(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)

Located 65 km away from Bangalore, that’s what makes this place perfect for a day trip from Bangalore. Kaivara is a place with historical significance. It is situated in Chintamani Taluk in the Kolar district.

kaivara Temple Inner Sanctum

Legend says that the Pandavas from The Mahabharat resided in the forest of Vanavasa during their period of exile. Bheem had built a temple of Lord Shiva here. He killed Bakasura on the hill inside a cave near the temple. It is believed that the war maybe named as Kaivara. The drive to this place is on highways, easy and takes less than 2 hours. For people living in Bangalore this can be a weekend getaway. For the rest of the people, they can fly or take a train/bus/car to Bangalore and the drive to Kaivara. One can carry lunch and stop in between for snacks. The best time to be here will be between the months of January – March and June – September.

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