(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

When it comes to renting a space on the holiday with family or friends, most of us get confused whether to head to the same old hotel rooms or go with the latest trend of the holiday homes or villa.

Over the past few years, holiday homes have evolved and have become the foremost preference among families, and groups, for renting accommodation on holidays. Better quality and advanced facilities make Holiday Homes a preferable option than hotels.

Read on to know that how owning a private villa over hotel on your holiday, can offer you a better experience!

1) Get Optimum Privacy 

The best thing about holiday homes is that you get more privacy than you would have in a hotel. Because the idea behind planning trips is to get an escape from the hustle-bustle of city life and spend quality time with family or friends. If privacy is what you’re looking for, holiday homes or rental villas are the ideal options for you.


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Especially, when it comes to diplomats or celebrities, they prefer to travel incognito or want to enjoy vacations where nobody can reach to them to interrupt their tranquilness. Hence, holiday homes are the best escapes for them.  


To take a glimpse of such holiday homes, click  on the link mentioned below:

Oceanfront Holiday Home with Infinity Swimming Pool   

2) Live Life Your Way

 It feels nice to stay in a hotel unless it is just a thing of a day or two, after that, it starts getting boring. While staying in a hotel you need to follow certain rules, as you have to wake up early, in case, you don’t want your complimentary breakfast to be missed.


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But staying in a holiday home will make you free like a bird.

Holiday Homes make you feel home, it is your place, you can live it the way you like. If you want to eat your breakfast at 3:00 PM, you can easily have it, or if you want to be in the pool at midnight, go ahead, all yours!


Click the below link to explore a unique-styled private home stay:

TreeHouse Holiday Home on the River in Chang Wat Samut Prakan, Thailand

3) Enjoy The Glorious Outside View

The location of holiday homes is another reason which makes them praiseworthy than hotels. Many villas are situated in beautiful surroundings and offer spectacular outside view, with some of the magnificent locations including the oceanfront, amidst forest and cliff edge sites.


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People can enjoy a beautiful evening with the awesome front view or just sit back on lounge chairs and catch the mesmerizing sunset view.


Click the below links and explore the private villas with the striking outside view-

4) Live Like a Local & Enhance Your Travel Experience

Visiting a country or a city is not just about sightseeing, instead, it’s more about experiencing the local culture, aura, and day-to-day life.


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And, rental homes can be the perfect stay to explore a place like this. Hotels may have everything just a call away, but holiday homes give you the far richer experience of traveling, as you get to interact with locals.    


5) Eat That You Actually Want to Eat

Although, trying different types of food in hotels has its own fun and enjoyment, but if you are on a long vacation, usually after a few days, you just want to eat something that you decide, not the menu card.


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And the best thing about rental villas that you don’t have to rely on the menu cards with limited options, cook what you want, eat what you like.


Moreover, many villas are offered with their own chef, though, you can also call a local chef to cook for you. Such options can only be exercised in holiday homes or private villas.   

6) Choose Holiday Home that Suits You the Most

Holiday homes are offered in different sizes according to the number of bedrooms and guests, you can rent your villa according to the number of group members.


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Since hotels are designed for a mass audience, they actually can not pay personal attention to their each and every customer, while on the other hand, in private villa, you or your family or groups will be the only guest at a time hence, chances are high of getting better services and specific adaptations.


Check out the different sized Holiday Homes mentioned below: