(Last Updated On: February 3, 2018)

Ghana seems to have it all from lush forests and commercial centers to a coastline that has its own treasure trove of attractions. It’s the latter that has us excited because it’s where all the good stuff is.  Beaches, old forts and castles, rain forests and crazy marketplaces – there’s so much to take in that your itinerary probably won’t be able to fit it all. Go on a journey of discovery to Ghana’s coast in and explore everything it has to offer!


1) Bonfires by the Beach Create Sweet Romance



The beach has always inspired romantics and Ghana’s Labadi Beach does it in spades. If you’re expecting to relax on a sun lounger with nothing to do but laze and gaze at the sea, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much goes on here. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic night with bonfires and parties setting the mood for merrymaking and cherished moments with a partner. You’ll love the mix of people too. Labadi not only draws tourists but locals as well, all eager to sway to music from live bands and pick up local crafts from the vendors.


2) Solitude is a Friend That Helps You Escape Chaos



Where Labadi Beach is known for its vibrant scene, Busua Beach is at the other end of the spectrum. On those days when you need a break from the bustle of the city, there’s nothing like escaping to a place that promises solitude. Busua Beach is that place. Serene waters, a handful of people and the sound of the sea will quiet the senses and help you appreciate the beauty of nature. Take a book along with you and maybe your favorite snack. Go alone, with your partner or a friend.


3) Getting Down to Basics


Rustic living challenges you to shed creature comforts and embrace the basics. Escape 3 Points, an eco lodge and off-the-grid destination, offers a chance to truly immerse yourself in nature. The chalets, which are made of earth, rafia and bamboo, boast panoramic views that connect you to the outdoors. Waking up in the morning to the sounds of nature and the waves crashing on the shore will give you the impression that the rest of the world is just a mirage. It’s just you and the here and now.


4) A City that Takes You Back in Time


Central Region’s capital of Cape Coast is a city that gives you a look into the region’s dark past. Colonized by the British, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese and Swedish, it was once the biggest slave trading center. A visit here opens up a world of history and it’s impossible not to get caught up in it even if you aren’t a big history buff. Despite its grim past, you’ll love how it’s transformed today. Its beach is full of life and you can just spend the day there watching locals go about their work.


5) Exploring a Colonial Past Through Old Buildings


Like Cape Coast, Elmina’s colonial past echoes through the ages. Elmina Castle, once used to hold slaves captive, is one of the main tourist draws today. Walking through the castle is a sobering experience and it transports you back to the time when slavery became the norm.


Fort St. Jago is another building you must visit during your time in Ghana. Built in the 17th century, it was used to guard Elmina Castle from attacks. The Dutch constructed it on the site of a chapel erected by the Portuguese. It was ultimately surrendered to the British. You get a real sense of the wrestle of power from one colonial ruler to the next here. As you explore the fort, history doesn’t seem so long ago and it’s easy to imagine what the Dutch Gold Coast must have looked like.

6) Of Beaches, City Life and Colorful Markets


The Twin City of Sekondi-Takoradi has it all. Here, beaches sit alongside a city buzzing with life and a marketplace crowded with sellers hawking their wares. The beach is surprisingly uncrowded and is the best place to unwind. If you like the sound of the sea, make your way to one of several hotels along the beachfront and book a stay. When you crave some excitement, head to the city a few kilometers off and haggle for deals at Market Circle. Fresh produce and meat is sold alongside kitchenware and unexpected items like sunglasses. To say that you can hope to pick up a mixed bag of goods is certainly an understatement!


7) Head Ways into a Tropical Rainforest


Ghana’s coastal beauty is stunning but if you’re willing to head a little inland, there’s a cover of lush green waiting to be explored. Ankasa Conservation Area is a tropical rainforest with a wealth of priceless flora and fauna. There’s a huge tree, aptly called Big Tree that you definitely can’t afford to miss. It’s the largest in the forest and stands tall like an ancient sentinel at over 20 meters. You’ll feel dwarfed by its massive trunk and appreciate how important nature is.

Make your next travel plans all about Ghana and its amazing coast. It’s has so much to offer that you’ll never run out of things to do or see. If you’re looking for adventure, thrill and everything that traveling is supposed to be about, this is it. It’s here in spades and waiting for you to take the leap!