(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

Wondering How To Capture Moments In An Awesome Video? Here’re The Tips That You Need!

Enlighten yourself with these helpful tips about creating good videos while travelling. Even though the beauty of the places you travel to cannot be captured through a lens, videos and photos make sure you have something to look back on.

We’ve seen countless travelers struggling to capture the perfect moments in videos- so many travelers, that we actually decided to pen down the tips on how to take good videos-

1. Use Both Hands

We cannot stress this enough. The additional support of your second-hand does wonders for your videos, aiding in stability and frame position. Try it definitely!

Image credit: Techradar.com

2. Lighting

When it comes to taking videos that look professional, lighting is key. Poor lighting can potentially ruin what could have been one of the best videos of your travel.

Try to find spots that have ample of sunlight. Sunlight is your best friend when it comes to photography or videography. This is exactly why photos of sunsets and sunrises look superbly beautiful. Try to capture the way sunrays break through canopies of clouds, and leaves to greet the earth. We promise you it’ll make for one of the most breathtaking videos.


3. Use Slow Motion & Time Lapse

Modern features like slow motion and time-lapse are perfect for creating mesmerizing videos. Make the most of your smartphones, and the magic of technology.


4. Ditch The Digital Zoom

Digital zooming will turn your videos grainy and pixelated. Keep the digital zoom to a minimum, if you can’t avoid it totally. Zoom in with your feet! This means, move as close to your subject as you can. You can also manually set the exposure and focus with your hands.


5. Minimum Special Effects

Solarising’ your videos or painting them ‘sepia’ might really excite you, we suggest you don’t overindulge. It seems like a good option, sure, but takes away all the originality from the videos. Rather, taking original, untouched videos will end up making the editing part much more fun later. Original photos adapt very well to filters and edits, leaving you with masterpieces for your desktop, and walls!


6. Befriend The Tripod

Shaky, trembling hands ruin the best of videos. Even the slightest shaking will make your videos look shabby and rushed. Shake hands with the tripod which will lend your videos fantastic stability.


7. External Microphone

If lighting is of utmost important for videos, audio is a close second! If ignored, unwanted loud noises can break through in your videos, which will distort its originality. Since the built-in microphones in most smartphones are of poor quality, we suggest you invest in good external microphones to keep the hassles of audio management to a bare minimum.

Pro tip- Try voering the microphone partly with your hand to reduce some of the unwanted noises.

Image Credit: Techradar.com

8. Keep The Flash To A Minimum

Flashlights will actually intrude with and skew the color temperature, and the video will still come out looking shabby. Again, use natural light as much as you can for videos.


9. Third Party Camera Apps

While the default camera in your smartphone may seem to be enough, there are many features it evidently lacks. Some of the professional features are available to various third-party camera apps that you can download.


10. Classics of Composition

To draw attention to one particular scene in the video, activate a grid on your app. If it doesn’t work in video mode, switch to photo while getting your shot ready. Where the lines cross in the frame, those are some good places to place your subject interest.


11. Auto Exposure- Lock

Most default camera apps might not be equipped with this function, so try other downloadable apps. Try tapping and holding the camera screen to activate the AE lock feature which will prevent your camera from changing the exposure while you’re filming.   


12. Vantage Points

Don’t be shy about exploring and experimenting when it comes to vantage points. Try to shoot videos from different angles to find the ‘right’ spot. Don’t follow the herd to avoid ending up with the same photos. Different routes will give you the freedom of perspective, eventually ending up with unique videos.

Image Credit: Techradar.com