(Last Updated On: June 24, 2017)

Have you heard about the four juice daily cleanse? How about that hot yoga class that immerses you in cool calm positivity and finds you literally sweating out all your body’s negative toxins? Juice cleanses, body cleanses, toxin detoxes and many more. Let’s try to incorporate this ongoing trend and look at these mind-boggling life cleanses for your upcoming vacations.

Let’s take a look at these vacation detoxes which will convince you to switch from your boring routine hotels to these spectacular holiday homes:

1) Flowers, beaches, pools and shopping (The Garden of Eden – Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia)

This exotic villa showcases everything that one would desire for on a perfect relaxation trip. The location ensures that you will never find a dull moment in your travel plans, as everything, from restaurants to the beaches to even shopping malls are right at your doorstep.


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With all the privacy and every facility within your hand’s reach, this could be yours for INR 8,683 per night.

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2) Nature’s gift, just for you! (Nature’s Oasis- Koh Chang Tai, Trat, Thailand)

This gorgeous property enjoys an absolute beachfront location in a dreamy jungle-laden retreat at Bang Bao Beach on Koh Chang Island.


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The villa is literally situated on the beach, just a few steps away from the crystal clear waters that will make a long-lasting first impression.


Try relaxing on the wooden outdoor terrace with the waves washing up below, while enjoying the spectacular views and the salty beach winds. Do not miss the sounds of trees swaying on the remarkable peninsula.

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3) Find the difference between a dream and reality in one of the most crowded countries (Courtyard Oasis-Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

This unique space radiates comfort, class and a love affair with nature. It is a split-level apartment, with a private courtyard tucked away in the heart of Bandra West. You are cocooned in the quiet and at a stone’s throw away from Mumbai’s best shopping, dining and nightlife scenes.


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Guests that have stayed in this tranquil oasis have called it a high-energy, high vibration space that allows you to pull yourself together, calm your senses and keep yourself away from the noise and chaos that Mumbai is typically recognized for.


You would be surprised to know that this perfect property could be yours at just an average price of INR 3,618 per night. What a steal!

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4) Ever wished you had otters as your pets? (The Otters Cottage – Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia)

Located at the entrance of the Crocker Range National Park, this detached cabin was originally built to house their tamed otters that lived with them for more than two years.


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It is a ‘dream come true’ for travelers who are looking for some solitude away from their fast-paced, technology-dependent lives at an average price of just INR 9,970 per night.

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5) There’s something magical in the air, is it love? (Romantic Retreat – Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia)

What will you treasure about this villa: Antique wood, the large hammock or an azure pool – walled in for privacy? In play with its surroundings, lush rice fields fill your views from the pool area, while past the bathroom windows flows a river.


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Is there a better place to rejuvenate with your loved one? We don’t think so! This prime location is perfect for couples looking to enjoy time together as well as travel through touristy Bali.


This picturesque villa could be yours at just INR 8,946 per night.

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6) Goldilocks Cottage Under the Stars (Taara House – Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India)

This classic yet modern cottage is surrounded by apple orchards, whilst blending into the pine forests. Let us not forget that it overlooks the beautiful and majestic Himalayas.


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Another fun fact about this enchanting holiday home for all our environment-friendly readers – It’s made out of recycled and reclaimed wood.


Take a look at the details and you will be mesmerized. These are all available at just INR 16,445 per night!

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7) Portugal in India? It’s a definite yes! (Josephine Villa-Acoi Village, Goa, India)

Never got a chance to travel to Portugal? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Immerse yourself in the splendor of this masterpiece that seems to have taken a leap right out of a Portuguese fairy-tale.


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It is ideal for a family or even a group of friends looking for a unique experience. Can you picture anything better than walking into a beautiful home showcasing some ancient Portuguese heritage? At just INR 16,445 per night, up to 8 guests can make this the perfect place to detox.

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After all these, we can only say – Happy Travelling!