(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

Well, I guess most of you have been frowning against the calendar of 2016 now let’s make it electrifying for you with the calendar of 2017. As you have set foot in the New Year it’s time for a double treat for all. If you have missed out the first weekend then fret not cause the other are still waiting on your calendar. Cheer up folks cause the upcoming year has something huge for you with a long list of holidays.

So, buckle up guys and get ready for the holiday run.

 January: Cheers to a new beginning


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Day Thu Fri Sat Sun
Dates 26 27 28 29
Holiday Republic Day Sick Leave Weekend Weekend

National: Crazy about the Himalayas then just head out for the Chadar Trek or Jaisalmer for camping and desert safari.

International: Dubai for International Shopping Festival (26 Dec to 28 Jan), indulge in Camping and Dune Bashing or you can also go for New Zealand and bask in the beautiful places or hot sun or just go for some exhilarating bungee jumping.

 February: When love is in the air


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Day Fri  Sat Sun
Dates 24 25 26
Holiday Mahashivratri Weekend Weekend

National: Go get going to Goa for Carnival (25–28 Feb) or Rann of Kutch for Rann Utsav check dates in advance

International: Sri Lanka for beaches, wildlife and tea plantations and  Australia is best known for its weather during this month. Great Ocean Road, Clare Valley, Jarvis Bay are some of the best spots to visit during this time.

March: Let’s play Holi


Day Sat Sun Mon
Dates 11 12 13
Holiday Weekend Weekend Holi

National: Andaman for scuba as the sun will be shining bright and you can also go to Rishikesh for some exciting adventures like white water rafting, cycling, trekking etc.

International: If you are planning for some international trip then head out to Vietnam for the amazing Perfume Pagoda festival. You can also take a trip to Maldives.

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Day Sat Sun Mon Tue
Dates 25 26 27 28
Holiday Weekend Weekend Sick Leave Gudi Padva

National: Visit Wayanad to explore the exotic wildlife and also soak in the natural beauty of the region or you can visit Lakshadweep which is known for its azure waters.

International: Your weekend definitely calls for that perfect Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal or you can visit Thailand to enjoy the warm sunshine and its beaches.

April: Season of spring

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Day Sat Sun Mon Tue
Dates 1 2 2 4
Holiday Weekend Weekend Sick Leave Rqam Navami

National: One of the most suitable time to visit Kerala.

International: With the onset of spring Paris is definitely the place for you during this time. You can also visit Namibia as the weather remains moderate with 24ºC.

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Day Thu Fri Sat Sun
Dates 13 14 15 16
Holiday Vaishakhi Good Friday Weekend Weekend

National: Amritsar for Baisakhi (14 Apr). Also, you have an option of traveling to Assam for Bihu celebration and visit the Kaziranga National Park.

International: You can visit Japan to experience the blooming of Cherry Blossoms and enjoy their national festivals celebrating the arrival of spring or visit Florida for beach breaks and outdoor activities.


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Day Sat Sun Mon
Dates 29 30 1(May)
Holiday Weekend Weekend Mayday

National: Go for tiger spotting in Ranthambore in Rajasthan and also explore Royal Rajasthan.

International: You can visit Havana in Cuba which is a hot destination right now and a paradise during this month or you can visit Zermatt in Switzerland for some exciting skiing adventure.

June: Spring ends and summer begins

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Day Sat Sun Mon
Dates 24 25 26
Holiday Weekend Weekend Ramzan Eid

National: Hyderabad or Lucknow for Eid festival or travel to Coorg for some exciting camping and trekking.

International: Visit Croatia to enjoy the festivals in the beach during this month or you can visit Macchu Picchu to enjoy the Peruvian mountains as the weather will be dry and light.

August: Dance in the rain


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Day Sat Sun Mon Tue
Dates 12 13 14 15
Holiday Weekend Weekend Janmasthami/Take Leave Independence day

National: Visit Himachal Pradesh and head out on an exciting trek to the Spiti Valley or you can take the Ladakh bike trip.

International: Visit Dublin to enjoy the Emerald Isle’s charm, hiking in the Dublin mountains or you can also visit Bali to catch the waves and break free as you surf in the Uluwatu beach. You can also take leave on16,17 and 18th and go for a honeymoon trip.


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Day Fri Sat Sun
Dates 25 26 27
Holiday Ganesh Chaturthi Weekend Weekend

National: You can either visit the Agumbe village in Karnataka or visit Munnar to enjoy the Monsoons

International: Visit Kenya as it is the best time for wildlife spotting or you can visit Austria to enjoy the Salzburg Festival which starts on July 21 and ends on August 30.

 October: When September ends

wildlife safari in india

Day Sat Sun Mon
Dates 30 (Sep) 1 2
Holiday Weekend Weekend Gandhi Jayanti

National: Visit Arunachal Pradesh and if you are lucky enough you can also enjoy the Ziro festival or you have another option of visiting Bhadhavgarh.

International: Visit Bhutan with the clear sky to explore the monasteries or you can visit Istanbul to enjoy the blossoming contemporary art scenes.


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Day Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Dates 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Holiday Weekend Weekend Dhanteras Sick Leave Diwali Sick Leave Bhai Dooj Weekend Weekend

National: As it will be a long weekend you can head out for an exciting trip to Darjeeling or you can take a bike road trip to North East and cover a few states in between the seven.

International: For the chocolate lovers fly to Perugia, Italy to enjoy the  Eurochocolate from October 14th – 23rd or you can fly to the Galápagos Islands to witness the rare marine life and also enjoy the beach life here.

December: Time for some celebration again

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Day Fri Sat Sun
Dates 1 2 3
Holiday Eid-e-Milad Weekend Weekend

National: Visit Nagaland for the exciting Hornbill festival or you can visit Auli for some exciting skiing adventure in the snow.

International: Visit Rio de Janeiro for its warm weather and the beaches for parties or you can the Bahamas for some relaxing time in the white sandy beaches and also for scuba diving in the crystal clear waters


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Day Sat Sun Mon
Dates 23 24 25
Holiday Weekend Weekend Christmas

National: With almost the end of the year visit Manali to experience the best snowfall or you can head out to Goa for the exhilarating year end celebration.

International: You can visit Fiji which is the best time for island hoppings and Christmas picnic or you can visit Miami for some crazy year end parties.