(Last Updated On: March 20, 2015)

Nothing can be more blissful than travelling with friends! Irrespective of the reason, season and destination, a journey with our best buddies are always an affair of fun, excitement, pranks, plenitude of gossips and lot more!

Well, amongst all the friends we have, there is always at least a species, who, more or less resembles to any of the cartoon characters. Let’s find out all your friends who remind you of these 19 cartoon characters while travelling together:

  1. Garfield, the Lazy One:

    Garfield, the Lazy One!

    Plan anything in the early hours or any part of the day, this friend of yours will always need extra amount of time to say ‘bye’ to his/her couch!

  2. Jug Head, the Foodie:

    Jug Head, the Foodie

    No matter where you are, with whom you are, this foodie friend of yours is all concerned about his/her appetite which is ever lasting. All they need is a gastronomic treat and your tour is done!

  3. Johnny Bravo, the Self-obsessed:


    Yeah whatever… let’s talk about me!”- yeah, this friend of yours really hardly cares about anything on the way and is always so very obsessed by him/herself.

  4. Tintin, the Adventure Freak:

    m_Tintin, the Adventure Freak

    This friend in the group has a hunger for thrill and adventure! No matter, where they are, the only thing that keeps them going is a bit of adrenaline kick and plenitude of enthralling moments.

  5. Homer Simpson , the Booze King:


    One of the most unique characters in the group, the only way to get this friend going is by offering them the best booze in the town. They get started only when s/he finds enough blood in his/her alcohol system.

  6. Chacha Chaudhary, the Encyclopedia:

    Chacha Chaudhary

    The friend, who googles up everything even before stepping in for the trip! You have any question; he/she has the answer, you have a doubt; he/she has the solution!

  7. Uncle Scrooge, the Miser:

    m_Uncle Scrooge

    Seems like they have glued their pockets just like Uncle Scrooge! The all-time misers of the group, they does everything, not to spend a single penny during the tour.

  8. Shaggy & Scooby Doo, the BFF in the Group:

    Shaggy & Scooby Doo

    ‘If you hate me, you hate my bff’, ‘if you love me, you love my bff’. These are the only lines you can expect from these two!

  9. Timon & Pumbaa, the Carefree Souls:

    Timon & Pumba

    Hakuna matata‘: ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ or ‘there isn’t a problem’ is the tagline if these two carefree souls. All these two knows, live your own way with your own rules!

  10. Popeye, the Protector:

    Popeye, the Protector

    When you are around this pal of yours, you really don’t care about anything. All you know, he is the shield and is always there to protect you!

  11. Jerry, the Notorious:

    Jerry, the Notorious

    Don’t go with their looks; they might deceive you to the core as what they look from outside is totally different from what they really are! The most notorious in the group, they are somewhere the charmer of the group.

  12. Pepe Le Pew, the Casanova:

    Pepe Le Pew, the Casanova

    The only thing that turns them ‘ON’ is women! No matter he is in a party, in the class, office or in a tour with you, the only thing he’s concerned about the ‘that’ woman, he can hit upon.

  13. Daffy Duck, the Blabber Box:

    Daffy Duck

    Every single spot you visit, this friend of yours never seems to keep quite. And all the way of your tour, you wonder how to hold over his/her chattering tongue!

  14. Yosemite Sam , the Short Tempered:
    Yosemite Sam

    The gunman or the gun-woman who’s always prepared to shoot the opponent at the slightest touch of words! Practically not able to control their own temper, they put a hole in the middle of your forehead (not literally, but with their gaudiness).

  15. Launch Pad, the All-Time Problem Solver:

    Launch Pad,

    You are in urgent need of something during the tour, stuck somewhere in the middle of the night, need a foster parent to wrap up the mess in college…call him/her and your problems are solved!

  16. Bart Simpson, the Prankster:

    Bart Simpson

    There is always one in the group, who takes all the credit for blowing up this or that with his/her prank’s list. Any get-together or party without their silly pranks…it is just a myth!

  17. Veronica, the Drama Queen:


    ‘I’m allergic to this & that… ‘, ‘what about my make-up?’, ‘I’m allergic to these places’, ‘I’m on a diet’, these friends needs no further introduction! These are the friends who are always fussy about things- be it travelling or food or anything for that matter.

  18. Mr Burns, the Boss:

    Mr Burns

    Seems like, this friend of yours own the entire of India (or at least the friends’ group). Whatever happens in the group happens only according to his/her decision!

  19. Tasmanian Devil or Taz, the Hyper One:


    Be it exploring an unknown destination or jumping into any conclusion, this aggressive creature in your group is always ready for any plans that come along the way!

Friends, no matter how they are or what they are, they are the most heavenly gift in life. Cherish every moment while travelling with friends; the journey of today might become the best memories of tomorrow!