(Last Updated On: August 10, 2017)

1) Break the barriers between you and your adventure



Leaving your life behind and setting off towards the Himalayas is something that nearly every woman bitten by the wanderlust bug wishes for. But, it can be tough getting the blessings of near and dear ones. The usual arguments of unsafe places, bad people, and what-have-you can put a damper on things. What’s a woman to do in the face of a big ‘NO!’? For starters, say ‘YES!’ to your dream. Kick no’s, fears and everything in between to the curb and grab the bull by the horns. With your two-wheeler pal by your side, you’ll more than make your desire come true. Learn how to convince your parents that it’s okay to let you go and brush up on a few tricks of the trade to get your boss to grant you the all-important leave. Your adventure starts now – with you!

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2) Say Yes to Tricky Terrain



Going off the beaten path can present a challenge and for many, it spells doom to any plans they may have of heading towards rugged places like the Himalayas. But, tricky terrain is just that – tricky terrain. Instead of letting it stop you from having the fun you dream of, think of it as part of your adventure. Knowing you’ve managed to plough on despite the fears you may have will make your trip all the more worthwhile. With the Zest110 as your trusty guide, you’ll be more than able to conquer those bumpy roads and hairpin turns. The powerful little machine with its tubeless tires and telescopic suspension ensures a smoother ride and will help take you on your travels to the land of mountains and excitement.

3) Navigate Parental Permission


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Getting permission from your parents to head off to the Himalayas may not be a walk in the park but when has that stopped any adventurous soul from following their heart’s desire? Think of it as part of the journey to fulfil your dreams and convince them of how important it is to you. Friends can play a huge role in swaying parental permission and if your bestie needs to help you persuade them, so be it! A detailed itinerary of starting points, stopovers and hotels will give mum and dad some control over the situation and they’ll be much more inclined to let you go. Make promises to call them every day – twice a day or more if need be! – and stick to your word. Their beloved daughter is heading off into the unknown and they’re understandably worried. Allaying their fears and doing everything in your power to ease their mind is a prerogative that will work in your favor.

4) Give your Boss the Perfect Reasons and Score a Big Yes


India. Ladakh. The road NH 1D from Srinagar - Sonamarg - Zoji La - Drass - Kargil - Khaltse - Lamayuru - Nimmu till Leh

India. Ladakh. The road NH 1D from Srinagar – Sonamarg – Zoji La – Drass – Kargil – Khaltse – Lamayuru – Nimmu till Leh

So, your parents have been handled and now it’s the boss’s turn. How do you push for leave? You’ll need to barter cleverly! Simply putting in an application for leave won’t help; you need to make them understand why they should let you go and how they can gain from it. Promise to complete tasks that can be done beforehand and finish them. Ask for overtime so you can get through that pile of paperwork quickly. Bargain your time: You agree to work during the holidays when everyone else is on leave. Offer to train an intern or that new employee so they can cover for you. Their newly learnt skills can be put to use even when you get back from your trip – a win-win for both sides and at no cost to the company! With so much to gain from your leave, your boss will seriously consider your arguments and (hopefully!) say ‘yes’ to your request.

5) Show Them What Your Scooty Can Really Do


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Taking a scooty to the Himalayas is madness!’ That’s what many people think and they can’t be blamed for it. For years, scooters were used to travel within towns and cities and were never considered ideal for long distances and off-roads. But, times have changed and modern technology and design have given rise to the Zest110, a two-wheeler that leads the pack of pioneering machines. It’s the first 110 cc scooter that’s reached the famed Khardung La pass in Ladakh and has even entered the India Book of Records. The epic ride began from Jammu, crossed Srinagar and Kargil, and moved from Zoji La and Leh before reaching Khardung La. Despite the high altitude and rough terrain, it prevailed against all odds and so can you! If your parents, friends and colleagues tell you otherwise, show them just how capable your Zest110 is!

Adventure isn’t just for men; in this new day and age, women can own their ambitions and desires. The Zest110 is the perfect companion for the modern woman and her love for fun and adventure. Don’t be left behind – get on the bandwagon and get closer to your dream!

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