(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

Travel is one of the most popular leisure activities for anyone with disposable income. We love to spend our hard-earned cash on gadgets, but we also love to travel to new places.



But, whilst travel is fun and it’s always good to experience new cultures and see wonderful new sights, travel can be expensive. Thanks to holiday comparison websites, you can save money on flights, hotel accommodation, and car hire, but there is no getting away from the fact that you need deep pockets to travel, with or without kids.

The solution to this problem is more simple than you think. Imagine being able to travel to anywhere, stay for as long as you wanted, yet not worry about money.

This could be you if you worked while you travelled. Sure, the notion of working on a trip might not sound like much fun, but there are numerous ways to combine work and travel but still have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the amenities on offer. You just need the right employment opportunities.

1) Write about Your Journey


If you have a flair for writing purple prose and you can find a hundred and one different ways to describe how beautiful the sky is as the sun drops below the horizon, writing is a great way to make cash as you travel.

Pick up freelance writing gigs or start a travel blog. Blogging allows many people to travel the world and update their followers. It takes time to make money, but in the long-term, this is a viable, and lucrative, occupation.

2) House Sitting


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you never had to pay for accommodation as you flitted around the world? Become a house sitter and you could take your pick of luxurious homes in prime locations, for free.

Being able to take care of pets is a bonus in this job. Many homeowners look for house sitters who can babysit their elderly dogs or exercise a horse or two.

3) Speculate in the Finance Markets


Do you understand how the financial markets work? Can you make money with an online trading account? If so, you should have no problem earning an income as you explore the world’s most amazing locations.

4) Become a Social Media Star


Social media has changed the way we interact with friends, family, and the rest of mankind. 1.32 billion people log-in to Facebook each day and 700 million users have active Instagram accounts. Plenty of them make a good income from their social media activity, and if you put some time and effort into building a following, one of them could be you.

Whether you take amazing photographs or you are a fitness model, use social media to fund your travel. Instagram photographers travel the world for free, thanks to lucrative sponsorship deals. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

There are a ton of other ways to earn money while you travel, including working as a dive instructor, teaching ESL, and looking for au-pair jobs overseas. Think outside the box and grab any opportunity going. It might just change your life!