(Last Updated On: January 9, 2013)

Travelling in India is more than just a holiday trip. And especially if it is your first time here, then it is guaranteed to be adventure unlimited! With a few important travel tips wisely followed, this rollercoaster ride is sure to be enjoyable and pleasant. Join in as we take a closer look at these tips:

Pack smart: Travelling light is the best way to travel as lesser the luggage to tug along, the higher it the ease of mobility. Chose the baggage cleverly making sure they are durable and also easy to transport, as the Indian terrains are not smooth running red carpets!

Choose the best time to visit: India is known for its excessive hot summers; hence you would want to time your trip accordingly to avoid being roasted in the parching hot sun during the summer days. Winter months are cooler and tourist friendly.

Choose your route wisely: Being in a country for the first time can get quite confusing if you are unsure of your travel plans and routes. Study the map well in advance and chalk out a rough sketch of your travel routes before you take up the journey. Finding the right moment to fly shouldn’t be a gamble, try  cheap airfare to reach the hottest adventure spots in India.

Slow down: Tourists to India generally try to cram too much into their visit. Don’t be one of them. Seeing fewer places at a comfortable pace is so much more rewarding than seeing many places in a flash. It will leave you less stressed and better enlightened about the places you visited.

Avoid the crowds: With a population crossing over a billion, India is quite a handful for travelers to consider it to be perfect holiday destination. But India does have some enchanting quiet retreats. Escape the crowd and noisy cities and head towards the hideouts such as the backwaters of Kerala, the snow capped mountains of Ladakh or the very many serene hill stations that are dotted all over the country.

Stay healthy:  Hygiene in India is not the same across its length and breadth. The degree of hygiene varies drastically from town to town. Avoid tap water for drinking purpose and also any food that may have been washed in it is a strict no-no. Carry hand sanitizers, tissue papers and liquid soap along at all times for a quick wash after use of toilets or public restrooms.


Taxi Stand

Keep cool: The fight to survival is very apparent in India, especially amongst the taxi drivers, tour guides and the like looking out for vulnerable new comers who would fall prey to their easy-money-making antics. Be aware of this and stay cautious. Frustrations boil over easily amongst locals of India, and to be able to control them, take a deep breath and move on. This is the key to enjoying your overall experience.

India with its diversity and variety in culture, terrain, wildlife and natural scenic beauty is definitely a great place to go on a holiday. Keeping these few important travel tips in mind, you are sure to have a pleasant stay here.