(Last Updated On: April 10, 2015)

We have all heard of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, haven’t we? Jack took the efforts to climb the Beanstalk to reach the pot of gold at the end. Travelling for some people is an unending adventure, like Jack they keep walking until they reach their happiness- their pot of gold. This is exactly what Ian Crombie did! He walked the distance between Mexico and Canada, ON FOOT! This is his story, this is his fairytale and this is our inspiration!

Ian Crombie embarked on a trail that led from Mexico to Canada, just like that he got up and started the distance that would take him along the Pacific Crest Trail, that spans almost 2,668 miles. Taking about 6 months, Ian lost almost 20-30 pound as he trudged along the landscapes across the trail. His secret? He kept eating 5,000-6,000 calories each day as he traversed a distance of 25-30 miles each day. If it’s not clear enough from the pictures already, this has led to one of the most dramatic before and after makeovers!

Mexico to canda

However, in a candid chat Ian also confesses this; “Without a doubt I fell into the classic Post Trail Depression for some time and it took me a while to adjust and not feel completely out of my element. Going from ‘out there’ to living in a cramped dorm with a bunch of other people was pretty interesting but I can’t complain.” While that is a danger that is impending, it cannot be enough to stop you from making an adventure fairytale of your own, can it?

He also shares some interesting stories of travelers that he met along the way, all of whom had interesting trail names like cheesesnake, hot pants etc all of them given to them by the people on the trail. Such interesting stories can only be created when you share travel adventures with someone!

Stories, interactions, achievements and tremendous learning lessons are what you will take back when you set out to explore the world in an unconventional way! What’s your next adventure gonna be?

[H/T: Dailyhit]