(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

Homestays! The millennial way of traveling!
Why break free from the chains of hotels and chose a home stay?

Travelling is like finding an elixir of life, isn’t it? It mends a broken soul or rejuvenates it for the better. Traveling for the millennials is not just about sightseeing and staying in a fancy hotel, it is about getting soaked in the city’s heritage and culture and live there as if it were their own home.


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No matter if you are traveling solo with your friends or your family, the idea of a getaway is always to find your lost soul in the mighty mountains, in the calmness of the sea or in the expanse of a desert. It’s a fact that commercialized hotel chains are indeed the biggest shackle in this process. Fret not! We have managed to find the perfect Holiday Homes for you.

Why pay heaps for a 4-walled room if you can have a whole ‘home’ to yourself? Barring the expenses aside, it is the feeling of contentment that triumphs all.

Still wondering why to abandon the hotels? Well, read on and we guarantee you’ll be picking up your phone to book a holiday home for yourself and not a hotel.

1) Experiencing the beauty in its purest form

A hotel situated in the perfect little spot amidst the mountain will still rob you off the magical breeze because of their plethora of rooms, never-ending formalities, tiny balconies and cramped hallways.

Whereas a holiday home will allow you to intertwine with nature’s beauty through their spacious rooms , wide hallways, majestic balconies and exotic gardens !
Where would you rather enjoy a cup of coffee, in a small balcony being overlooked by other guests at a hotel or in a holiday home with only your loved ones to accompany you?

Check out these homestays  for your next getaway :


An oasis with a courtyard in Mumbai

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An amazing cottage in Shimla
A breathtaking property in Manali

2) Keep it personal!

Doesn’t everyone hate just being bound by four walls or the bland food at most restaurants in the hotels?
Especially, if you are traveling with your family, imagine the happiness on everyone’s face while sitting around in hall playing cards and savoring their favorite dishes! It is food not cooked by a stranger but yourself!
Moreover, if you are out, vacationing with your friends, then a bonfire or a late night party must be your checklist, right? In a hotel,  the hotel manager will be concerned about other guests and there goes your party in the drain.
What if you can get a whole apartment to yourself?  No rules, no one to annoy you every now and then.
Well, these homestays will fulfill that dream:


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 3) Easy on your wallet

Many travelers choose home stays over hotels because they are indeed great value for money. Having a whole villa or an apartment to yourself in the heart of the city is seemingly very expensive, but home stays waive their way forward in being pocket-friendly.

A hotel with all the amenities and security will cost you a fortune and a major reason for most families and youngsters not to travel often.

However, with cozy holiday homes fulfilling all of your requirements, they will still leave your wallet smiling and your heart content.

Check out these properties for the best-priced home stays:


Have a look at this property in Jaipur

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4) Not a formal staff but a family in disguise

A conversation with a manager of an expensive hotel will surely be polite but always formal whereas in a home stay you can always feel you are talking to family.

The staff at most of the home stays are the localites of that place who can tell you the hidden secrets of the city which no guide or website can manage to do.

It’s not only telling you about the golden places, but various caretakers can be amazing chefs. If they match your zing, you’ll have a hot, steamy and an authentic meal filled with love and happiness.

Doesn’t that beat an expensive meal served by an indifferent waiter?


Check out this authentic Portuguese house in Goa

5) Weaving unexpected friendships and memories

There is definitely a fiery soul in every solo traveler and they want to gain as many raw experiences as they can.

Hotels rarely provide the comfort level to their guests where they can  exchange a word or two with each other. However, holiday homes are the perfect place to exchange stories and fables of life with a multitude.

Whilst sharing a home, you somewhere instantly become family to other guests in the home.  Just believe this you can never experience a feeling so magical as in the conversations with strangers over a dinner table while sharing everyone’s authentic cooking. Share your beautiful story as these home stays give you a chance to get engrossed in them:


View this authentic Portuguese house in Goa

Happy Travelling!