(Last Updated On: January 10, 2013)

Many would confuse Kokkare Belluru for a sanctuary protecting storks but that is not true despite Kokkare Belluru meaning “Village of Storks”.

It is a rather tiny village falling in between while crossing Mysore-Bangalore highway. It is one among the few nesting sites for Pelicans. The destination is named so because it is home to hundreds of painted storks. The best part about it not being a sanctuary despite homing such a large number of storks is that, these storks as well as the pelicans move around freely on the trees inside the villages. They are used to the human civilization and this little village is good place to see how the fauna co-exists with human civilisation. There is a group by the name of Mysore Amateur Naturalists (MAN) which works for the protection of the nesting sites of pelican. The best time to come here is in January. Keep in mind that if you come here any other time you might not even sight a crow. Also let there be a few more places to visit on your itinerary because this place alone cannot let you while away your entire day.




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