(Last Updated On: March 13, 2018)

A train journey can be fun and the fun is triggered to a double level when you are travelling with your friends. Now imagine you are on a railway station and you have to read the name ‘Venkatanarasimharajuvariipeta’… Alright! I got it, it’s difficult. But isn’t it interesting to know that there are a lot of places with this type of funny names for the stations.

Well this time if you are planning to travel by train, then you should definitely check out the name of these station with funny names. From the shortest name IB in Orissa to Lotte Golla Hali in Bangalore, these names will never cease to keep up the fun. So guys next time when you are travelling just don’t miss out these stations. Who knows you may be able to pronounce it at a go!!

1. Kala Bakra

kalabakra_1414395897Image Credit: panoramio.com

Where: Jalandhar, Punjab

Once you are there imagine saying Bhai! I am at ‘Kala Bakra’

2. IB


Image Credit: techbreezy.com

Where: Orissa

If you are thinking we are talking about Intelligent Bureau, NOPE definitely not. It’s the shortest name for a railway station.

3. Digha


Image Credit: irfca.com

Where: West Bengal

Well, let’s just say deep (DIG)HA

4. Tung


Image Credit: indiamike.com

Where: Darjeeling

Does it ring a bell!!



Image Credit: flickr/inderstadt

Where: Andhra Pradesh

1000 bucks if you spell it right in one go!

6. Lotte Golla Halli


Image Credit: Wikimapia

Where: Bangalore

Oh o !! Lotte Gol What ??? Really

7. Singapur Road


Image Credit: wikimapia.com

Where: Orissa

Guys stop worrying about Singapore, just take the train and you will be there!

8. Divine Nagar


Image Credit: Indian Railway Stations, Facebook

Where: Kerala

Searching for some peace! Take off to Divine Nagar

9. Chinchpokli


Image Credit: Wikipedia

Where: Mumbai

All I can think of is Chin chin chan chan!!

10. Clutter Buck Ganj


Image Credit: irfca.org

Where: Uttar Pradesh

Sounds like some cluster of words.