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Old is really gold, but not always! Yes…at times, the old or the traditional ways might not be the best ways to accomplish things. And for example, you can consider the traditional ways of booking flight-tickets!


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In the present times, we might live in an age, where a simple click can book a flight for us, but we are still falling prey to the rock-solid gimmicks of the airlines industry. In the name of flying, we are paying way more than what we should and end up digging a hole in our wallets.
Say no to all these traditional ways of booking a flight, use the booking methods mentioned below and book flight tickets at the lowest price ever! Not just this, these methods at times, can get you tickets for free; you heard right…they can get you free air tickets!

  1. Keep a Track on the Flight Schedules and Fares:


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    The one line that airlines never fail to use on its customer: ‘Airfares are a subject to change!’. Now when we know this usual trick of the airlines, why not take its advantage and make the booking at the lowest possible price?
    Before making your next booking, keep a regular track on the flight schedules and fares. Since the airfares are subjected to change, there is every possibility that you might get your tickets at the best possible price; at times, you can even get it even half of the actual price.

  2. Book at the Correct Time:


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    Unlike the bygone days, flight booking has now become an easy process. Few minutes on the internet, input some of the required details, and your booking will be confirmed within a second. But wait! Have you ever thought about the best time to make a booking?
    Just because, the booking procedure got easier, it doesn’t meant that you should make a booking anytime or every time. Research shows that there are certain days that are ideal for getting the best deal from the airlines, even if they are not in the mood!
    Ideally, a domestic booking made 7 weeks prior to the flying date will cost you INR 500-3,000 less than a booking made on other days. The same can be applied 11-12 weeks prior for an international booking.

  3. Decide the Days of Flying:


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     Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the three most precious days of our work-life; after all, the advent of Friday marks the beginning of our weekend break! However, things turn upside down when it comes to booking flight tickets on these three days.
    Usually, lot of people prefer flying during the last three days of the week. This in turn, boost up the fare-meter and the cost of the flight just hops up to the clouds. However, research proves that if the same booking is made during mid-week; say Monday-Thursday, you can easily get a discount of INR 500-2,000 on your booking.

  4. Be more Flexible with your Flying Dates:


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    Along with getting us higher with the fun and excitement, festivals or occasions also get us higher airfares! As an example, consider the New Year celebrations with family and friends.
    While planning for our New Year’s celebration, we often make the booking on the last day of the year, the 31st of December. As a result of the quick bookings, the availability of seats gets over within a span of few hours. In such a case, any booking for the last day of the year might cost you a fortune.
    On the other hand, if the same booking is made on the 1st of January, when most of the flyers would be celebrating, you can manage the tickets with a massive discount or off! Well, though this might sound crazy, but it is true.

  5. Give A Second Thought To Your Flying Destinations:


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    Following the flexibility of your flying dates, the next factor that can decide the cost of your tickets is your destination. From the flying pattern, it is observed that the flights to the major cities or the airports usually comes with a hefty price tag.
    In order to keep yourself away from this unfortunate happening, you can book tickets to the nearest city or airport from your destination and make it up till there by road or any other means. This will not only avail a cut in the usual price of the tickets, but will also allow you time for a trip within your trip.

  6. Try Different Airlines:


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    While mixing up drinks gets you more exoticness, mixing up the airline carriers can get you an added amount of discount or relief on your flight expenses. At times, it is seen that opting for a direct flight between certain destinations might cost you more than the expected range.
    On the other hand, if you break the travelling points into multiple parts, your flight cost might reduce to a certain limit. Also, considering the fact that not all the airline carriers offer the same price from a particular destination, you can always opt for the most reasonable flights and complete your journey.

  7. Split up The Travelling Groups into Multiple Groups:


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    It is a common misconception that booking flight tickets in bulk results in low cost or an added amount of discount! According to the common traits of the airlines, this kind of policy exists only for the vendor websites and not for the usual flyers.
    However, at the same time, it is also seen that airlines does offer some kind of discounts on group booking at certain occasions, but only for smaller groups. In such cases, splitting up the group into smaller groups and making individual bookings for each of them can play a trick for you!

  8. Use The Right Apps For While Booking:

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    With the growth of the web-world, life has undergone a series of changes that has made life easier for us. Moreover, with the evolution in the digital world, things are now only a click away from us. Even when it comes to flight bookings in today’s world, a small application in your mobile phone can help or guide you through the entire process.
    On top of this, these applications not only help you in booking, but also analyses the cost of the flights from different carriers and offers you the most reasonable price. Skyscanner, Kayak and Google Flights are three of the most common and trusted apps that can get you the best flight deals from across the globe.

  9. Subscribe To the Early Bird and Other Offers:


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    Airlines, quite often comes up with some of the early-bird offers, off-season sale and discounts. Though these offers come for a short duration, they do allow the flyers to book their tickets at a discounted price.
    Do subscribe to all these promotional offers and newsletters, and get the right offers at the right time!

  10. Use Private Browsing Mode While Booking the Flight:


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    Now when you know so many ways to trick the airlines, you are still open to their gimmicks! Wondering how? Well, it’s your web browser that can get you into the preying hands of the airlines.
    Every time you search for a flight, your browser saves the cookies, which in turn are picked up by the airline carriers. Believe it or not, the end result of this process is the increased amount of fare with your every search! And in order to keep yourself away from this, you must a private web-browser and search for your flights.
    If you are Google Chrome user, you must try and use the ‘Incognito Mode’. For Firefox, you must enable the ‘Private Browsing Mode’ and for Safari users, they must use the ‘Private Browsing’ options.

  11. Use the Right Card to Pay for Your Tickets:


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    The growth of technology has brought us to an age, where we no more have to deal with cash. Debit or Credit cards has almost replaced the common trait of dealing with cash. Even while booking flight tickets online, we now prefer using our cards and get everything on place.
    But wait, even while using your cards to book the air-ticket, you can play the game and avail huge discounts and offers; and once you master this, you can even win a free ticket! Sounds unbelievable right?
    Here are some of the ways to avail huge discounts on air-tickets by using Debit or Credit cards. And once become a pro with these simple techniques, you might also get your next flight for free…

    a. Sign Up For A Travel Credit Card:

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     Unlike the normal Credit Cards, the Travel Credit Cards are solely meant for flight, bus, hotel and other travel related bookings. In addition to the advantage of a usual card, these cards get you extra points every time you use them.
    Be it for booking flight tickets, bus, hotels and cabs, paying for foods in certain cafes and restaurants or even refuelling your vehicles, every single use of these cards generate points or miles. For example, if you use INR 10,000 in a month, you will be rewarded with 10,000 points or extra miles.
    Once done with accumulating enough points or miles, redeem your accumulated points and get your next flight ticket for free.

    b. Sign Up For The Correct Card:

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     Almost every bank offers Travel Credit Card, and surprisingly, some of the cards generate double of your expenses. While applying for such cards, make sure you apply for one such card and generate double of what you spent for travelling.

    c. Shop Or Eat At The Partner Stores & Restaurants:

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    Like the usual Credit or Debit cards, Travel Credit Cards also come up with a list of partner shops, restaurants, electronic and other such stores. Take the maximum advantage of this list, and the next time you go for a lunch or dinner, buy souvenirs or gifts, get some gadgets or appliances, visit the partner stores and have a back-up for all your expenses. The more you shop, the more chances of getting a free flight-ticket!

    d. Top Five Travel Cards in India:

    – Citibank PremierMiles

    Image Credit: frankieleon – Flickr

    On a transaction of INR 1,000 within the first 60 days, you will be rewarded with 10,000 bonus miles and an additional 3,000 miles on renewing the card. Post this, you will be earning 10 free miles against every INR 100 and the miles can be redeemed anytime till the card is valid. In addition to all these, the card comes with a free access to airport lounges, air insurance, discounts on selected hotels and cars.

    – American Express Platinum Travel

    As a welcome gift, the card offers a reward of 5,000 air miles. Post this, it offers 1 free mile against every INR 50 spent along with special offers on certain airlines. It also offers special dining offers and discounts across the airports, premium restaurants and lot more.

    – HDFC Bank Regalia


    This one comes with a 2,500 reward miles on activation and an additional of 2,500 miles as a renewal benefit. Post activation, it offers 8 reward points against every INR 150 along with the best price and deals on flight tickets, hotel bookings and movie tickets as well. The other amazing offers on this card are access to around 600 airport lounges; including national and international, 5 free accesses to Priority Pass lounges within a year and accidental insurance coverage up to INR 1C along with lot more.

    – Air India SBI Signature Card

    Offering 20,000 reward miles or points as a welcome gift, it later offers 4 reward points for every INR 100 along with an anniversary gift of 5,000. In addition to benefits on fuel charges and extra privilege with Air India, the card also offers free access to more than 600 airport lounges across 300 cities in the world and visa lounge access to 8 major airports within the country. The card can also be used to book railway tickets and get them delivered to your doorstep.

    – HSBC MakeMyTrip Signature Card

    It offers the most attractive introductory offers to its customers – Make My Trip discount vouchers worth INR 8,500, INR 1,000 on international return flights, INR 1,000 on 4-star rated properties and lot more. For every INR 100 spent, it offers 10 free points on Make My Trip and 4 points for other merchants. Other facilities and offers include free access to airport lounges, fuel charge waiver, dining privileges, and several other additional benefits as well.

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