(Last Updated On: January 3, 2017)

Next interviewee on our list is Ankita Sinha, a free bird. One who quit her lucrative IT career to just TRAVEL across India and write travel blogs. Ankita gets candid with Thrillophilia and shares how her love for travel and desire to explore length and breadth of India turned into reality. A must read for all travel bug bitten guys and an inspiration for those who keep wondering when will they travel next time 🙂

Can you brief us about what you do?

College Grad(Comp Sc)->4.5 years Software Engineer->Marketing in Adventure Firm->Travel And Adventure Blogger. How crazy does it sound to be just a full-fledged travel and adventure blogger? Definitely not so cool to the world. But for me, I love every day of my life more now and all that came with a realization “Life is more than a job and a salary”. There I was a year back – married,4.5 years of software experience, hefty pay package and the to the world “settled” though the nomad in me always found ways to escape the routine and that’s when I tried micro light flying, scuba diving, cliff jump , horse riding, short road trips etc etc over weekends. Until one day the urge to travel and explore grew to an exponential degree and travelling on weekends was just not sufficient and so were the leaves. The decision to quit IT was more influenced when I went on an All India Road Trip with my brother. That’s when I decided to finally quit my lucrative and dear profession of 4.5 years.

Marina Beach Chennai, Ludhiana Punjab and Pangong Lake Leh

I had some savings of my company, though there were not many places to explore as I had already travelled almost every state in India over the recent few years either with friends or family or travel groups. International travel seemed to be a little more expensive than my savings, so left with no other choice, I decided to start a blog until I find a travel job that makes me travel. The basis of starting the travel blog was to help people see India and the world through my eyes and what can be more illustrate than self narrated videos. With no exposure to video editing or even blogging, it all seemed like an impossible feat. I learnt video editing all by myself, recorded sample videos in my tripod, and sometimes with the help of my husband, shot videos on Bangalore. Meanwhile I got a call from an adventure based firm in Bangalore to work as a Marketing executive in adventure division. There it was my sole responsibility to initiate adventure and sports, and I totally loved my new job. The new transition welcomed me with trainings on international travel, road shows and accompanying adventure groups. Managing my blog with the adventure job was a challenge. And I had to choose. I chose my passion and decided to follow my dream to backpack the world, promote adventure and capture more and more videos in India. So far the journey of 6 months of blogging has been amazing with each day a new learning experience, a new challenge. Many of my friends ask me, you are married, and how do you manage? Where do you get money for your travel? How do you manage time out of household chores? Well to all this is an answer, where there is a will there is a way.

What’s inspiration for travelling across India?

It has to be my family and their constant support and encouragement. It’s also due to the similar interest we share. As dad was in a transferable job, we kept on moving along even in my early childhood days. By the age of 16, I had already been to Nainital, Darjeeling, Shillong, Jaipur, Vizag, Kolkata, Mumbai, all thanks to my family. My parents had also enrolled me in swimming, dancing and singing very early in my childhood, and that helped me build the stamina, learn, multitask and the ability to cope up. Next was my college in Manipal where the nature meets heaven, and we had a group of friends always on the move. The journey to travel Singapore came next, where I travelled solo in daytime and at night with a friend. Then was the zip lining tour with the travel group, and it was so great to see like minded people all at one place. Then came the “All India Road Trip” and finally a backpacker’s tour in Darjeeling by covering the whole Darjeeling and the sightseeing places on foot(walking through tea plantations, rough roads, mud roads, mountains everywhere) and spending as little as 500 bucks per day and that too on food 🙂

My source of inspiration has to be friends, family and the constant support of my brother and husband (though he is not much a travel freak, but he always lets me go wherever I want) and the constant drive to “Just Travel” No matter what. We have travelled even when we had as little as 1000 bucks to far away places. It’s really not that impossible. An advice to all those who want to travel – “Avoid plane journeys (they are expensive) and wherever possible do not plan but know the place, travel can be much much cheaper that way”.

Do you travel alone to your trips in India?

Not really, the trips are mostly accompanied by friends, family or travel groups these days. The primary and the main reasons are the cost factor and the camera. Since my blog focuses on video reviews someone has to take the videos after all.

Though many of my previous trips were solo or with my brother or husband, those places only have my still pictures. So to capture them again in a video, I am all set to travel all India again with my family or friends may be sometime in the future. Next in my list is the bungee jump!

What’s your vision with regards to travel and adventure?

It’s a busy busy world we live in. And slowly the world of travel and adventure is opening up, when the people are getting more experimental and adventurous. Thanks to the numerous adventure programs, adventure in India is now perceived as safe.

What’s your motto? 

I would like to contribute to the world in whichever way possible and inspire the people to travel more and live every single moment through my videos and genuine reviews, and hopefully they get the message that travel is not only about a fixed itinerary, but the places, people, adventure and travel. Not just the popular Ladakh, Manali and Munnar, but all other places are equally worth visiting. India is Beautiful indeed.

Thanks to Ankita for sharing her travel story with Thrillophilia. For all others who want to know where Ankita is headed next or who want to get genuine reviews about various places in India can check out her travel blog – http://www.ankionthemove.com/. All the best to Ankita and we hope Ankita keeps her passion to explore and travel intact for all her life.