(Last Updated On: May 11, 2015)

Travelling might soothe your mind, backpacking helps you to open your mind. Travelling might take you to new places, backpacking helps you discover these places. Travelling might get you unique experiences, backpacking helps you live these experiences!


Image Credit: Jason Priem – Flickr

Wondering how can backpacking get you so much? Well, it’s not backpacking, but the backpackers, whose love and passion to explore, discover and experience makes the difference. And for the great backpackers, they have some of the unique qualities and traits that make them different from the rest of the travellers.
Want to know what are the qualities that make a backpacker great? Here are some of the amusing qualities listed by Thrillophilia that defines a true backpacker:

  1. The World Is Their Home


    Image Credit: Trey Ratcliff – Flickr

    A home is where the heart resides! And for the backpackers, it does not matter where they step on or where they flee to, they always carry their heart with them. Rather than craving for the materialistic pleasures and luxuries, their heart finds their dose of happiness in discovering new places and destinations. Once they make their way into a new world, they call it a home and their heart just settles down!

  2. They Knows the ABC of Networking


    Image Credit: Håkon Thingstad – Flickr

    If you still think, social networking sites really connect you with others, you must peep into a backpacker’s life! Travelling to unknown destinations, meeting new people and creating a bond with them defines a backpacker. And to create their own network, they don’t have to like or update any status; all they do is share their experience and carry the emotions along!

  3. Strategy Making; Others Should Learn From Them


    Image Credit: Camille Rose – Flickr

    There are always multiple ways of accomplishing something. But, if you want to know the best ways, you must ask a backpacker. Their skill of strategizing things not only helps them to travel hassle free, but also helps them accomplishing things faster and better than the other classes of travellers.

  4. They Master the Lessons of Economy


    Image Credit: Tax Credits – Flickr

    Where did you learn the economy lessons? Probably in a B-school! But if you ask the same question to a great backpacker, the answer will be from all the experiences and encounters so far. The knowledge and experience they acquires during their backpacking tours, not only accounts for the cherishable memories, but also teaches them how to spend as well as earn during their trips!

  5. Back-‘Packing’ Is What They Really Do


    Image Credit: Karin – Flickr

    Even before deciding the destinations or the routes, a backpacker always focusses on what and why to pack for the journey! Packing being the first and foremost element, they exactly know or finally come to the conclusion, how to get the job done and travel light throughout the way.

  6. They Are the Problem Solvers


    Image Credit: ThreeHeadedMonkey – Flickr

    Problems are a part and parcel of life, and we all know it! Being a backpacker, life is not so easy and has its own set of challenges. Landing on newer places with no proper details in hand, getting stuck in unknown circumstances and lot more. Tackling and struggling with the challenges on the way, they eventually become eminent problem solvers.

  7. Patience Is Their Most Valuable Asset


    Image Credit: Pete B. – Flickr

    Be it filling the water bottle, withstanding the long queue in the ticket counters, or waiting for the next bus to come, backpackers always outshine the crowd! Wondering how they do it? Well, anything and everything they do on their way, they do it sincerely and with utmost patience. A backpacker without a patience is just like a traveller without a destination in mind!

  8. Grass Always Seems Greener on Both the Sides


    Image Credit: Garry Knight – Flickr

    What if you happen to miss your flight for the day? Well, running back and forth can nowhere be a solution for you! But if the same incident happens with a backpacker, they would probably make it an excuse to explore more about the place, keep their calm and board the next flight. Their optimistic nature and positive mind set always shows them the brighter side of everything!

  9. They Have a Free Flowing Mind


    Image Credit: Chris Wilpert – Flickr

    Unlike most of the travellers, backpackers never let their minds limited to certain things or destinations. With the goal and passion to visit newer destinations, discover new places and meeting new people on the way, backpackers always keep their minds open and let it flow free just like the carefree child!

  10. They Live Every Moment


    Image Credit: faungg’s photos – Flickr

    Life is a box of colours; you never know what shade you will get along the journey! For a true backpacker, rather than living the day, s/he lives every moment of life. Does not matter, what colour life brings to them, they paint themselves into that shade and continue to their next destination.

  11. They Never Run Out Of Resources


    Image Credit: MTSOfan – Flickr

    Where there is a will, there is a way! For the backpackers, this saying proves to be true at every step. Even in the most critical situation, when a usual traveller might give up, the backpackers know how to manage things and continue with the fun and excitement. They are the ones, who know where to find the resources and how to utilise them at the best!

  12. They Fly High And Above


    Image Credit: stuart anthony – Flickr

    It’s the faith on the self and the confidence that pushes the backpackers to explore the unexplored, achieve the unachieved and discover the unknown. Whatever might be the challenge or the circumstances on the way, backpackers, with their confidence and self-motivation can conquer everything on their way!

  13. Zeal to Explore and Discover Is Their Boon


    Image Credit: Carlos Torres – Flickr

    If you ask a backpacker, where does their quest end? You probably will get the answer – it never ends! Yes, for a true backpacker, the journey is an age-long affair and it’s their zeal and passion to discover that drives them to explore more and more new destinations.

  14. Communication Cannot Hinder Their Fun and Adventure


    Image Credit: Bikes And Books – Flickr

    For the backpackers, communication is merely a source of socialising and mixing up with different people. With their true instincts and experiences of meeting a diverse range of people on the way, they always find a way to communicate with each other and the locals.

  15. Age Is Just a Number for Them


    Image Credit: Eugene Kogan – Flickr

    Just like wine gets better with age, a true backpacker also gets better with age and experience! After an era of travelling, discovering unknown destinations, meeting new people, witnessing different cultures and so on…backpackers just get finer with their age and experience.