(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

Live on the Edge in New Zealand

New Zealand is an adrenalin junkie’s playground. This is where the most cutting edge extreme sports and outdoor adventures happen, in among some of the most untouched and magical wilderness in the world. Here are three pant-wetting activities that are all the rage in New Zealand: definitely worth the long haul flight to the underside of the world.

Bungee Jump into the Abyss


New Zealand is the country that revived bungee jumping into the world-wide phenomenon that it is today. Back in the 80’s, Kiwis AJ Hackett and Henry Van Asch got inspired by vintage bungee footage from Vanuatu. They set up the first commercial bungee operation near Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand. Nowadays, it’s a right of passage for any guy or girl who can stomach the free fall off the top of a canyon, cliff, bridge or any other high structure. Obviously you’ll need the obligatory stretchy bungee cord and ankle strap for security! It’s around NZ $80 to $210 for the privilege, and this generally includes a T shirt, certificate, photos and videos.

Teeter on the Edge in Auckland

This attraction in the country’s biggest city requires more guts than most people have. It also entitles you to some well-deserved bragging rights if completed. The Sky Tower in Auckland is 328 metres tall; taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris: the Sky Walk involves circling around the halo of this tower without rails or a balcony. You will of course be given a safety harness, but the 360 degree views from up there will be as breath-taking as they can get – just make sure you don’t drop your camera! The hardcore adrenalin addict can also choose the Look n Leap package for NZ $290. This means that after your hair-raising hang on the side of the Sky Tower, you can leap off the observation deck for an 11 second, 85 km/h base jump with a parachute. Make sure you bring a spare pair of undies for that one.

Touch the Sky in Nelson


Lovely and sunny Nelson on the South Island, gets the most hours of sunlight of anywhere in New Zealand. It boasts some of the most breath-taking wilderness in the country, and also the world’s longest flying fox called the Sky Wire. This weaves its way through three kilometres of forests, hills, rivers and valleys. The Sky Wire takes adventurers on an eco-friendly ride that can make you forget that you’re human, and feel like a soaring bird instead – the stuff of dreams and fantasies.

Another brilliant way to circumnavigate New Zealand and see all of the same sites as Captain Cook, is to take a cruise. New Zealand cruises operate across both the North and South Islands and include all of these thrilling attractions. Just be prepared to have your hair blown back, and to come away from it thoroughly wide-eyed and revived.

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