(Last Updated On: June 9, 2015)

What could be scarier than you having to pay over INR 40,000 for a room per night in a world renowned hotel? Could it be the ghost girl hiding underneath your hotel bed or the woman smiling back at you from the mirror as you shave your beard?

These are tales told by terrified hotel residents after their unfriendly encounters with paranormal spirits in hotels from around the world! True stories of wailing, pale women in bathrooms to sad faced children watching you as you sleep; have sent hefty men running for cover from their rooms!

It is common for you to hear ghost stories imagined to the far extent of creativity, and sometimes, you have rolled your eyes at them in front of your terrified friends. But these 15 hotels could easily turn you from a non-believer to a shivering Chihuahua in mere seconds with their true horror tales!

  1. Hotel Burchianti, Florence, Italy


    Image Credit: hotelburchianti.it

    Ghostly children hopping from the stairs in the middle of the night have given people sleepless nights here!  There have been sightings of women knitting on rocking chairs by people who stayed alone in the Fresco room. The terrified denizens have also seen a pale pink spirit in the corners of corridors, believed to be that of Benito Mussolini, the fascist leader who stayed in the hotel for a long time.

  2. Akasaka Weekly Mansion Apartments, Tokyo, Japan


    Image Credit: bookcdn.com

    After the Japanese folk termed it as the ‘Scariest Place To Stay in Japan’, the Akasaka Weekly Mansion Apartments has proven itself to be a living nightmare for those faint at heart! People have woken up several times during the night to see a wispy, pale figure vanish from the foot of their bed, to white mists appearing from the air vents and feeling someone stroke their face as they slept. A terrified woman went on to claim that she was dragged across the room by her hair!

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  3.  The Crescent Hotel, USA


    Image Credit: inspiredcitizen.com

    Why would people want to live in a resort built in 1886? It’s bound to have dead people revisiting the place! Known to many as the ‘Most Haunted Hotel in America’, the Crescent hotel is infamous for its paranormal activities! The hotel is said to be haunted by over eight spirits, some of which are: a young girl who jumped to her death around the early 20’s, an Irish sailor and a well-known visitor in a tailcoat who was caught on camera by paranormal experts.

  4. Dragsholm slot, Denmark


    Image Credit: wikimedia.org

    This famous castle is steeped in natural history and of course, hair-raising paranormal activity. The ghosts of kings and nobles who once walked the green plains of the island around which this castle is built, are still spotted by people when they peek out of their rooms at night. Sounds of horses hooves, a man yelling in pain near the grounds and a woman’s face near the window are some of the unfriendly tales of this place.

  5. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, USA


    Image Credit: blog.rehearsaldinner.com

    Have you always dreamt of meeting the famous Marilyn Monroe? Too bad she died all those years ago. But not to worry, her spirit is said to haunt one of the rooms in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, USA! People have been spotted running out of their rooms, saying there was a woman with blonde hair staring at them through the mirror. Others have claimed hearing a woman laugh as they stood alone in the lift!

  6. Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taiwan


    Image Credit: wikimedia.org

    For a hotel, built on a wartime execution ground, these architects had it coming! The sprawling, luxurious hotel has witnessed supernatural occurrences with people having heard chains clanking around in corridors and seeing apparitions near the bathrooms and showers. The hotel staff appears understanding and relaxed when terrified customers check out hastily from the hotel after having a scary encounter.

  7.  Banff Springs Hotel, Canada


    Image Credit: trv-media.com

    If a bride died here while in her wedding dress by tumbling down the staircase, you know you are in for a haunted experience at the otherwise spectacular hotel situated in the thicket of pine trees. There have been sightings here of the bride, also known as the ‘burning bride’ as she had died after her gown caught fire. People have watched horrified as they claimed to witness the woman dancing in the ballroom!

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  8.  Langham Hotel, London


    Image Credit: wikimedia.org

    A series of horrifying incidents have surprisingly led to curious tourists visiting this luxurious hotel more than ever. There have been sightings of a doctor who had murdered his wife in the infamous ‘Room 333’, a butler who drags his feet and walks by the corridors at night, a footman from the early 1900’s wearing a blue coat and sporting a powdered wig!  These aren’t just old wives tales; BBC staff has sufficient proof of these sightings to scare non-believers even more.

  9.  Ballygally Castle, Northern Ireland


    Image Credit: cheaphotels.com

    This 17th century hotel has been the debacle of horror tales, thanks to the spirits that refuse to leave its walls. The scariest sighting here is of the ghost, Lady Isobel Shaw, who knocks on peoples doors while they are asleep and disappearing into the distance when they answer. There have been sighting of a woman walking in a silk dress several times round the castle, believed to be Madam Nixon, a former resident who died in the castle.

  10.  Chillingham Castle, England


    Image Credit: tracymorgan.com

    The name alone is enough to give you doubts about whether or not to stay at the place. To make matters worse, this beautiful and spacious castle was used for one main purpose back in the days of monarchy; killing! Visitors have encountered horrifying sounds of prisoners thumping the walls of the torture chambers locked up for over thousand years and have claimed seeing faces through the gaps of windows looking bloodied and moaning.

  11.  Asia Hotel, Bangkok


    Image Credit: luxury.com

    Visitors have stated one story throughout their stays; a ghostly man sitting on the sofa holding a book in his hands. The guests have woken up, in cold sweat and seen the man reclining on their sofas, and he will be gone the next second.

  12.  Talbot Hotel, Oundle, England


    Image Credit: exp-cdn-hotels.com

    Women are pretty terrifying aren’t they? Now imagine them dead and haunting the rooms you sleep in. The hotel is said to carry the spirit of Mary, queen of Scots who got executed at the nearby Fotheringhay castle. She has been spotted walking down the staircases, which she had to descend before her execution, leaving her ring marks on the wood.

  13.  Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, USA


    Image Credit: cbsla.files.wordpress

    The house of horrors has witnessed the gruesome murder of its former residents; Andrew and Abby Borden, found face down with their skulls smashed in. Their daughter was tried and acquitted for the crime, and now, it’s a famous bed and breakfast in USA. While the house aims at ‘scaring’ their visitors, some unplanned sightings of blood and an axe dangling from the ceiling have made people jump out of their skins!

  14.  The Shelbourne, A Renaissance Hotel, Dublin


    Image Credit: hotels.com

    Mary Masters; remember the name if you plan to visit this luxurious hotel. She is the little girl ghost who is said to haunt the halls of the Shelbourne. Experts have tried communicating with the spirit, due to multiple complaints from hysteric hotel residents, who have heard her crying in their bathrooms. Celebrities like Lily Collins and Michelle Obama have also experienced supernatural occurrences in this hotel.

  15.  Russell Hotel, Australia


    Image Credit: holidaycheck.com

    Imagine opening your eyes in the middle of the night to see a dark apparition peering down at you. This is a common claim made by people staying at the Russell Hotel, Australia. Guests staying in room 8 have seen dark figures looming in the entrance of rooms, vanishing when the tension stirs up.