(Last Updated On: October 30, 2018)

Okay, so you have finally made the awesome decision to give your devoted team a much awaited break from work and treat them to some entertainment by means of a fun filled team outing.

How to plan a team outing?

It’s always nice to reciprocate the commitment shown by employees at their work, with a carefully planned out leisure trip for them, which is sure to make them bounce back with pumped up energy and dedication to do even better.

plan team outing
Now, having taken the first step of deciding to go on a team outing trip, it is essential that you get into the details of things and enlighten yourself on how to plan a team outing! There is more to it, than what superficially seems to be an easy task. There are lots of questions to be answered, choices to be made and decisions to be taken. Read on about some guidelines on planning a corporate team outing.
The venue: Be it a lunch party, a business meeting or a leisure team outing, the venue is of prime importance and is largely responsible in setting the mood for the event. Venue for a team outing has to be tastefully chosen, such as to cater to the liking of every member of the team. A deluxe resort with an exquisite pub, pulsating music and a dance floor may be desirable to some, but may be looked down upon with a frown by the rest. Care has to be taken to understand the common interest of the majority of the members, and an appropriate venue should be chosen.
Outdoor Vs Indoors: An important aspect related the venue selection is whether the team prefers an indoor meet or a more exciting outdoor meet. Being at office forces everyone to be indoors most of the times, so why not explore the outside world while at team outings? Going for outdoors give you more venue choices, recreational options and a chance to be amongst nature. Business meetings and team lunch or dinners are ideally handled indoors, but if it’s an entire day trip or a weekend getaway, nothing better than venturing outdoors.
Sketch out the agenda: Make your team outing trip stand out from the ordinary by splashing in loads of fun elements to it. Fresh ideas like innovative team building games (dump those retro games that people have grown bored of!) and adventure sports activities (choose from over a dozen of these adrenaline pumpers!) work well towards building team spirit, the fun way.

plan team outing
Bring in the experts: Shouldering the responsibility of arranging this mammoth task could be quite a cumbersome process, and you may miss out on a lot of fun in the process. The best way to do it would be to hire an event management company to it all for you, to suit your specifications.
Why trouble yourself when the experts are just a call away? Thrillophilia, with a track record of more than 150 corporate outings and over ten thousand happy clients, offers end to end services for such trips. The minutest details that even you may over see are addressed by our enterprising team ensuring that you and your team have the most memorable outing ever.

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