(Last Updated On: March 20, 2015)

Want to work for fun? Brimming with a crazy passion for travel? Or want to work on the best technologies? We at Thrillophilia are looking for the best and most enthusiastic interns to join our young and dynamic team for an exciting journey.

All you shutterbugs can sharpen your photography skills at our company outings in some of the most mesmerizing places. You can also be a part of the product team to discover and deliver offbeat things to do in offbeat places of India. Or you can be the digital guru and indulge in online travel marketing or unleash the Wordsworth in you as a part of the content team. With constant fiestas at the roof top and mingling with fascinating people, rest assured, there will never a dull moment in office.

Digital Marketing Internship


You Tweet in you sleep. You know how to Stumble around a Pinterest board. You have always looked at ads and thought whichever genius came up with this concept, he deserves some kind of a Razzie! You can not only create amazing marketing concepts but you can execute them while destroying deadlines. You are so good at multitasking that you are reading this and juggling on a unicycle. A bonus for us would be if you have heard of this dreaded term known as ‘SEO’ and have been a part of that segment of the human race who follow every search update Google releases with much amusement. Oh! And you love to look at amazing travel photos every day.

Detailed Job Description:

  1. Social Media strategizing(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc)
  2. Creation and execution of travel related marketing concepts
  3. Application of Search Engine Optimization on the website
  4. Travel with the Outdoor team on outings
  5. Market Research

Video Making Internship


You know what exactly goes into making a video. You can take a bunch of images and visualize the video running in your head with a storyline which would make people turn their heads. You are extremely creative and cannot only come up with several concepts but execute them to the hilt. You know when to use text in a video and when the video requires nothing more than visual pieces. You have a thirst and the only thing that can quench it are your creative juices which you will get from our internships in Bangalore!

Detailed Job Description:

  1. Creating travel and experiential videos
  2. Creating and executing viral videos based on travel related concepts
  3. Going on team outbounds and getting amazing concept based videos

Photography Internship


In our internships in Bangalore, you will be travelling with the Outdoor team on various outbounds, where you will have to capture the best shots of the outing and  location. You will get to visit some of the best resorts in and around Bangalore and also get to visit some of the most beautiful places like Bheemeshwari etc. You will also assist with office projects related to the visual side of the website and photo research. You need to have prior experience in photography and a portfolio is a must while applying.

Detailed Job Description:

  1. Assist with photo research on future story assignments
  2. Work with the Product team and find the best places to get photos
  3. Work with the Content team and come up with inspiring story arced photo albums
  4. Work with the Digital team and assist in marketing the best photos
  5. Travel with the Outdoor team on outings and capture amazing photos

HR Internship


As a Human Resources practitioner you would be responsible for building people and leadership capability while demonstrating your own awesome skills. You will help in developing an adaptive and competitive organization and creating a much more productive environment. You will be an integral part in helping Thrillophilia to hire the best and brightest minds out there. Also, you will be using your amazing people skills to create an amazing fun filled environment.

Detailed Job Description:

  1. Be a core part in the process of hiring the best, brightest and wackiest people
  2. Engage with employees and executives at various levels of the organization
  3. Create a more fun filled environment in the company

Design Internship


You are someone who can explain to a 2 year old design principles in your sleep. You don’t only know how visual and interaction work together, you make them one and the same. You cringe when you see a border out of place. You strive to create an impact through a visually appealing world class user experience. And the best part is you complete your work on the dot with pixel perfection.

Detailed Job Description:

  1. Develop detailed wireframes and user flows
  2. Ideate and design amazing marketing concepts
  3. Design mockups and other usage scenarios and prototypes
  4. Create an immediate impact by working on the company newsletter

Content Writing Internship


You are the kind of person who hates the incorrect usage of words in sentences. The kinds of relationship you love the most are the subject and predicate ones. Not only do you hate an unnecessary coma in a sentence, you also correct someone who pauses at the wrong time in a conversation. Most importantly you want to experience and write about the best travel destinations across India.

Detailed Job Description:

  1. Coming up with amazing article ideas and writing them perfectly
  2. Assisting the Product team in creating beautiful, well-crafted itineraries
  3. Assisting the Digital team in their marketing campaigns with well thought out captions

Travel Product Development Internship


Our internships in Bangalore will make you the key person who will help in making amazing travel programs and even better travel campaigns. You will use your crazy good analytic skills in ensuring price integrity and accuracy in product offerings over various channels. You will also help in adding relevant travel related products.

Detailed Job Description:

  1. Working closely with suppliers and marketing department to ensure price integrity and accuracy in product offerings
  2.  Identifying relevant travel products and services that add revenue to the organization and value to our members/customers

  3. Maintaining a competitive analysis of our travel products to ensure product is competitive in the marketplace

Business Development Internship

You will do offbeat and current market research and use your awesome analytic skills in analyzing the relevant information obtained through the research. You will identify new opportunities which will help the company in expanding its business horizons. You will also help the product team in their travel endeavors.

Detailed Job Description:

  1. Research and analyze information relevant to business development.
  2. Conduct market, country, and topical research
  3. Identifying new opportunities
  4. Assist with client information related to the business objectives

Contact us at careers@thrillophilia.com if you think you are awesome at one of the positions mentioned above and if you want to be a part of something BIG!