(Last Updated On: June 20, 2018)

Have you ever been impressed by people who have conquered the mountains and hike through some of the rarest places? Well then here is another one who is on that list again.

Louis Philippe Loncke is another man who is worldwide known for his desert trekking. This 39 year old IT consultant began his adventurous trekking with a pair of hiking boots and has become the first person to trek the length of Death Valley.12235103_10153831385759271_504179866059007085_n

Louis has covered 143 miles within eight days with only food and water in his backpack. What excites Loncke is the adventures, he has already decided on his next hike where he will cross the salt flats , a 4247 square mile swath in Bolivia known as Salar de Uyuni.

For him backpacking through the toughest environments is becoming the most sought things in life. Life is all about exploring different things he loves the solitude and the sense of accomplishing this long distance trek was something he started at once.12239700_10153831385519271_1659687893115707546_n

Loncke decided to return to this site of his first trek the Simpson Desert in central Australia in August. The sand dunes here are very rough, barren and are six times the size of his native Belgium. During his first visit there, Loncke used to haul his supplies but this time he had all the goods with him in his backpack.

Just with an instance Loncke covered nearly 200 miles out of the 283 miles before deciding the half a pound of food and two litres of water. Still there was enough water and food to carry him through. He phones the local ranger on August 26 for an evac only to know it was not complete. Loncke than believed that it is possible that sans sled can be crossed and it is not impossible for him.Crossing-Death-Valley-louis-philippe-loncke-mud

Loncke always had this thing in mind that if you have that want you can do anything, he got the inspiration from an article he read on the energy consumption from the African ladies who used to carry huge jars on their head. Loncke was inspired from these ladies and the mountaineering pack which he used to carry were tied on the hips so strong to carry most of the weight to the legs. This used to compress his stomach where he can just consume very less amount of water.

While on his exciting trekking he used to carry some of the most important things like the walking stick, mattress pad, camera gear, tripod, sleeping bags, tent, memory stick, headlights, meal bars, water bladders and half a roll of toilet paper a backpack and how much distance can be covered.12189783_10153831385789271_2588592634489481121_n

For Loncke it was nothing like proving something he has already covered the longest trek. The only idea was to see how far he can go. By walking he covered a distance of 300 kilometres and reached the Poeppel Corner, the corner of three Australian states. His only wish is to make the gold medal while he makes it to Birdsville.

It is interesting to know that this man funds all his adventures with his day job in Brussel. Loncke who is 39 now believes that instead of spending the money in partying, movies and girlfriends he spends on his expeditions.simpson-desert-crossing_h

Even though he has a girlfriend he would love to go out on exploring more and more. And the best thing is that Loncke has got a few sponsors where half of the flight ticket was paid from the travel agency in Brussel. And the flight from Birdsville to Brisbane was free of cost. All the water bladders was also free for him. To be true this exciting expedition was very cheap for him.11221516_10153831385769271_2346378089789656391_n

In this amazing expedition Loncke also mentioned about the crazy flies that used to be a nuisance during his expedition. At first he used to wear a hat with a net over his head and then he continued without the hat. After which he had like 200 flies on him everywhere.  

Loncke is planning to fly to Bolivia on 23rd September and walk across the Salar de Uyuni. Its two white salt flats. He aspires to become the first person to cross it without any support.He will be at an altitude of 4000 metres but this has to be done with a lot of effort. Loncke wants to complete this whole expedition in six days and a half.

Check out Louis website to know more about his adventures: Louis Philippe Loncke