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With a passion for traveling written all over, this small town girl from Amritsar (Punjab) finds traveling akin to breathing! She describes the wonderful experience of traveling to Ladakh by choosing this wonderful trip by Thrillophilia.

Having traveled North-East to places like Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kolkata, and up North to places like Himachal and Jammu, her hunger for traveling doesn’t remain satiated at that. Her love for traveling with friends not only allows for more fun on the trips but builds a stronger bond with her companions.

Her reason for choosing this trip out of the 1000 plus choices in global adventures worldwide in her own words isbecause we had a dream to see heaven and the beauty of the nature on earth”. If traveling solo is liberating, traveling with friends makes you learn a lot about yourself and your nature.

Monika mentions that “It is one of the blessings to have old friends that you can afford to be stupid with”. The many pictures that are showcased here tell a befitting tale of friendships and the comfort that lies within each other’s company.


The Journey That was-From Start to Finish-


Monika excitedly talks about the amazing adventures that she had on the trip. Right from the start, with all the friends getting together in an exhilarated company, her sojourn begins thus-

“All seven of us geared up excitedly for this amazing journey since our collective dream was to visit this heaven on Earth once and see all of the beauty it has to offer.

Ladakh came out to be this and much more, and has been to this day the best place ever to visit. The whole route is scenic and is adorned with lovely mountains, deserts, hills, and waterfalls.

Armed with a great driver named Konchuk, we started our leg of the journey from Ladakh first. Once we reached Ladakh, we stayed over at ‘Hotel Auspicious’ which was a good experience. The staff at the hotel was very friendly and helpful and guided us quite well. The food was authentic and great tasting. Will highly recommend this place to travelers”!



Nubra Valley

The next day we headed out to Nubra. Even though Ladakh is celebrated for its breathtaking sights and the beautiful pristine blue lakes, it is also smeared in spirituality with amazing Gompas, Buddhist Monastery with their Stupas and colourful prayer flags hankering all over the streets and houses.

The colours are stark against the vivid palette of browns and blues and whites that is Ladakh. We had a slight inconvenience staying at the allotted hotel at Nubra, but we found a good alternative resort and things were resolved.

Top Camps at Nubra Valley



Pangong Tso Lake


Next day we started for Pangong which was the highlight of our trip. We stayed at Auspicious Camp where we were with nature and completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the Lake. We had not seen such beauty and wonderment at any place!!

Pangong Tso is a place where the baby blue skies meet the pristine stark blue lake waters and the calm of the waters completely calm the soul of the travellers. Surprisingly, all our stresses just melted away! That is the magic of this place! We did not want to leave this place. All of us were overwhelmed with its beauty. Speaking for myself, I can honestly say that I had not seen a more beautiful stretch of water in my entire life!

Before coming here, we had all read about how gorgeous and beautiful the Lake is, but nothing can truly describe the beauty of this place. You have to see it to believe it! It is probably the colour of the Lake with its silvery blue waters or the beautiful brown mountains that surround it, but the landscape is truly pristine, magical and perfect! The pictures do not do justice to it absolutely!!

Best Camps at Pangong Valley


Jispa & Manali


After Pangong, we headed out to Jispa, where our journey was a memorable one. The stay was good, but the staff at the ‘Jispa Journey’s Camp’ was not quite helpful. After the trip from Jispa, we were headed to Manali which had breathtaking scenery. We saw many monasteries on the way back and the beautiful green mountains were mesmerizing!


The stay at ‘Hotel Morning Star’ at Manali was very good and we took back fond memories from it. Overall our journey was truly a cherished one and each and every moment spent there was a memorable one for us. All and all, an amazing trip for us”!

Manali tour packages



Monika recommends these few things to do before starting the Trip:


  1. If you are traveling to Leh-Ladakh with a group of friends, the family of each friend should have contact details of other friends travelling in the group. This is to ensure safety and also to keep the family abreast of your whereabouts.
  2. Keep multiple photocopies of your driving licence, PUC, insurance, vehicle registration papers and PAN etc. in case you lose a copy while traveling as most of the passes in these places demand an identification card before allowing entry.
  3. An emergency medical kit is a must while traveling to remote places like this.
  4. Stock up on all the required medical supplies a week before you leave for your trip.
  5. Carry extra medication if you are already on a dose of medicines.
  6. Take extra cash with you as most places in Ladakh which you will visit will only trade in cash trade only with cash and not many places accept credit cards.
  7. Choose local food and always ask for less oily and less spicy food. It helps keeping your stomach light specially when traveling at such a height, with so many mountainous turns.
  8. Carry enough water with you. Keep extra bottled water and packets of electrolytes handy.
  9. Ask for prices of food before ordering, especially in Kargil, and make sure you have some ready to eat munchies at hand too.



Memories from the Trip-


Monika mentions how her entire journey was such a cherished memory, but if she has to pinpoint a few things to remember it by, then these are it-

  • “When we all are were whiling away our time on the drive singing a song our driver suddenly started singing the same song in his own language. That was pretty funny and memorable since it was least expected. “
  • The thing that I miss the most about that is its beautiful mountains, fresh air, and peaceful environment!



One thing that Monika recommends for us to help make this trip a better one for future travellers is to stay in touch with clients and thirds parties who attend to the travellers, just to ensure that the itinerary remains the same as promised.

Monika’s future lies in traveling, so much so, that she quit her job when her leaves were unapproved for the plans she had made to visit Ladakh. Her bucket list involves traveling to the whole wide world.

If you want to know one thing about Monika, it can be from this favourite quote of hers

“It is better to be real than to be perfect”.

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