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Just envisage if there was a chance that you could buy yourself a foreign vacation with domestic price, the memory of which would remain with you for a lifetime. You got it right, there are some wonderful vacation spots around the globe, where you can travel without hampering your pocket. Below is a list of 15 such international trips that’ll cost you really less. Good research, booking months in advance and some tricks & tips is all you need to get going. Read on to instigate yourself and head for these international termini at a shoestring budget.


1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the best travel destination where you can indulge in mountains, beaches, culture and food in just your budget. Whether you are traveling in an alone, in group or with family, Thailand offers a lot of budget staying options, you can choose from a dormitory kind lodging, a hostel or even a nice budget hotel. Thailand is also famous for its street food. You can plan to go with a combination of any 2-3 cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Ayutthaya, Chiang to explore the culture of Thailand. You will find Ancient Buddha temples, elephant show, floating market, Thai market and much more that give you a feel-good factor. At every turn in Thailand, you’ll encounter a Buddhist temple, cultural city, tropical rainforest or a white-sand beach that will leave you pondering why you would ever want to leave. Thailand is the perfect retreat for the people seeking a foreign destination with low budget.

How to reach: Fly straight to Thailand from Mumbai for just INR 14,593.


2. Bhutan

Loaded with components of mystery and magic, Bhutan is known to be one of the centers of Buddhism. The country shares its borders with India and is full of natural as well as traditional beauty that can be visited at inexpensive prices. Places that you must visit in Bhutan are Thimphu, Paro, Punakha and Haa Valley. Spots that will leave you mesmerized are Monasteries, farm houses, temples, National Memorial Chorten, Folk heritage Museum and Takin Zoo. Far away from the earsplitting hustle-bustle of urbanized civilizations, this country has accomplished to hold its timeless appeal and natural legacy. One of the most picturesque provinces in Asia, this Himalayan kingdom, is long renowned for its grand simplicity and elegant purity. Weather you love to be in dense forests, austere monasteries, majestic mountains or the pristine environment, Bhutan offers you all without hampering your budget.

How to reach: Fly straight to Bhutan from any of the major cities in across India.


3. Indonesia

Indonesia is a stunning country that captivates many tourists around the globe because of its stunning island and scenic beauty. Indonesia is not only famous as the largest archipelago around the world, it is also famous for plenty of natural treasures in the form of flora and fauna. Indonesia is also eminent for its active volcanoes, several of which are under the sea. Admiring the coral reefs, exploring the landmarks, enjoying at the beaches and much more are the things that pull travelers to this colorful country. If you are planning a budgeted holiday, Indonesia is a perfect historical and cultural landmark. You would love to see rainforest or rice terraces, bright beaches and rich blue seas that offer as a flawless backdrop against Southeast Asia’s biggest desert areas and wildlife sanctuaries.

How to reach: Fly straight to Indonesia from Mumbai for just INR 12,661.


4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the home to sceneries and culture for the travelers who are looking for sprawling sandy beaches, wildlife safari and underwater adventures. Sri Lanka is a one of the most amazing holiday destination for people of all preferences and tastes. Srilanka is an affordable holiday destination and is ideal for adventure seekers as well. Srilanka is most desired spot for adventure activities and sports like rock climbing, scuba diving, trekking, cycling, surfing, rafting and canoeing, golf and white water rafting. Travelers, who would like to get heart reloaded, can choose for yoga, traditional spas and meditations centers found across the location. Even for foodies, Srilanka holds many surprises and if you are someone who wants to shop authentic items like handicrafts, gems, tea then you are at the right place.

How to reach: Fly straight to Sri Lanka from New Delhi for just INR 10,098.


5. Nepal

Nepal is a perfect holiday destination for all kind of explorers. It is surrounded by lofty peaks and scenic landscapes which becomes every traveler’s delight. Activities like Trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, paragliding and jungle safari will indulge you completely during your vacation. Kathmandu Valley is a perfect place that will quench your thirst for palpable aesthetics. Perfect for honeymooners because there is probably nothing more than solitude in a romantic setting that a newlywed couple would look for. Ilam, Basantpur and Bandipur are the few of those scenic hill stations, where couples love to stay and create memories. you would also love to do adventures with your friends and family by gazing at the snow-covered mountains.

How to reach: Fly straight to Nepal from Mumbai at super low prices starting at just INR 16,389.


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6. Singapore

Singapore is one of the most stunning countries, has lots to offer in terms of culture, nature and modern, cuisine, architecture, monuments and beaches. Travelers sink towards Singapore for its several manmade wonders, like the Flyer and Universal Studios. The Changi Beach, Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach are some of the famous beaches with each having a distinct character. You would love to take your kids to night safari, which gives them the opportunity to closely witness the wild creatures after the sunset. Gifted with the best of natural and manmade attractions, there is no wonder that Singapore is among the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asian region which even fits in your pocket. Honeymooning in Singapore also gives an memorable experience to the couples and that too in budget.

How ao reach: Fly straight to Singapore from Mumbai at just INR 15,220.


7. Malaysia

Malaysia is beautiful destination with warmth of the local people there will amaze you. You will bound to stun yourself when you come close to the natural and man-made marvels that add to the enchanted touch of the nation. Rocky Mountains reach vividly for the sky despite the fact their rainforest-clad slopes sweep down to floodplains seething with forest life. The tropical islands of Malaysia are measured among the most attractive around the globe, they are Redang, Langkawi, Tengol and Labuan. Labuan is also famous for scuba diving and many other water sports. Whether its people, vibrant culture, food or geography, the assortment of Asia is in full blossom in the country and trips to Malaysia would become a tour of the entire continent.

How to reach: Fly straight to Malaysia from Mumbai for just INR 12,119.



8. Maldives

Maldives is also known as a popular honeymoon destination. It is a good place to visit if you want an international place in your budget. The destination is famous for its water sports and beaches and if you love sea-food, Maldives is heaven for you. You can opt to stay with one of the locals for the complete experience. Indulge yourself in diving to see marine creatures like rays, sharks, turtles and even eels. Another choice of activity for you, especially if you are a beginner, is snorkelling. Activities in Maldives like parasailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing will aptly satisfy your love for the sea and speed. Indulge in a yoga session at a beach, with the sun rising or setting in the backdrop to unwind and relax yourself. You can also head out to the streets of Male to explore Maldives’ lively and amazing nightlife.

How to reach: Fly straight to Male in the Maldives from Mumbai for just INR 11,318.


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9. Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the great destination to visit if you are tight on budget and time. packed with beautiful memorials and pagodas, Myanmar’s beauty lies in its peace and simplicity. Myanmar is considered as one of the most undiscovered destinations in the world, presenting all the traditional pleasures of Asia in one country. It owns a rich and vibrant ethnic tradition, and great natural exquisiteness along with wonderful temple architecture. Myanmar is also famous among tourist for rich cultural heritage, sacred with a unique natural setting of beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains, long rivers, unspoiled beaches, lush tropical forests and archipelago. It is a must-visit destination for a cultural tourist, who can spend around a week at one place, perceiving and learning.

How to reach: Fly straight to any airport in Myanmar  from New Delhi at fares starting from just INR 14,645.


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10. UAE

UAE is probably one of the favorite destination of travelers when it comes to going abroad. Famous for its malls, architecture and shopping, Dubai is the Center for the middle class Indian. Some of the must-see and worth visiting places are the Qasr al-Husn which is a superb white palace fort constructed in 1761 and Abu Dhabi Heritage Village exhibiting life earlier modernization with model souks, plush gardens, Bedouin encampments and craftsmen at work. The downtown area endows a remarkable cluster of modern high rises including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa with a reflection platform for breathtaking views. Jumeirah Beach is the best-known beach with many International chain hotels offering lodging. There is much to see and do though shopping malls and beaches are its major attractions.

How to reach: Fly straight to Dubai from Mumbai for just INR 14,165.


11. Iran

Filled with memorials and ancient cities, Iran boasts with many museums. Iran is not a popular tourist destination but Iranian palaces are remarkable and the desert safaris are a must do. If you are going to Iran you can find, rich and vivid culture, numerous national parks, unresolved urban areas and much more. The country has two vast areas of deserts, Kavir-e-Markazi and the Kavir-e-Lut or the Lut Desert and if you are a fan of desert, you must definitely visit this enchanting destination. Iran is an appeal for travelers who are in hunt of exquisite palaces, brilliant bazaars, domed mosques and courteous people. You would love to experience the splendor of Iran that too in your budget.

How to reach: Fly straight to Iran from New Delhi for just INR 15,035.

iran-hamed-saberCredits: Hamed Saber

12. Istanbul

Istanbul in Turkey is emerging as a popular tourist destination. Ideal for contemporary and modern Turkish art and shopping, Istanbul also offers a swarm of monuments and a great culture to discover. With an unconventional range of ultimate relaxation destinations, Istanbul will leave ruin you for choice. This destination features an enchanting diversity of historical, landscapes, and cultural exclusivity making it one of the most prevalent tourist destinations. You can also experience Hot-air balloon activity over Cappadocia during your trip and it can be an exciting experience. Istanbul is decorated by beautiful beaches where you can sit back, enjoy sunbathing, relax or try thrilling water-sports such as kayaking, swimming and snorkelling.

How to reach: Fly straight to Turkey in Istanbul from New Delhi at fares starting from INR 31,917.


13. Japan

Japan is a fairy-tale with a completely unique, different culture and Japanese castles. The gardens and spiritual places will amaze you and the mixed variety of cultures lets you discover many religions methodically. It has tranquil beaches in abundantly and the best of them are located in Okinawa Prefecture. Japan is not only known for natural wonders, Tokyo, which is a man-made wonder and holidays in Japan would be imperfect without visiting the city. Japan also has well developed local transportation system that makes the life of a travelers hassle-free while being in Japan. Mount Fuji is a popular spot among the travelers and Jigokudani Monkey Park is another beautiful construction of nature with hot spring extruding within cold forest.

How to reach: Fly straight to Tokyo from New Delhi for just INR 52,244.


14. China

It is said the everything about China is larger than life and so is the experience that it gives on travelers, who come to explore this huge Asian country. China is a marvelous land with diverse earthly realms and a trip to China offers a delightful chance to experience exclusive combination of packed metropolitan cities and rural sceneries that flaunt unconceivable natural beauty. The destination is resort to the world’s largest population and also a plethora of inheritance sites. A cruise on Li River will engulf you with its picturesque surroundings and Mount Huang is another wonder of fauna bequeathed to China. There are several man-made wonders in China and the Great Wall of China is the first place that every traveler want to visit.

How to reach: Fly straight to airports in China from New Delhi for just INR 30,517.


15. Sultanate of Oman

Situated courteously beside the Persian Gulf, Oman is known as the best cultural tourism terminus in the world. Exhibiting a diverse range of climatic conditions, its capital Muscat was once renowned as the second-best city to visit in the world. lonesome mountains, Pristine landscapes, deserted dunes and unfilled beaches will leave you enthralled, if you pursue this road with is less taken. You would love to explore majestic canyons, spectacular fjords and the dramatic coastline and shop for souvenirs in the traditional souqs.

How to reach: Fly straight to Muscat from New Delhi for just INR 14,460.