(Last Updated On: March 26, 2018)

“I wish I could travel to another country but I don’t have the money to spend.” Have you ever said this thing to yourself? I have been there, in fact, many times already. I used to believe that travel was something I could never avail to do in my life. I didn’t grow up in a rich family and I didn’t have enough money to spend. However, as I grew older, I learned that I also want to travel and see the world.

Once I tried my first travel, I realized everything I knew in terms of traveling was wrong. Did you know that travel is a much reasonable than people make it out to be? Traveling is something that is always possible for anyone – and this is what I will show you.  

This post is intended to guide you and make you realize that traveling on a budget isn’t possible. I was able to travel in 25 different countries and there’s so much to tell. No matter where you’re from or what is your income level, you can surely afford and accomplish your travel goals with these easy tips.

Travel With Me to 25 Countries in 3 Minutes


Given that I was a huge fan of Games of Thrones, I decided to visit the famous kingdoms in the sought-after TV series. I could visit the first 2 kingdoms and I still have 5 more on my list. So, let’s cut it out. I’ll teach you how I was able to travel 25 countries without spending too much cash!


GOT : Khaleesi Just flew away with her Dragon (Meereen)! Learnt Sword Fight at Dorne!


Travelling Between Places

  • Choose Hitchhiking

An absolute free way to get around places. Hitchhiking has taught me humility and patience. It also opened my mind regarding the people living in this world. In case you didn’t know yet, you can travel thousands of kilometers without spending a dollar on transport. Normally, it’s the transport and accommodation, which consume most of my travel budget. If you are traveling the world on a shoestring, opting to hitchhike can create a big difference in your expenses. ‘’

Tip? : Dress nice and look cool. You will mostly find your ride in less than 30 minutes.

  • Have as Many Transits as Possible

Flight tickets are very expense and it’s wise to get the most out of it. Always make sure you have as many transits as possible. This way you are exploring new places for free, for an already planned trip. I have had upto 3 transits in some cases.

Just on Transit with no Extra Transport Cost, Visited Dubai (2 days), Thailand & Cambodia (6 days)


  • Avoid Taxis and Choose Bus Instead

When the distance is too demanding for me, I choose to get around using public buses at night. Not only is affordable than taxis, but it’s a more authentic way to explore a new location. Keep in mind that public transport passes even during at night and they are normally way better value for your money. I always avoid taxis. Why? Often the bus service and the local metro is a fraction of the cost of a taxi and is an ideal way of getting to grips with a fresh city immediately.

A tip: Blabla Car is an excellent way to travel on a budget. You can use them and make some friends as well, like me. I was able to visit Dubai for 2 days, Cambodia and Thailand for 7 days, Singapore for 6 days, and Taiwan for 2 days just on transit with no additional transport cost! These were like free adds-on to my trips.

  • Divide Your Baggage Into A Big And Small Baggage.

If you’re using a budget airline and you have several kilograms excess to the hand baggage limit, I always divide them into a big baggage and small baggage. Budget airlines only provide hand baggage limit and check-in baggage fees are normally costlier than your ticket.

  • Always Be the Last to Board a Plane

Did you know that all the budget airlines have limited cabin baggage space? Generally, they run out of space when seventy percent of people board, and provide a free transfer of baggage to check-in for other passengers. I’ve always bring six kilograms in excess to the limit and don’t paid additional baggage charge.


LaTomatina | Climbing the Alps | 160 ft Bungee | Wolverine Cosplay | Beginner Surfer | Intermediate Skier



  • Stay in Hostels

This is one of my favorite budget tips. It can’t be overstated how more wallet-friendly budget accommodation options such as hostels are compared with rental homes, resorts, and hotels. Not just are you getting cheap prices, but you are getting the real backpacker atmosphere, and the memories really last a lifetime. For instance, I was able to meet an Australian back then. He motivated me to push myself to my limits, and that’s why I was able to travel across the world.


Friends That I Made Mostly in Hostel Stays


  • CouchSurfing

CoachSurf connects a lot of travellers with locals eager to let them stay with them free of charge. Frequent users of this site never need to pay for accommodation fees all around the globe. While you can’t avail by choosy, you might get a lousy couch or an air mattress – it’s free!

  • Travel on Bus at Night

Whenever preparing the journey to a new country, it’s always convenient for me to search for what airlines have and what are the costs of their internal flights. Oftentimes, these are the same to other modes of transportation, so it’s lucrative. One of the most affordable ways to travel to a new country is to do it through public transportation.

Oftentimes, the distances could be lengthy, so I always opt for the night. This way, I didn’t just save time, but also the night of accommodation. For instance, a day bus from Faro, Portugal to Seville, Spain would normally cost me 35 euros while a 2am non-refundable bus ticket costs 5 euros because of the dynamic pricing. I’ve saved 30 euros here plus saving from hopping hostels for specific night.



  • Go to Local Markets

Marketplaces are normally my perfect location to take a pulse of the energy and vibe of my travel destination. For example, you can get crazy affordable deals while shopping in the street of Portugal, in fact, it’s my favorite. Apart from that, it is home to some of the great places to eat authentic local foods without spending money too much.  

  • Skip the Food at City Centres

I also advise that you go choose street foods. Did you know that eating street foods is more likely to be the most affordable way to feed yourself on a limited budget? In fact, you can actually watch your food being prepared and cooked. One of my favorites is the francesinha, you can find out one in Porto, Portugal as well as in Poutine, Canada.


Soup inside a bread? Yeah it was yummy!


How did I Manage my Budget?

Did you know that I actually save 70% of my travel expenses by cutting down on accommodation and transportation?

I stop myself from buying stuff. It pays off a lot if I am not buying expensive things. I also realized that buying stuff for every travel isn’t what makes my life memories, it’s the experience itself. I skipped those branded things, stop myself from shopping and began to save.

Just a tip: If you find yourself in a place with famous, expensive tourist spots, I suggest that you skip them altogether. As an alternative, go to the local market, load up on bananas, and then lie in a sunny area and people-watch. Bizarrely, the cheaper options are often the more satisfying.

Have you got it all?  My tips on traveling on a budget are just some of the many ways on how you can travel the world with a limited budget. Just like me, I know you can also travel on your own. So what are you waiting for? Stop buying and start traveling!  


And that’s how I Conquered It!