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Got a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere while on a trip! What would you do? Start panicking or simply call for a mechanic to fix it? Choice is yours, but ideally, calling a mechanic sounds better than losing yourself to the hands of circumstances!


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Now, what if you are on a holiday; doesn’t matter whether on a national or an international, and you end up losing some of the important documents like your Passport, Driving License, Credit Card, ID Proof or other similar? Unlike others, don’t click the panic button and let the fun and excitement of your trip continue with these simple steps:

  1. Passport:


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    While travelling within the nation, one really don’t need a passport. But when it comes to international destinations, you cannot even make the smallest move without it! And in case, you become a prey to pickpockets or end up misplacing your passports, there is no reason, you should panic! Rather, you can get things in place by following some very simple steps.

    File a Police Complaint

    The first thing that you must do after finding your passport missing is to file a police complaint. However, in order to file the report, you must provide a photocopy of your passport, make sure you have the same with you. Once the report is filed, do ensure that you have a copy of it!

    ✔ Waste no time and Contact your Embassy

    After the police complaint is registered, head directly to your embassy. A bit of browsing can be of great help in order to find the contact details, emergency numbers or the detailed address of the embassy. While in the embassy, you have to produce the photocopy of the Police Complaint and proceed further as directed by the officials.

    ✔ Collect all the required Documents in the Embassy

    Even the embassy cannot issue you a passport instantly; it usually takes them 4 weeks for the same! However, on producing the required details and documents, the embassy can issue ‘Travel Documents’ that can be used as a substitute to the missing passport. While issuing you with the temporary document, you have to produce 2 passport-sized photos and a copy of your tickets; the photocopy of the tickets will support your departure from the host country.

    ✔ Visit the Embassy in Person to verify all your Documents

    Once done with collecting the required travel documents form the embassy, you must visit the embassy in person and confirm all your supporting documents. After all the documents are verified, you can collect the travel documents against a minimal fees and enjoy your return journey.

    ✔ Travel back to home and apply for a duplicate Passport

    Upon arriving in your home-country, apply for a new passport against all the documents collected from the embassy.

  2. Credit & Debit Cards:


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    Muscles are the indications that you are fit and sturdy enough! But when it comes to travelling within or away from the country, the amount of extra muscles of your wallet might make you prone to several unseen or unpredicted mishaps; pickpockets being the foremost!

    Credit or Debit cards comes in as a rescuer to these kind of unfortunate happenings! But again, what if you end up losing your cards at the extreme case? Would you like to have a panic button to raise the alarm and tell the word that you have been robbed?
    Keep calm, ignore all these, follow some of the simple steps and fix the situation with these simple steps:

    ✔ Make a note of your Card Numbers or other Security Details

    In order to complete the security check, the bank officials might ask you a series of questions. Prior to calling them, make a note of all the security details you have submitted while applying for the card; a simpler step might save your time and patience!

    ✔ Inform the Concerned Bank

    Doesn’t matter where you have lost your Credit/Debit Cards. At once you discover about the loss, rather than freaking out, call up your bank and inform them about the mishap. Ask your bank to block the missing card; well, this might require the details of your last transaction. Make sure, before you step out of for your tour, you have the exact record of at least your last transaction.

    ✔ File a Police Report

    Whether you have lost or have misplaced your cards, as soon as you happen to notice it, file a Police Complaint about the same. And once done with filing the FIR, do not forget to get a photocopy of the report; you have to produce it to the bank as a primary supporting document.

    ✔ Cash can be your Rescuer

    Accidents or mishaps do not come knocking! However, carrying a small amount of cash to meet your most necessary requirements can rescue you in case you end up losing your cards!

  3. ID Proof:


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    In one of the recent Bollywood flicks, we saw a stranger landing on planet earth and losing the ‘remotuwa’ (remote control) to return home! The entire movie was based on what all he went through and had to face in order to recover his remote control.Well, it was a typical Bollywood story and is not relevant to real life. But what if, you also land up somewhere away from your homeland and discover that you too have lost all your ID Proofs? How will you prove your identity or return home?Here are some of the ways, you can avoid any unwanted incidents when it comes to proving your identity within or away from the county:

    ✔ Always keep Photocopies of your ID Proofs

    Even before you start with your journey, try to get photocopies of all your ID Proofs. These might include your Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving License and other similar documents. Also, soft or scanned copies of these document in your mobile phone might be of great use at times of emergency.

    ✔ File a Police Complaint

    Like other essential documents, loos of any of your ID Proofs must be reported to the nearest Police Station. Only after the complaint get filed, you can proceed further and complete the other required formalities.

    ✔ Contact the Embassy

    In case you are travelling abroad, the moment you find your ID proofs missing, it is always advisable to contact the embassy. Produce a copy of the Police Complaint and follow the instructions given by the officials; you might have to meet the concerned officer in person in order to complete some of the security checks.

    ✔ Without ID Proof at the Airport

    If you flying international, you must report early at the respective airport. Provide the documents you procured from the embassy and the airport officials will run a brief security check. Once you are done with these formalities, you can check-in and board your flight back home.

    ✔ Train Journeys without ID Proof

    According to the new rules and guidelines of the Indian Railways, every passenger must produce a valid ID Proof while boarding the train. And in case, you fail to produce your valid ID Proof on demand, there is no reason to panic as the Government has also laid new criterions for the same. Now, you can continue your journey, even by showing a Credit Card with your photo laminated on it, Aadhar Card, valid Student Id issued by the College/Institute, Ration Card, Pension Pay Order or a Nationalised Bank Passbook with your photo. In the worst cases, if you fail to show up any of these documents, you will be booked with charges for travelling without a ticked and will be charged accordingly. Even, one can enjoy great train journeys in india along with their family and friends.

  4. Air Tickets:

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    Unlike other modes of travelling, Air-Tickets usually come with a hefty price tag. Losing or misplacing these tickets might force you to cancel your trip! Well, if such is the case, think again as it is not compulsory to take such an unwanted step, and you still can fly to your destination!Find out what you must do in case you have lost or have misplaced your Air-Tickets:

    ✔ Check your Emails

    With the evolution of ‘internet’ and ‘technology’, whenever we make a booking, we receive a confirmation mail. Losing the print-out of your ticket will not be an issue till you have the e-ticket with you or your booked agent. N.B: while providing your Email ID, make sure the email address provided by you is correct.

    ✔ Call up the Booking Agent or the Airport Officials

    Depending on how and where you have booked your tickets, make a call and bring the issue into their notice. A simple request of resending you the booking details will do the trick for you!

    ✔ Make a note of the Airline PNR Number

    Once you make the booking, note down the Airline PNR Number so that even if you lose the ticket, you can get a print-out of the same with the valid PNR Number.

    ✔ Check with your Bank

    In case, you made the booking with your Debit or Credit Cards, you can call your bank and ask them to send you a detailed statement of your account. With this detail, you can claim your booking and get a re-issued ticket.

    ✔ Check with the Airline

    Not every airline has the same policy for lost or misplaced tickets. Before making it to the airport on the travel date, it is always advisable to contact the concerned airline and know about their policies regarding the same.

  5. Railway Tickets:


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    Travelling with the Indian Railway is not less than a roller-coaster ride! Different people might have different views about their experience with the Indian Railways, but again, it is one of the most sought after travelling medium in the country.Keeping the fun and excitement of any train journey aside, if you happen to lose or misplace your railway tickets, do not assume that your journey is over. You can easily get a duplicate ticket by following these simple procedure:

    ✔ Get the PNR Number

    If you discover this unfortunate incident few days prior to your travelling date; before the final ‘Reservation Chart’ is prepared, you can visit any of the nearest Railway Reservation Counter and get a duplicate ticket. At the counter, you have to provide your PNR Number along with a valid ID Proof; however, your ticket has to be a confirmed at least in the RAC list.

    If in case, you made the booking online, getting a duplicate ticket will be much easier for you! In such a case, just log-in into the IRCTC website and browse your ‘booked history’. Hereafter, you can take a print-out of your lost ticket without even standing in a queue.
    However, in both the cases, you will be charged with a standard fee according to the distance you have booked for. These charges are refundable and can only be refunded at your final destination counters.

    Note: RAC tickets will not qualify for the same after the final ‘Reservation Chart’ is prepared.

    ✔ If PNR Number is not known

    There might be instances, you forgot to make a note of the PNR Number. In such cases, getting a duplicate ticket can be a bit hectic but not impossible at all! What you need to do in such situation is to visit your boarding station and submit a written application to the Station Master with all the details of the journey; date of journey, name of the passengers, class of travelling and others. Only after submitting the application, the Station Master will provide you with the PNR Number.

    Once the PNR Number is procured, you have to file an FIR with the Railway Police within the station and take a copy of the FIR to the Reservation Counter. There, you will issued with a duplicate ticket against 25% payment of the total cost of original ticket.

    Though there are several ways, you can continue with the fun and excitement of your trip even after losing important documents, we would suggest you to double-check each and every details before you embark on the trip.

    Try to keep scanned copy of all the important documents along with you. Maintain a separate notebook with all the emergency phone numbers and also keep a track of all the places you visit during the trip. Noting down the PNR Numbers can also help you in critical situations….Enjoy Your Vacations!