(Last Updated On: December 12, 2017)

Travelling overseas to celebrate the festival of lights is the latest trend. Decades ago, it was impossible to travel out of the country due to many reasons like lack of connectivity, high flight charges, currency conversion, and an endless list. However, festive getaways are no more restricted within country. People travel abroad extensively nowadays, and there are indeed a plenty of international destinations that are inexpensive and will fit into your tight holiday schedule.

When the international destinations are accessible, there shouldn’t be any looking back, just go ahead and book your tickets for you and your family and enjoy this Diwali by making it extra special. Diwali shouldn’t be restricted only with preparation of sweets and shopping, it can also be enjoyed by exploring some of the best destinations that we give you an insight about:

  1. Singapore:

To begin with, we give you the popular and most famous international destination that is near to India, this way you can save time and still enjoy the pleasure of international holiday fun.

Singapore is a city that celebrates Diwali like India, so if you don’t want to miss out your festival of lights book your ticket right to Singapore and celebrate your festival there, when you are there mainly during this festival time, you get that Indian feel as each and every part of the city celebrates the occasion with great pump and gaiety.


Things to do at Singapore – visit the universal studios, have a look at the china town, and shop at the Orchard road (window shopping at least).

Singapore is also an ideal destination for honeymoon. Here is the list of best honeymoon packages for Singapore.

Flights : Plan your trip before 2-3 months and you won’t have to burn your pockets. Fares start from INR 15,220

  1. Malaysia:

Diwali is equally great in Malaysia. You can either take a trip separately to Malaysia or club it with your Singapore trip. As there are a lot of Indians in Malaysia, you will be able to witness the Indian culture and traditions being followed during the festive season. This place is highly suggested when you want to enjoy the festival with your elderly parents.


What’s more, Malaysia can be a perfect destination for the couples who want to take a second honeymoon during the Diwali season to be away from all the stress of work life.

Malaysia is a shopping hub and your wife, daughters and the other ladies in your gang are surely going to give you great thanks when you take them to such a location. Apart from shopping your kids would love photography trail and amusement parks that are going to be a great fun. And last don’t forget to shop at the roadside markets.

Flights: Pack your bags! Flying to Malaysia could cost you as low as INR 13,000

  1. Thailand:

Thailand is another popular international destination that is almost near to India and hence affordable too. Since few years, the tourists’ statistics of Thailand shows an immense increase of Indians visiting the country (guess what the reason is – the temples and the carefree lifestyle).


ThailandImage Credit : Mike Behnken

Flights are almost getting filled for this destination as many people feel that this place is a must visit for this festive season mainly. When you are heading to this country for this Diwali add a visit to the golden triangle (Myanmar, Laos and Thailand) in your itinerary as this is a place that shouldn’t be missed out.

Things to do at Thailand – Visit Pan and backpack and move straight to chiang Rai (this is regarded as the best relaxing spot, while the ladies enjoy shopping, the guys can enjoy relaxing at the spa or shake their legs at the bars/pubs here.)

So, if you need all praises and appreciation from your family members book your tickets soon for your family vacation to Thailand now.

Flights: Plan your vacation before 2-3 months so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on flights. Fares start from INR 11,600

  1. Bali:

Bali is a great holiday international spot for Diwali lovers mainly. Bali is a wonderful location that is mainly ideal for beach lovers and people who love tropical locations. Bali can be explored to the fullest during November season, and this is again the time wherein you get your Diwali break too, so this Diwali head right to this place and get ready for some beach bums.

This tropical beach location spot has plenty of things to offer for the tourists mainly, you can enjoy a silent vacation over here or pamper your body sitting and swimming in the beaches of Bali.

Things to do/see at Bali – surf to the various Bali beaches, visit the famous Uluwatu temple and don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the performance at the Bali theater.

Bali is easily accessible from India and there are plenty of flights plying to this destination on day to day basis. Make Diwali special by heading to this wonderful international location Bali.

Flights: If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on flights, plan your vacation 2-3 months prior. Fares start from INR 18,400

  1. Colombo:

Colombo is yet another place that is worth visiting during November, and what more when Diwali is also falling during October end, you can pretty well pick this as your Diwali holiday break destination spot.

Things to do/see at Colombo – visit the National museum, have a chill evening enjoying at the Galle face gardens, and visit the Gangaramaya Buddhist temple.

Apart from these, women can enjoy shopping at the local stores over here as many of the produce at sold at offshore price during the festive season here at Colombo.

If you have some extra leave to spare, take a southwest tour to places like Galle, Mirissa, Bentota, etc. in Sri Lanka.

Flights: INR 9,000 ! Yes! You read it right. Book your flights 2-3 months prior and you can save a lot of money on flights.

  1. Paris:

It is always said that Paris is a costly place and one can visit there only if one has a purpose to visit it, but it is not so actually. If you want to surprise your loved ones and want to utilize your Diwali break rightfully, then I suggest Paris is the best place to hangout. It is not always about the culture and religion that one should follow, you can in fact enjoy your favorite festival even when you are at an international destination and this is called as perfect Globalization.

Things to do/see at Paris – museum hopping, sightseeing, visit the magnificent Eiffel tower and don’t forget to visit the Louvre.

This Diwali season there are numerous flights plying to this destination; book your ticket (tickets are not as expensive as you think)!

  1. London:

London is indeed the best place to be this Diwali! Yes, take an extended holiday and treat yourself to be in London. Be it for a solo backpacking tour or for a family getaway, London is the right place to be. While you can relish Diwali feeling with your friends or family who lives here, you can alternatively indulge in the beauty of the gigantic city.


From libraries to the London Eye, everything about this city is always festive and grand. If London is on your travel bucket list, now is the time to visit it.

Flights: Book a flight from Mumbai and it could cost you around INR 28,500

  1. New York:

It is rightly said London- Paris – New York, Diwali celebration can be made extra special when you plan for your holiday to this lovely place on the planet. It is true that The United States of America has more Indians in it. Indians are in fact the 3rd largest Asian community in The USA. And this is the prime reason for many people to fly to New York from India mainly for enjoying the festival of lights.


Another pro to visit the NY during the November month is that you get an opportunity to visit the Big Apple. There are plenty of things to do and see over here, but when you have a short Diwali break don’t forget to make a visit to the important places like listed below.

Things to do/see in New York – take a bike tour to central park, day sightseeing and trip to Statue of liberty, visit the metropolitan Art museum.

Flights: Take a flight from Mumbai to cut your cost on flights. Fares start from INR 34,900

  1. Mauritius:

If you are able to set aside five days during this Diwali time, head direct to Mauritius, and this wonderful island at Africa will speak about the rest of your enjoyment.

Previously this place was mainly shortlisted for the honeymoon couples, but the trend is changing and people as family prefer to take a short break to enjoy this beautiful island. The marvelous lagoons, beaches and the mountains are what every traveller will love to see and enjoy.

This most desired location Mauritius is visited by several travelers from all across the globe; this island will give you a luxurious experience and also make your festival time memorable.

Things to do/see at Mauritius – head to Port Louis, Le Morne beach, visit Black river Gorges national park, Charamel (wherein you can see the seven colours of the planet), visit the highest waterfalls, move to the Le Vanille crocodile park and don’t forget the Grand Bassin ( you can see the extinct volcano which is now a lake), and on your auspicious festival day you can visit the Hindu Temple too that houses Lord Shiva.

And believe me, you can cover all these in five days exactly for an affordable price tag. This Diwali, spend some time with your family at Mauritius.

Flights: It won’t burn your pockets if you plan your vacation to Mauritius before 2-3 months.

  1. Hong Kong:

Diwali is the time when your kids would generally love to burst crackers and eat sweets, instead show them a different world which would make them celebrate the festival in a different way, Hong Kong is not only a party destination for the adults but a great place for the kids too.

What can be more memorable than taking your kids to the Hong Kong Disney land? Disney land is one place where travellers of all age group visit; it is not the age that counts here, but the fun and excitement that the place provides you. Step into this world and feel the real pleasure that you wouldn’t have witnessed before anywhere.

Things to do/see at Hong Kong – a visit to the Victoria peak, Man mo temple, Tian Tan Buddha monastery, clock tower, Tsim Sha Tsui ( to have a best view of the skyline of the city), head to the Hong Kong museum and drop into the Lantau island, over here hop into the cable car ride to have a view of the sea, scenery, green landscapes and more.

Flights: Make sure you plan your trip to Hong Kong 2-3 months prior to your actual date and you won’t have to spend a lot on flights.

  1. Macau:

You can take a quick trip to Macau this Diwali. Take a look at the Venetian city and see the Casion Lisboa, Macau towers, ST Paul’s Church, UNESCO world heritage site and visit Nyong Ping, Nyong ping Piazza.


While Macau is an offbeat destination even for normal tours, it is a beautiful location that will make you fall in love with it.

Book your tickets to this wonderful party destination spot and enjoy your Diwali break.

  1. Nepal:

If you don’t want to miss out the Diwali pleasure and still want to hop out of the country during this vacation time, then I suggest Nepal as the best option. Residents of Nepal celebrate Diwali in the typical North Indian style over and so you are not going to miss out the fun even while you are away from India.

Majority of the population in this place are Hindu and follow the customs similar to Indians and so no wonder why this festival is celebrated in such a manner.


Alternatively, you can do trekking, hiking, and rafting too in this country and relish the festival in a completely fun-filled way. For the nature lovers, there are a lot of nature trails to cherish in Nepal. Finally, Nepal cuisine is spicy, rich, and delicious.

Celebrate this joyous season at a wonderful place like Nepal and get a double treat for your eyes and mind.

Must Do: Trekking through the epic trail all through the Himalayas to reach the summit is something that everyone would dream of. A Trek to the Everest base camp provides amazing gifts to the trekkers in the form of misty mountains, overcast blue skies, prayer wheels, prayer flags, suspension bridges, and glaciers at times. Trekking to the Everest base camp is like a never ending slog, yet taken up by millions of trekkers from all over the globe, and the resultant is an epic adventure.

[Check also trekking to the Divine Annapurna Base Camp]
  1. Scotland:

If you are looking for a English city, but if you have already visited London, then opt for Scotland. This is a beautiful city that provides plenty of scope for travellers from all around the world to enjoy to their fullest. Although the festival of lights is not celebrated in this country in a great manner, you might still want to relish Halloween celebrations in the winter season here.

Things to do in Scotland: Visit the museums, castles, palaces, and indulge in the Scottish whiskey and English cuisine.

Flights: Take a flight from Mumbai and it won’t burn your pockets.

  1. Bangkok:

Use this Diwali break to visit Bangkok and see what all you have missed in life till now, this is an action packed city that is ideal for backpackers. Bangkok is hardly a four hour flight journey away from India, and once you land there you will enjoy the real treat that the city has to offer to you. Diwali break can be exciting as you shop around on the streets of Bangkok and still enjoy visiting the temples over here on the festival day. There are loads of temples here and all these are sure to add a visual treat for your festival of lights time. Diwali break will become incomplete if you don’t jump into the Bangkok beaches, so combine this too in your package.

Things to do/see at Bangkok- Reclining Buddha temple visit, learn some short Thai cooking dishes, shop at the famous MBK mall.

Flights: Plan your trip before 2-3 months and you can save a lot of money on flights. Fares start from INR 11,600

  1. Jordan:

Many people forget to add Jordan in their travel itinerary, but this is one of the safest places for Indians to travel without any tension or stress. This Middle East country can be visited if you are able to spare some days during your Diwali time, Jordan city equips the seventh world wonder, Red sea and the Dead Sea. Pamper your body by getting yourself dug into the mud bath or watch the relics of Petra at the evenings.  Jordan will make your Diwali vacation memorable.


Things to do/see at Jordan – go for a desert camping at Wadi rum, float at the Dead Sea, grab some hot Turkish coffee, buy some mid-east spices or head for a long drive at the King’s highway.

Flights: You can have various options for flight but you’ll have to plan 2-3 months prior to your trip.

  1. Johannesburg:

Johannesburg is an ideal spot for Diwali lovers, during this festival time, the suburbs of Newtown is at its best as the city takes the pride to celebrate this light festival. The Diwali festival at Newtown is conducted as an annual event and gears up for many stage performances that are organized by community groups and fusion bands, the dance troupes deliver their best dances by dancing to the latest Bollywood hits and there is a themed street party too. The dance workshops and the fairs are never to be missed out. Apart from this there is a firework display and art workshop for the kids.


Things to do/see at Johannesburg – Retail therapy area visit, gather to witness the annual fireworks show, visit the mini market and attend the fairs/events.

Flights: You can fly to Johannesburg from any of the major Indian locations during this festival time.

  1. Maldives:

Newly married? Are you not interested in bursting crackers anymore? Take your loved one to a romantic getaway to Maldives. One of the most affordable yet fancy locations to visit this season, Maldives can be a perfect experience that you can gift to your spouse.

Check here: Most romantic destinations to visit in Maldives for the honeymoon.

While you are there don’t forget to try the amazing seafood, indulge in water sports, and relax in an amazing spa experience.

MaldivesImage Credit : Mac Qin

Also, Maldives offers some of the best hotels to stay, namely boat house, beach house, glass house, etc. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Maldives right now and enjoy a blissful vacation there.

These were some of the most preferred Diwali international destination for both short and long haul. Which are your favorites? What are the other places you would love to travel this Diwali? Let us know in the comments section below.