sun bends around and appear all green in colour.


  49. Living Rocks:

    Rocks and life…both seems no connection at all! But wait; there is this type of creature that looks just the same as that of a rock! They are in fact alive, they breathe and even reproduce; crazy, isn’t it?

Sky Punch:


A sudden hole in the sky is enough to scare us, and that might be the reason, we see this phenomenon in sci-fi movies! But this is nowhere an unnatural phenomenon at all. At times, when the ice crystals present amongst the clouds starts evaporating, the process creates a sudden gap amongst the clouds.

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