(Last Updated On: May 5, 2017)

You will no longer be able to enjoy beer or any other liquor at public places in Goa, since the Goa police have issued a new directive that effectively bans the consumption of liquor at public places. Anyone who breaks this rule will be arrested and sent to jail. The new rule is applicable for both Indian and foreign tourists. Superintendent of Police (North Goa) Karthik Kashyap said that instructions have been given to police personnel to arrest anyone who is found to be consuming liquor in public places. Such arrests are to be made under section 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), he said.

Drinking in Public Places in Goa Can Now Land You in Jail!

The decision to ban drinking in public places was taken after a meeting organized by the police. The meeting was attended by members from the general public, representatives belonging to the tourism industry, beach shack owners, and police officers. During the meeting, it was pointed out that drinking in the open has become a menace, especially at night time at beaches. The police are hopeful that the new rule will help establish a more civilized behavior among the often unruly tourists in Goa.

Source: newspatrolling.com