(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

Every time you leave behind the familiar for the unfamiliar, you take with you some of the idiosyncrasies of the place you belong to, and immerse yourself in the quirks of another. In a college canteen, around a lunch table, in the building garden- anywhere- if there’s even one catch phrase, aroma or sound, you are sent reeling back to the times bygone, simpler times, familiar times.
If you are about to bid adieu to Bangalore, this beautiful city of lakes, a city full of excitement and joy that welcomes everyone with open arms, warm hearts then, take a walk with us, down the lanes of memory as we flip through snapshots of what your city really is. We know we can never do it justice, but we will try our best. Do share with us if you know anymore, won’t you?

  1. The Permanent AC


    Image Credit: Ram Balmur – Flickr

    Someone has rightly said that Bangalore weather is certainly feminine, as it can’t just make up its mind whether to be sunny, rainy or gloomy. But, no matter what the mood says, every day is just beautiful here. Now, where else can you get such a perfect combination of rain and sun other than Bangalore? Romance in the air here, long rides on the Electronic City flyover are just some ‘Not-to Miss’ in rain!

  2. Swalpa Chutney Sir


    Image Credit: Charles Haynes – Flickr

    Undoubtedly, one of the most gastronomically delightful cities in the world, Bangalore has restaurants for every type of craving and in every budget. Be it the soft and mushy Idli at Brahmins, or the Masala Dosa at classic Vidyarthi Bhavan or authentic steaks at Plan B, or Thai and Oriental cuisine at Banjarong or even even authentic Italian at Spaghetti Kitchen, this place doesn’t just feed you, it feasts you!

  3. Filter Kaapi


    Image Credit: Raghavan Prabhu – Flickr

    If you have spent good amount of time in Bangalore, you surely know “Filter kaapi”. A cheapest coffee that can guarantee that your coffee buds are fully satiated. A time well spent is not wasted and so were the filter coffees that you had while bunking a class and waiting for all friends to hit the theatre. No matter how much money you spend in those extravagant cafes but one cannot just forget filter coffee of Bangalore.

  4. Corner House, my treat guys!

    Corner House

    Image Credit: Praveen – Flickr

    Ask any immigrant who has come to Bangalore and he might not know the name of his company or even his boss, but he will surely know Corner House. Remember the after lunch break for delectable ice creams and sundaes with your entire office team in these corner houses, where every day there was a fixed person who paid the bill.

  5. Kannada Maga

    The language of Bangalore is another tick mark that takes the cool quotient of this place a notch higher! The slangs used are a mix of Kannadiga and English, two languages that are the lingua franca of this garden city.

    – Bugger: Use case- not as an irritant but as a loving term!

    “This bugger dude! He just picked me up and took me home after the party last night!”

    – Magga: Use Case- Means Son! But not used as a relation. English Equivalent: You be faaayynnne, Son!

    “Magga, let’s go and bash that idiot, bro!”

    – ‘Swalpa Adjust Maadi’: Use case- Adjust a little no! (Which should ideally be the motto of the entire country)

    “20 Rupees only, Swalpa Adjust Maadi, Saaarrr (Sir!)”

    – Chill Maadi Boss: Use Case- Chill out dude!

    “I only asked you the time, don’t get angry! Chill Maadi Boss!”

  6. Let’s meet at Brigade

    Brigade Road

    Image Credit: Shayak Sen – Flickr

    Eat, drink, shop, and roam…all needs one answer- Brigade. Resembling to a busy street set of Bollywood movies, Brigade is just- can’t- miss- out places in Bangalore. From college stidents, to ‘Firangis’ this place is just a must see for all. Remember when a strictly planned day for covering everything on the shopping list always ended in doing nothing but just cooling your heels at local pub at Brigade. The relaxation may be there, the buddies may be there but still something is left far behind…that time.

  7. Quick Impulsive Vacations

    Bestowed by a crazy beautiful scenery all around, Bangalore has no dearth of destinations to head out for a weekend break with friends. But, just outside the city at a drive of about a couple of hours are some really great destinations that are a respite from the regular! Every long weekend ended in either of the following places on bikes.

    – Nandi Hills

    m_nandi hills

    Image Credit: Parthiv Haldipur – Flickr

    Heading out to Nandi Hills, over the weekend with friends and a few bikes is a real treat and a break from the monotony of everyday traffic. We are sure that nowhere else would you find a heady concoction of clouds, mist, beauty and ever shade of green imaginable.

    – Coorg


    Image Credit: -Reji – Flickr

    Kodagu, the home of the warriors has a reputation of making people fall in love with it instantly and blissfully located close to Bangalore at just about 5-6 Hours drive. The inviting greens have played host to many a impulsive trips and we are sure yours must be one of those!

    – Mysore


    Image Credit: Σπύρος Βάθης – Flickr

    Home to the Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills and glorious green parks and gardens, going to Mysore must have been a tick mark almost every other weekend! If not to see the sights, then to just enjoy the drive!

  8. A nightlife that is ‘Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride!”

    m_Bangalore Pub

    Image Credit: Mathanki Kodavasal – Flickr

    The nightlife of Bangalore is what makes the city come alive after a long hard day of work! Letting go of all worries and work stress, the night owls come out in search of the next pub to hit and revelries finally end with a after party at a friend’s house! Be it the classic old school feel of Peco’s at Brigade Road, a pub that has never been advertised and survives purely on nostalgia! Or the outstanding brews of Toit, Arbor or Barleys, Bangalore has it all! Dancing arenas like Sky, Vapor, Hint or F Bar just add a vigor to the already upbeat vibe!

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  9. Shopping? Has to be Commercial Street!

    m_Commercial Street

    Image Credit: mr.gears – Flickr

    From Clothes to shoes, from jewelry to antique pieces and from precious stones to trinkets, Commercial Street is the one stop shop for all things that you need and a lot that you don’t! It can be safely assumed, “It’s a girl thing!” Close to Shivaji Nagar Bus stand and MG and Brigade road, it’s almost a holy confluence of everything related to fashion. Be warned however, that shopping here can be immensely tricky and will require the best of your haggling skills!

  10. Breath in, Breathe Out: The lung spaces of the city

    m_Ulsoor Lake

    Image Credit: Nadir Hashmi – Flickr

    True to its name Bangalore has numerous lakes that contribute to the city’s beauty and salubrious climate. The lakes also double up as jogging tracks for the fitness freaks and meet up spots for nature lovers. Be it the beautiful Ulsoor Lake, Agara Lake or the sprawling lake at Hebbal, even in the midst of intense concretization and development, these lakes have managed to maintain their beauty and tranquility thanks to the efforts of forest department and the government. These essential breathing spaces are both the essence and icon of the city. The garden city that it is also fondly known as, has green spaces in every locality that act as a respite for the tired feet and pollution clogged breathing after a heavy traffic jams. Come summer, come rain these verdant spaces manage to protect their green cover in every season.

  11. ‘Suswagatha!’: A warm welcome to everyone be it a business or people


    Image Credit: UtkarshJha – Flickr

    The warm and inviting nature of Bangaloreans has contributed to it being a hot spot for both, startups and immigrants. The startup hub of the country, the resources in Bangalore make it an obvious choice for a company that wants to test the waters of the market before opening up to the pan India markets. The cosmopolitan culture of the city is after all a result of the mixed sensibilities, cultures, aestheticism and collective conscious of the immigrants that make the city their home.

  12. Rock on with the peppy music scene of the city

    m_Metallica Bangalore

    Image Credit: Saad Faruque – Flickr

    Be it Metallica, Alt-J, Lamb of God, Iron Maiden, Avicii, Armin Van Buren, Above and Beyond and of course the awesomtastic line up of the numerous music festivals in the city; Bangalore boasts of a music scene that will put any other city to shame. If you ask a true Bangalorean which major bands have played in the city, the answer will be. ‘Everything!’ and it won’t be far from the truth.

Such a thriving city with so much to boast of and yet it remains as humble as ever, with a smiling face and welcoming arms!