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Unless and until you’ve plonked yourself right in the middle of adventure, you haven’t really experienced it. And what better to way to induce that requisite amount of thrill to your trip than being able to chirp with the birds, sway with the trees and share territory with the wildlife.

Jungle Resorts Around Bangalore

Checking into a Jungle Resort will be a guaranteed refreshing experience. It will obviously be miles away from the unexciting and dull routine of urban plasti-cities. You will have abundant amount of flora and fauna for company and a great deal of noises to sprinkle some eeriness onto your experience. All in all, it’ll make a fabulous recipe for a getaway. When it comes to jungle resorts outings around Bangalore there are quite a few options available. Here is a shortlist of some of the recommended ones.

1. Jungle Lodges, Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodge

Located at a distance of about a hundred kilometres from the capital city of Karnataka, is Bheemeshwari resort. The atmosphere at Bheemeshwari is one of glorious muteness. Amidst some dense foliage and alongside the serene waters of the River Cauvery, this experience at Bheemeshwari is unavoidable. Get yourself harnessed for some overwhelmingly thrilling activities like jumaring and high rope traversing. You can simultaneously also pack your gear to go hiking into the jungles.

Distance from Bangalore: About 100 km

Accommodation: Eight log-huts, eight well-furnished cottages and two luxurious cottages

2. Hill View Resort, Ramnagar

Here at Hill View Resort, one of the resorts in Bangalore, you will find yourself in the middle of the woods. To add more authenticity to the experience, the Resort has maintained quite a few natural rock formations which literally scream “Welcome to the Jungle.” With comfort facilities like a Health Spa and a swimming pool, the resort combines the rustic and the contemporary in the best way possible.

 Distance from Bangalore: 43 km

Accommodation: Well furnished rooms, executive suites as well as cottages.

3. Morritt Farms

Morritt Farms

This is an interesting play to book your getaway. Named after Major Morritt, who was gifted this farm way back in the 1900s, Morritt offers the quintessential farm experience. Situated in Kolar Gold Fields, Morritt Farms are hardly an hour away from Bangalore.  The Caravan Parks here at Morritt, would make for an offbeat place to stay in.

Distance from Bangalore: About 90 km

Accommodation: There are three options to choose from: Well furnished and well equipped cottages for a pastoral experience; Guest houses if you are a large group; and Dormitories.

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 4. Jaladhama Resort

Jaladhama Resort

Located alongside River Cauvery and River Kapilla is Jaladhama. Its still a getaway near Bangalore which hasn’t completely come under the regular tourist’s ambit. But the charm of Jaladhama is in the fact that it remains largely unexplored. The famous Somanatheshwara Temple and Shivana Samudra Falls are not more than twenty kilometres from the Resort. In all its oblivion, Jaladhama becomes a great place to just de stress.

Distance from Bangalore: 125 km

Accommodation: There are luxurious cottages as well as suites available. There are nests for a more rustic experience, and if you are a large group, there are group cottages to be had too, which can accommodate upto 20 guests.

5. Our Native Village

A Wellness Centre aimed at taking a holistic perspective to health and the human system, Our Native Village is one place where you can receive cent per cent rejuvenation of a body otherwise attuned to monotonous routines. Here at Our Native Village, healing sessions are interspersed with fun yet, relaxing activities like kite flying. Come and stay here to channelize your energies in ways which will help erase those wrinkles on your forehead.

Distance from Bangalore: NA

Accommodation: There are twin as well as family rooms, which together make up for 24 eco-cooled rooms. The rooms are well furnished and are made with clay bricks, which give a rustic experience.

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