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Are you adventurous? Do you dare to go to any limit to feel the adventurous? Well, this blog is just for you. While anyone can visit a well-known place, it takes some special kind of courage to visit a place that no one can even think about visiting. We have compiled some of the best unknown places in the world. These places and their description are enough to give you chills. If you thought that you can very well go there, of course do give a try and let us know how you felt about it. As of now, read the blog and let us know which place intrigued you to a great extent.

1) Snake Island, Brazil



Source: boredomtherapy.com

Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake Island, is an island located off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. Known as the place of nightmares, this is one of the best unknown places in the world, this island is definitely not for the ones who have ophidiophobia, i.e. the fear of snakes.

This place is filled with snakes and other venomous serpents that it’s been called one of the “world’s deadliest islands.” In a 110-acre island, more than 4000 snakes live. That means literally 1 snake per 6 square yard. These are not mere snakes, but they are venomous vipers that have 3-5 times stronger venom than any other snake in the mainland. Isn’t it scary?

2) North Sentinel Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Source: vikasacharya.wordpress.com

Located far into the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean, North Sentinel Island is one of the most isolated places on earth. One of the best unknown places in the world, this island is approximately the size of Manhattan. This isolated island is home to the Sentinelese tribe. The tribe is supposedly the most dangerous tribe in the world.

While the Indian government tried to establish contact with the tribe, they denied any form of contact and have literally shooed away any outsider who enter this island. While the island is spectacular with amazing views and sapphire colored waters all around, the place is quite dangerous for anyone to enter, leave alone stay.

3) Surtsey, Iceland


Source: volcanocafe.wordpress.com

A volcanic island – interesting? Scary? Well, it depends on personal preferences. However, Surtsey, one of the best unknown places in the world, does seem to be a scary spot. In fact, Surtsey, the southernmost point of Iceland, was formed in a volcanic eruption that began 130 metres below sea level, and reached the surface in 1963.

While the eruption is still active in progress, this island has been declared as a natural reserve. With almost zero human habitants, researchers often put prefabricated huts to stay here for a few days during their research about this area. Supposedly one of the dangerous spots, there is no way that one can live in this island.

4) Lascaux Caves, France



Source: leseyzies-tourist.info/

If you have thought that France is all about romantic dinners, happy tourists, and awesome French cuisine, you are wrong. The Lascaux Caves, located in France is very different to the France as we know it. Famous for its Palaeolithic cave paintings, this place is found in a series of complex caves.

Located in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, this place is quite complicated due to exceptional quality, size, sophistication, and antiquity. Since 1979, this place has been marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This whole caves, which is more than 18000 years old is supposedly considered dangerous as it is moving towards extinction.

5) East Rennell, Solomon Islands


Source: news.xinhuanet.com/

Making up the southern third of Rennell Island, East Rennell, locally known as Mugaba, is the main island of two inhabited islands that make up the Rennell and Bellona Province in the Solomon Islands. Considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage site, this place is one of the best unknown places in the world.

While this place is not as scary or as secluded as the rest of the places listed here, the site includes approximately 37,000 ha and a marine area extending 3 nautical miles to sea. Lake Tegano is one of the prominent features to look for while visiting this island. However, the only issue that causes people to not be influenced to visit this place is the strong climatic effects of frequent cyclones. Thus, this place is mostly kept as a scientific study laboratory for research purposes and not as a tourist spot.

6) Poveglia, Italy



Venice is a place that’s in the travel wish list of almost every person in the world. If you just move a little away from Venice towards Lido, there lies this absolutely gorgeous but supposedly haunted place called the Poveglia. A small island that looks pretty like Venice, this place in Italy is considered to be haunted.

So many travellers had told a lot of ghost adventure stories about this place. If you merely look for reviews or news about this place, it would be filled with a lot of things ranging from ghost adventure to being possessed. So, are you scared of ghosts? Do you believe in supernatural stuff? Will you visit a place that’s considered to be haunted?

7) Gruinard Island, Scotland


Source: community.lovenature.com/

Called the land of Anthrax, Gruinard Island in Scotland is one of the places that people would definitely not want to visit at any cost. Remember the times when Anthrax was so trending and people were really scared? Well, that’s the state of this island.

It was right here in this small isle that secret forces of the embattled UK unleashed a testament of terror – a deliberate use of explosive Anthrax bombs that decimated the isle’s populace. Although it has been quite a long time, the island is not the same anymore. Since then till now, people are indeed scared of this place and it hardly gets any visitors as people are unsure about the contaminated air, land, waters.

8) Google Data Center


Source: webodysseum.com/

Well, this place is not scary or haunted, but is definitely an offbeat location. People generally never would imagine about taking a trip into a Data Center. However, if it’s Google Data Center who can say not to visit? But, one of the main things that might be a little bubble burst is the tight security.

A few years back, Google opened its Data Center for public viewing, and since then visitors flood this location, but still this remains to be one of the unexplored locations for the rest of the world. Known as the place where the Internet lives, the Google Data Center is something that is not like your everyday tourist spot that would allow you to click pictures and post snapchat stories. This, on the other hand, is a highly protected area that will interest only a few people.

9) Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway


Source: glamox.com

Located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, this is one of its kind seed banks in the world. While there is nothing as scary as snakes or ghosts there, it is still one of the best unknown places that were not well explored yet by people.

Storing seeds in the vault is free to end users as Norway and the Global Crop Diversity Trust pays for operational costs of the bank. The seed bank is 120 meter inside a sandstone mountain. Located on the Spitsbergen Island, this bank employs robust security systems. The seeds are packaged in special three-ply foil packets and heat sealed to exclude moisture. Excited to store some seed there already?

10) Heard Island, Australia


Source: globalexist.blogspot.in/

Big Ben is a volcanic massif that dominates the geography of Heard Island in the southern Indian Ocean. The volcanic activity in this area has been known since 1881. Volcanoes are something that is unpredictable, and you cannot know when they occur.

The whole of Heard Island is void of people. Therefore, the volcanoes never affected any human in that area. A completely uninhabited area, this island can have a volcanic explosion anytime. The space images spot hotspots every now and then, and in fact spotted a lot in the past decade.

So, do you like to visit any of these places? What are your thoughts?