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At times, the wrong roads lead to the right destination. But if the road is simply awesome, why to bother about the destination; you will find one for sure!

Driving or riding through some of the roads around the globe are no less than fun, adventure and an enthralling experience as well. While some are silky and smooth, some are attractive and hassle free. Some of them offer amazing experience with their scenic views and exhilarating curves, some simply make you fall in love with them!

There are quite a few roads worldwide that possesses the charisma and appeal to make you fall for them. Here is a list of 50 Heavenly Roads which every enthusiastic traveler should visit:

  1. Stelvio Pass, Italy

    m_Stelvio Pass, itlay 1

    Origin: Stilfs, South Tyrol to Bormio, Sondrio
    Total Distance: 75km

    m_Stelvio Pass, itlay 2

    The Experience: With a total of 48 hairpin bends and reaching a total height of 9,045ft, this high altitude pass in Italy is also the highest pass in the Eastern Alps. The hosting ground of World Cup Ski Racing Tournament; it connects the Stilfs and South Tyrol regions of Italy, and is a true delight to drivers and riders.

  2. Chalus Road, Iran

    m_Chalus Road, Iran 1

    Origin: Caspian Seaside to Tehran
    Total Distance: 200km

    m_Chalus Road, Iran 2

    The Experience: Passing through the stunning Alborz Mountains, the Chalus Raod, with its magical beauty and charm, connects Tehran with the Caspian Seaside. If viewed from above, the road just resembles a deep canyon between colourful and scenic mountains. Whether travelling through this road in the spring or the winters, you will be rewarded with bountiful views on both the sides of the road.

  3. Cabot Trail, Canada

    m_Cabot Trail 1

    Origin: Victoria County and Inverness County
    Total Distance: 298km

    m_Cabot Trail 2

    The Experience: While driving or riding through this magnificent road in Canada, you will be completing an amazing loop around an island. Adding more to the charm and appeal are its unique signboards that have only mountain logos and the panoramic views of the Pleasant Bay.

  4. Interstate 70, USA

    m_Interstate 70, Glenwood Springs, CO 1

    Origin: Baltimore, Maryland to Cove Fort, Utah
    Total Distance: 3,465.13km

    m_Interstate 70, Glenwood Springs, CO 2

    The Experience: A road that takes you through major United States’ cities like Denver, St Louis, Kansas, Indianapolis and Columbus, Interstate 70 is in fact one of the longest single trails in the country. Passing through pictorial mountains, scenic rivers, craggy regions and lot more, this wonderful offers an unforgettable experience.

  5. Millau Bridge, France

    m_Millau Bridge 1

    Origin: Millau and Cressels
    Total Distance: 3958.9km

    m_Millau Bridge 2

    The Experience: Hanging over the Tarn River in France, this bridge is not just a fun and exciting experience, but is an engineering marvels in the world. Presently, it is the tallest bridge in the world and took around 4 years untill it opened its gate in 2005.

  6. Ice road, Northwest Territories

    m_Ice road, Northwest Territories 1

    Origin: Tibbitt to Contwoyto
    Total Distance: 600 km

    m_Ice road, Northwest Territories 2
    The Experience:

  7. Chapman’s Peak Road, South Africa

    m_Chapman’s Peak road 1

    Origin: Noordhoek to Hout Bay
    Total Distance: 9km

    m_Chapman’s Peak road 2

    The Experience: A road that showcases the magical charm of Cape Town and its surroundings, the Chapman’s Peak Road; or the ‘Chappeis’, is jotted with scenic mountains, lush sceneries. A paradise for bikers, drivers, occasional holidayers and photographers as well, this road connects Noordhoek and Hout Bay.

  8. Peru Mountain Pass, Ticlio, Peru

    m_Peru mountain pass ticlio

    Origin: Lima to Oroya
    Total Distance: 171km

    The Experience: An enthralling mountain pass situated at a height of 15,807ft, this curvy road introduces its enthusiasts with the pictorial beauty of the Pacific front of Andes, Peru. With plenty of curves and breath-taking passes, the road remains open throughout the year.

  9. Liwa desert highway

    m_Liwa desert highway

    Origin: Dubai to Abu Dhabi
    Total Distance: 145 km
    The Experience: Located around 4 hours away from Dubai, Liwa is one of the most stunning oasis towns in the country. Passing through this magical town is the Liwa Desert Highway, which is known for its opulent offerings and mesmeric beauty of the desert on both the sides of the road.
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  10. Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana

    m_Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana 1

    Origin: Glacier National Park, Montana to Continental Divide, Logan Pass
    Total Distance: 85km

    m_Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana 2

    The Experience: A major achievement in the history of engineering and architecture, the Going-to-the-Sun Road was completed in 1932. Known to be amongst the difficult roads in North America, driving through this road is not less than a dream come true for the adventure junkies.

  11. Gotthard Pass, Alps, Switzerland

    m_Gotthard Pass, Alps

    Origin: Airolo to Göschenen
    Total Distance: 16.9km

    The Experience: A drive or ride along this road is all about adoring the immaculate beauty of Switzerland’s alps. Laced with enthralling tunnels and bridges, some of the portions of this road is claimed to be built by the devil. Whatever be the truth is, the construction and location of the road is truly a milestone!

  12. The Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

    m_The Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

    Origin: Mainland Florida to Key West
    Total Distance: 181km

    The Experience: Fringed with the amazing views of the blue lagoons, turquoise waters, lush greeneries and distant islands, this road offers an unforgettable driving experience. The drive along this magnificent road is adorned with several waiting spots, crocodile crossings, diving and snorkelling sites.

  13. Pacific Coast Highway, California

    m_Pacific Coast Highway, California

    Origin: Dana Point, Orange County to U.S. highway 101
    Total Distance: 1,055.4km

    The Experience: Also known as the ‘State Route 1’ or ‘SR 1’ and ‘PCH’ in short, runs along scenic coastlines and vistas. Adding more to its beauty and splendour are its openness, silky and smooth experience of running, driving or riding.

  14. Atlantic Road, Norway

    m_Atlantic Road, Norway 1

    Origin: Kristiansund to Molde
    Total Distance: 8km

    m_Atlantic Road, Norway 2

    The Experience: Enticing in its own way, this zigzag road lies as low as it touches the sea! Fames as ‘Norway’s Construction of the Century’, the appeal and splendour of this road boasts of its low lying bridges, pleasant turns, stunning views all around and waiting spots that allows the visitors to enjoy the salubrious ambience along the drive.

  15. Oberalp Pass, Switzerland

    m_Oberalp Pass, Switzerland

    Origin: Andermatt to Disentis
    Total Distance: 80km

    The Experience: If you want to explore and discover the untouched beauty of the Alps, take a drive on this road and you will be rewarded with unforgettable experiences. Running parallel with the Furka Oberalp Railway, the road offers the best views of the Alps during the winters. During the spring or summer, the road makes for a sprawling experience through the lush hills and mountains.

  16. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

    m_Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

    Origin: Guoliang to Taihang Mountains
    Total Distance: 1.2k

    The Experience: A road that does not tolerate even a single mistake from the drivers, this tunnel road runs along the edges of a mountain; it is fact one of the most enthralling passes in the world. Guarded by lofty mountains, the tunnel has a total of 30 windows that offers quintessential views of the surroundings.

  17. Col de Turini, France

    m_Col de Turini, France

    Origin: Sospel to La Bollène-Vésubie
    Total Distance: 32km

    The Experience: When it comes to tourism, France always entices its visitors with its diverse history, architectural marvels and scenic beauty. Talking about amazing roads, France boastfully offers some of the most popular roads in the world, and Col de Turini is amongst them. The three times venue of the ‘Tour de France’, this road is known for its hair-pin bends, stunning views and the high spirit of driving and riding.

  18. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

    m_Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

    Origin: The base of Jebel Hafeet Mountain to Top
    Total Distance: 60km

    The Experience: Not so far from the Al Ain city of UAE, the Jebel Hafeet Road passes beside the country’s border with Oman. Meandering throughout the Jabal Haffet Mountain, this road plays an important attraction in Abu Dhabi. On successfully completing a drive or ride, the road would take you to a parking lot, where you can also find a hotel. The visitors can also enjoy the natural hot springs at the base of the mountain.

  19. Lysebotn Road, Norway

    m_Lysebotn Road, Norway

    Origin: Lysefjord to Sirdal
    Total Distance: 29km

    The Experience: Probably, this could be one of the most zigzag roads you can ever find! Originating from the Rogaland County of Norway, this highly curved road takes the pride of being situated at a height of 3,057ft and can only be accessed during the summers as it remains closed during the winters due to heavy snow falls.

  20. Transfagarasan, Romania

    m_Transfagarasan, Romania

    Origin: Bascov, Pitesti to DN1 and Sibiu
    Total Distance: 90km

    The Experience: Also known as the DN7C and the Ceaușescu’s Folly, Transfăgărășan boasts of being the second highest paved road in the entire of Romania. With exhilarating turns and twists, this spectacular road passes through Moldoveanu and Negoiu; the former being the highest peak and the latter being the second highest peak in the country.

  21. Great Ocean Road, Australia

    m_Great Ocean Road, Australia

    Origin: Torquay and Allansford
    Total Distance: 243km

    The Experience: Not only a recreational road, but also an important tourist attraction in the country, the Great Ocean Road offers the best views of driving by the coastlines of Bass Strait and Southern Ocean. Built by the returned soldiers of World War I, it is also the largest war memorial in the world.

  22. Milford Road, New Zealand

    m_Milford Road, New Zealand

    Origin: Gore to Milford Sound
    Total Distance: 119km

    The Experience: A part of the State Highway 94 (SH 94), the Milfrod Road in New Zealand makes its way amidst the picturesque Southern Alps and reaches a height of more than 3,083ft above the sea level. Leading to Milford Sound, this road passes through the Fiordland National Park, which a bustling tourist destination in the country.

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  23. Hana Highway, Maui

    m_Hana Highway, Maui

    Origin: Kahului to Hana
    Total Distance: 103.6km

    The Experience: Maui Island, the abode of the Hana Highway, is amongst the most surreal places to be found in the Hawaiian Islands. A drive through this road is having a tryst with the vast and tranquil ocean, lush greeneries, verdant orchards and gushing waterfalls.

  24. 17-Mile Drive, California

    m_17-Mile Drive, California 1

    Origin: Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach
    Total Distance: 27km

    m_17-Mile Drive, California 2

    The Experience: While driving through the 17-Mile Road, you will be rewarded with the scenic views of the ocean and lush greeneries. A toll road, where motorcycles are strictly not allowed, the visitors to this road can also delight upon attractions like Cypress Point, Bird Rock, Seal Point, Fanshell Beach and other important tourist attractions.

  25. Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

    m_Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

    Origin: Estes Park to Grand Lake
    Total Distance: 77 km

    The Experience: The Trail Ridge Road or the Beaver Meadow National Scenic Byway is an astounding driveway that leads to the Rocky Mountain National Pak in the United States. Curvy and smooth, this whirly driveway remains closed during the winters. The last days of spring or the early days of summer is the ideal time to drive through this highest road of the United States.

  26. Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

    m_Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire 1

    Origin: Bath to Conway
    Total Distance: 55.5km

    m_Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire 2

    The Experience: Adorned by the immaculate beauty of the White Mountain National Forest, this scenic driveway is a part of the New Hampshire Route 112. Unlike other popular roads across the world, the best time to go for a drive on this road is the rainy season, when the fallen leave covers up the entire driveway; the fresh smell of the pine forest and the brilliant colours of the changing leaves are just an add-on!

  27. Highway 101, Oregon

    m_Highway 101, Oregon 1

    Origin: California border to Washington
    Total Distance: 558 km

    m_Highway 101, Oregon 2
    The Experience: The longest amongst all the types of road in the Unnited Stastes, the U.S. Route 101 was built in 1926. With attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, Gaviota Tunnel, Squaw Rock and several others, the driveway boasts of its pleasant driving experience and the stunning views of the Freshwater Lagoon and Pacific Ocean.

  28. Olympic Peninsula Loop, Washington

    m_Olympic Peninsula Loop, Washington

    Origin: Seattle to Grays Harbor
    Total Distance: 531 km

    The Experience: How amazing it would be, if you get to witness the opulent beauty of the scenic shorelines, gushing lakes, pictorial rainforests and fascinating mountain peaks while driving? Yes, drive through the Olympic Peninsula Loop and you can enjoy the pristine views of all the above.

  29. The Richardson Highway, Alaska

    m_Anchorage to Valdez, Alaska

    Origin: Anchorage to Valdez
    Total Distance: 589km

    The Experience: During your 7.5-8 hours drive through the Richardson Highway, there wouldn’t be a single moment, when you wish the road to get over! Charming in its own ways, the driveway was constructed in and around 1903, and since its construction got over, it has been one of the popular trails in the United States.

  30. Park Loop Road, Maine

    m_Park Loop Road, Maine

    Origin: Hulls Cove
    Total Distance: 43.5km

    The Experience: Come evening, this spectacular road shimmers in its full glory! As the sun starts leaving the horizon, its golden rays cosset the Park Loop Road and offer an amazing experience to the visitors. Only 43.5km in length, driving through this splendid boulevard will take you through several beaches, stunning ponds, the Acadia National Park, Mt Desert Island and lot more.

  31. Magnetic Road, Ladakh, India

    m_magnetic Road Ladak 1

    Origin: Leh
    Total Distance: 30 km

    The Experience: One of the highest altitude passes in the world (14,000ft), the Magnetic Hill Road boasts of its breath-taking views of the Himalayan Range in the Leh Ladakh region. Connecting Leh with Baltic, this road is also popular for its gravity-defying phenomenon that pulls the vehicles uphill!

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  32.  The A3055, Isle of Wight, Southern England

    m_The A3055, Isle of Wight roads

    Origin: Ryde to Newport
    Total Distance: 25 km

    The Experience: Only 25km in length, yet this driveway is counted as one of the best roads in the world. Originally built as a military road, it was first constructed in the late 28th century and was later opened to public in the late 30s.

  33. A4069 Black Mountain Road, Powys

    m_A4069 Black Mountain Road, Powys

    Origin: Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen to Brynamman
    Total Distance: 32.3km

    The Experience: With some of the most engrossing curves, silky-smooth experience and making it for a memorable drive, this scenic road passes through the Brecon Beacons National Park. Rocky and craggy mountain peaks, picturesque meadows and misty views are the characteristics of this driveway.

  34. Queen Charlotte Drive, New Zealand

    m_Queen Charlotte Drive, New Zealand

    Origin: Havelock to Picton
    Total Distance: 40km

    The Experience: While the lush and green forests adds more to the appeal of this amazing driveway, the delightful curves and turns on it makes it more enticing for the drivers or riders. Passing through some of the sleepy bays, the stunning views around this pictorial road are sure to make you feel for a break and simply enjoy its alluring charm!

  35. Grand Trunk Road, Asia

    Origin: India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan
    Total Distance: 2,500km

    The Experience: Also known as the ‘Gernalli Sadak and ‘Sadak-e-Azam’, this is the oldest road in the Asian Sub-continent. Passing through 4 different countries: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, it was built during the Mughal reign in Asia. A testimony to the glorious past, this road is a must for all the road-trip lovers and adventure junkies.

  36. Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh, India

    m_Rohtang Pass, India 1

    Origin: Kullu Valley to Lahaul and Spiti Valleys
    Total Distance: 51km

    m_Rohtang Pass, India 2

    The Experience: Accessible only during May-November, this high altitude pass makes it for a drive amidst the snow clad peaks of the Pir Panjal Range of the mighty Himalayas. Truly amazing in its own ways, one needs to be cautious while driving through this pass as the weather is pretty much unpredictable in this region.

  37. Ruta 40, Argentina

    m_Ruta 40, Argentina

    Origin: Rio Gallegos to La Quiaca
    Total Distance: 55,224km

    The Experience: The National Route 40 or RN 40, which is also known as the Route 40, is the longest road in Argentina. Passing through scenic plains and valleys, lofty mountains and lush greeneries, this driveway reaches a height of 16,404ft above the sea level and is known for its amazing driving experience in the country.

  38. Valley of Fire Road, Nevada

    m_Valley of Fire Road, Nevada

    Origin: East to West Valley of Fire State Park
    Total Distance: 16.9km

    The Experience: The Valley of Fire that got its name due to the amazing red-sandstone formations is a major landmark in Nevada, United States. Passing through this exhilarating park, the Valley of Fire Road makes it for an awe-inspiring driveway through the park; for the adventure junkies, this road it truly a treasure trove.

  39. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

    m_North Yungas Road, Bolivia

    Origin: La Paz to Coroico
    Total Distance: 69km

    The Experience: A drive through this mountainous road is not meant for everyone! While the weak hearted drivers might find this ridiculous, the dare-devil adventurers might call it a drive of a lifetime! Running along the edge of an enthralling mountain, the road descends down to the amazing rainforest and has been attracting plenitude of thrill seekers across the world.

  40. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan-China

    m_Karakoram Highway

    Origin: Rawalpindi, Pakistan to Kashgar, China
    Total Distance: 1,300km

    The Experience: An international passage that is also the highest paved road in the world, this astounding driveway passes mostly through the Himalayas and is one of the secondary routes of the ancient Silk Route. Originating from Pakistan and leading to China, the road with all its enthralment, has been enticing the adventure junkies from all over the world.

  41. Tianmen Mountain Road, China

    m_Tianmen Mountain Road, China

    Origin: Tianmen Mountain (Base to Top)
    Total Distance: 11km

    The Experience: With 99 sharp bends, the Tianmen Mountain Road boasts of being one of the most exhilarating as well as stunning high altitude roads in the world. Rising up to a height of 4,196ft, this amazing driveway is a major tourist attraction in China and also allures rally drivers, adventure freaks and adrenaline mongers from different parts of the globe.

  42. Iroha-Zaka, Japan


    Origin: Nikko to Okunikko
    Total Distance: 8km

    The Experience: Passing through the colourful hills and mountains in Japan, this extremely whirly road is laced with 48 hair-pin bends and breath-taking views all around. A remarkable pass in the history of Japan, each of the turns of this road is characterised by different Japanese symbols and letters.

  43. Leh–Manali Highway, India

    m_Leh–Manali Highway – India 1

    Origin: Manali to Lahaul and Spiti
    Total Distance: 490km

    m_Leh–Manali Highway – India 2

    The Experience: A desire for the bikers, the Leh-Manali Highways is undoubtedly one of the most appealing and enthralling high altitude passes in the world. Though the highway is accessible only between May-October, its charm and allurement never ceases among the bikers and adrenaline junkies.

  44. Autopista TF-1, Spain

    m_Autopista TF-1

    Origin: Santa Cruz to Tenerife Adeje
    Total Distance: 78 km

    The Experience: Originating from Santa Cruz, this super highway passes through some of the most major tourist attractions in the island. The longest driveway in the island, the road offers a silky as well as amazing experience to the drivers.

  45. 144-mile Icefields Parkway, Canada

    m_144-mile Icefields Parkway 1

    Origin: Jasper to Lake Louise
    Total Distance: 231km

    m_144-mile Icefields Parkway 2

    The Experience: Running parallel to the Continental Divide, Icefields Parkway offers a scenic drive through enthralling mountain passes, more than 100 ancient glaciers, stunning waterfalls and magnificent rock formations. While enjoying a serene drive on this highway, you can also spot some of the exotic wildlife species like the mountain goats, big horn sheep, black bear and moose.

  46. The Trans-Andean Highway, Argentina

    m_The Trans-Andean Highway

    Origin: Mendoza to Valparaiso
    Total Distance: 1,539km

    The Experience: Officially known as the Carretera Transandina or the Troncal 7, this amazing highway was opened in 1925. Since its inception, this 1,539km with its smaller tunnels, picturesque beauty, scenic mountains on both sides has been attraction national as well as a plenitude of international tourists.

  47. Conor Pass, Ireland

    m_Conor Pass ireland

    Origin: Dingle to Kilmore
    Total Distance: 7.2km

    The Experience: Winding through the magnificent hills and plains, this amazing highway is one of the ideal driveways in the world. Offering the mesmeric views of the glaciated lake and the corrie lakes, the highway boasts of being the highest road in Ireland (410m).

  48. Amalfi Coast, Italy

    m_Amalfi Coast italy 1

    Origin: Sorrento to Salerno
    Total Distance: 55km

    m_Amalfi Coast italy 2

    The Experience: A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy, the Amalfi Coast runs along the Sorrentine Peninsula Coastline. It is the immaculate beauty and appeal of the driveway that has earned this fame to it.

  49. Sani Pass, South Africa

    m_Sani Pass, south africa 1

    Origin: Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal to Mokhotlong, Lesotho
    Total Distance: 9km

    m_Sani Pass, south africa 2

    The Experience: Driving through the Sani Pass requires quite a lot of experience and yearning for adventure! While the 4×4 vehicles are highly recommended for a drive through this driveway, it is also known as the mother of all mountain passes in South Africa.

  50. Trollstigen, Norway

    m_Trollstigen, aka Troll Ladder norway 1

    Origin: Åndalsnes, Rauma to Valldal, Norddal Municipality
    Total Distance: 68km

    m_Trollstigen, aka Troll Ladder norway 2

    The Experience: Connecting Åndalsnes and Valladal, this 68km long scenic road is also one of the most popular landmarks of Norway. Winding through fascinating mountains, the driveway offers amazing views of the hills, plains and waterfalls.

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