(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)


Winters, world wars or vodka? Russia is a nation that makes your imagination go wild. It’s the largest country in the world and remains rooted in history so deep that you can’t come out once you dive in. It’s a country of contrasts with gems of culture, majestic mountains, fierce volcanoes, deep lakes and quaint villages that make up just the right drug for travel addicts.

Nevertheless, Russia excels in making a rare showcase of things to leave you with face expressions to make a meme upon. For a country so incredible, it’s no surprise that you’ll stumble upon the most mind-boggling chances, say teachers being paid salary in vodka or be it exchanging nuclear submarines for Pepsi.

When it comes to experiences that zooms up the crazy quotient, Russia has got you covered. With some healthy curiosity and desire to get funky, tourists can get weird with the quirky side of Russia and cross off the most insane adventures. So why not take some inspiration from this not-so-quintessential bucket list and redefine the word ‘crazy’? Here, let us help you come face to face with the strangest yet crazy activities for which Russia is the sole contender in the world.


1) Defy Gravity

At Star City in Moscow, you don’t need to be an actual astronaut to make your dream of flying in space come true. Once a secret Soviet facility that didn’t even exist on maps, Star City is now a place to give you a flight in zero gravity or hop on a simulated rocket launch. Experience a once in a lifetime un-Earthly weightlessness here and you’ll have your own space odyssey to make everyone jealous on Instagram.


2) An Unconventional Learning at Museums

When it comes to taking the most peculiar things in life, Russia has got museums to celebrate their existence. A country that boasts of several museums, Russia is the only place that fascinates by devoting a place to death and funerals at Museum of World Funeral Culture in Siberia or by giving you a lesson in sanitation to ward off the dangers of diseases at the Museum of Hygiene at Saint Petersburg. On a less strange side, there is also a Vodka Museum but that is obviously not surprising considering its Russia in the context.


3) Catch A Circus of Cats

If you’re tired of watching funny cat videos on Youtube, here’s an idea to watch them live. At the world’s only cat theatre in Moscow, you’re in for a spectacular show put up by your favourite fluffy artists. From walking on a tightrope to posing on top of a mirror ball, at the Moscow Cats Theatre, these talented cats dazzle the audience with some astonishing tricks and creative abilities.


4) Find Who’s Who Among the Twins

You’re literally in for two-for-one deal while dining at the famous Twin Stars diner in Moscow. Inspired by a Soviet era movie in 1964 known as Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, this unique restaurant only hires identical twins who dress alike, wait the tables and serve your drinks. While the vodka certainly can’t be blamed for the two mirror alike versions, this diner offers a totally unique experience to freak people out.


5) Pay Tribute at the Monument for Enemas

You may have appreciated the different statues dedicated to mythical figures and important personalities. But have you ever seen a monument built to commemorate a certain medical procedure? If not, then you need to head to the Mashuk-Akvaterm spa in Zheleznovodsk, Russia to see first hand a bronze monument to enemas. Inspired by a Botticelli painting called ‘Venus and Mars’, the syringe bulb statue was invariably chosen as a symbol of the region famous for its spas where enemas are administered.


6) Play Helicopter Golf

When the golf course remains covered with a blanket of snow for a better part of the year, how could one enjoy their hobby? Well, Russia have got a way around to play the sport in their own bizarre way of doing things. It’s helicopter golf. First played in 2013, the game has become all the rage in Russia where you whack a large ball down the snow and the player navigates it on the snowy course with their own heli-golf clubs. Definitely worth a shot, Right?


7) Fly Into the War Zone at ‘Military Disneyland’

Got over the days of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? All you need then is to spend a day at Russia’s Patriot Park where children play on war tanks, helicopters whiz through the air and people find amusement with rocket grenade launchers. Here you get to sample a typical army lunch while learning about the most lethal weapons which could wipe out a continent in one strike. With high decibels of patriotic music and reenactments of battles, you’ll find yourself in a virtual battlefield here in Russia.