(Last Updated On: January 3, 2017)

Hi Melvin…

1. How would you introduce Melvin Boecher to the world?

I’m the founder of Traveldudes, which is one of the top travel influencers online. On Twitter there are around 180.000 followers and he gets on over 7.500 Twitter lists recommended. That’s top 3 in travel! The facebook page got as well around 66,000 fans.

I’m as well the creator of the Travel Talk on Twitter. #TTOT Every single week there are around 70,000 #TTOT tweets, 40,000 retweets, which create around 400,000,000 impressions! All those travel tweets have an estimated reach of 970,275,075 accounts on Twitter per month!

On top of that, I’m the partner of the iambassador.net, which runs successful social media marketing campaigns with the best travel bloggers worldwide. These campaigns find a lot of attention in the travel industry. The campaigns reach millions of people and create advertising value equivalents of € 1-3 million. I’ve created also the onlineROIcalculator.com, which helps the travel industry to calculate online media values.


2. Tell us your story. What inspired you to start travelling and blog about your travels?

It all started with a trip through Indochina. I travelled with a friend of mine doing the typical route through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos for three months. We wanted to share our travel experiences with our friends and families. So we built our own website for that.

 3. Could you narrate some of your most memorable experiences you’ve had till date on any of your travels?

There are too many to fit in here. I’ve had a thrilling encounter with an elephant in Tanzania, slept with cockroaches in my hair in Thailand, swam with crocodiles and sharks in Australia, had an amazingly bad delhi belly in India, thought an old man was dying next to me in the plane, as it seems he was splitting blood… etc.


4. You are an experienced traveler.Have you come across many instances when people have tried to take advantage of you?

What advice would you give first time travelers?

Sure, but nothing to serious. The usual scams happen to me all the time. It’s part of traveling. The more you travel, the less these happen and still they get you. So I would recommend to take it easy. Do not just go along, but if it happens, forget about it and look forward.

5. If someone reading this wants to quit everything and become a travel blogger tomorrow, what would you tell them?

It’s very easy to become a travel blogger. It doesn’t cost much, but it looks completely different if you want to make a living from it. People forget that it’s a job, which takes a lot of passion and more than 8 hours per day and that for years! It’s not enough to take a few nice photos and write a couple of articles per day or week. You have to be an entrepreneur. You have to do everything from marketing, PR, writing, photos, social media, accounting…  It’s a dream job, but it is still a job, not just traveling and for sure not a holiday!


6. Most travel bloggers share independent experiences.

So what inspired you to create the platform Traveldudes, for a community of travelers to share their insights?

We very soon realized that there are far more experienced travelers out there, than us. We got the best tips on our trips by locals and other travelers and not from guidebooks. We added one to the other and there we had the Traveldudes community.

7. If you had to define Traveldudes in 2 sentences, how would you?

The new Traveldudes version (soon to come) will be THE Social Travel Platform – For Travelers, By Travelers!


8. On Twitter, Traveldudes has over 179,000 Followers and over 5,500 Twitter lists recommended, which easily makes you one of the top 3 to follow in travel!

Can you give us the secret behind how you garnered such a massive audience?

I share travel experiences and inspire people to travel and that for a long time. I’m on Twitter for years now and I tweet a lot! I promote each post of each author and they do the same.


9. Traveldudes is also an open free website where the world finds and shares information on travel.

Will it be free forever? How do you sustain the business side of things?

Sure! It’s the world wide web! To charge is of course a model, but there is no need to charge for content online. The ones who need to charge, have not understood the www and it’s realistic value yet.



10. You have spoken about living in House Trip Apartments throughout your travels.

What are your views on Couchsurfing then?

The idea of couchsurfing rocks! But making it a paid service sucks! It’s a great way to learn about a destination and I can only recommend to do it.

11. As we end this wonderful interview, there is one last question we’d like you to answer…If you had to travel to another planet, which one would it be and why?

I have no clue of astrology. So I guess I would just cruise around a bit… visit this planet here and then head to that planet over there.