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What comes to your mind when you imagine a vacation? A new place, moments captured on the journey, the unknown adventures that await you; and if you are with your family then spending a joyous getaway with the loved ones.

While you make your plans, your mind prepares a checklist and you will always find accommodation arrangements on top of that list; from here onwards, the actual hustle of planning the vacation begins.

You browse your way through affordable packages, browse for the few which offer all amenities that you or your family might need and then you settle for a hotel which offers you a compromise of both the worlds of affordability and comfort.


Experiencing Luxury in a Treehouse

That’s the 90s style of travel. Recently, there is another form of accommodation arrangement that has come into the picture and has spread all over the globe – Holiday Homes.

Your most precious place in this whole world is your Home; then why not continue with that feeling even when you travel. A Holiday Home offers the magnitude of plus points over any hotels along with the warmth of the homely feeling. While opting for a Holiday Home you never actually give up on any of the luxuries even while traveling.

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1) Luxury of freedom: Your travel, Your way

The list of what you can’t do at Hotels is endless, frequent travelers know the pain very well. From check-in to check-out, you follow multiple rules, which make your stay monotonous and frankly, boring.

At Holiday Homes, if you want to be the master chef of a local cuisine, you can be. Many Holiday Homes come with the kitchen all set up and you can go all bazinga with the local recipe you just learnt. Imagine the joy of sipping your favorite drink by your own private pool.



Book Luxury of Freedom at Private Traditional Phinisi Schooner

Can you invite your new local friends that you befriended on your trip for a final farewell dinner and enjoy the party until midnight at a Hotel? Well, no. But at Holiday Homes you easily can, as the whole concept of it revolves around bringing you closer to the locals while also giving you your own space to make use of.

At Holiday Homes, you will never have to think twice before booking a group holiday; it’s actually recommended.

To give you a glimpse of few Holiday Homes with such merits, browse below


View this Private Cruise in Bali at HomeAway

Take a Look at this Holiday Home!


2) Luxury of options: Never run out of awesomeness to choose from

Holiday Homes, also referred to as vacation rentals or homestays by many, are the most convenient and affordable accommodation options for travelers; and banking on this fact you will find Holiday Homes even in locations that you might not be able to imagine.



Unwind yourself in this Holiday Home

Started as a Backpacker’s delight in the form of shared home rentals, the concept of Holiday Homes has picked upin the past decade and is now extremely popular around the globe. There are even chances that you might not be able to find a close-by hotel, but you’d find a Holiday Home.

With multiple Holiday Homes available in the vicinity of the area you are traveling to, you get ample choices to make from and be assured, every single Holiday Home, unique in its style and amenities, would lure you to come and stay.



Checkout this Holiday Home


Unlike Hotels situated between commercial localities, you get to choose from the Holiday Homes situated at the best scenic locations, outskirts, inside the hustle of the city and even villas offering everything that you can imagine wide away in the meadows.

Explore the links below and browse just a pinch of amazing options that you can avail:


View this Cliff edge Exquisite Home at HomeAway

Book Luxury of Options at Beachfront Luxury Hideaway, North Bali

3) Luxury of affordability: Traveler’s value for money

Let’s agree on the fact that traveling is a bit of an expensive affair and it becomes hefty on your pocket when you travel with your whole family. In such situations, the first thing that faces the blow of cost cutting is your accommodation.

You choose that budget hotel knowing the fact that you might have to give up on few comforts or deal with few hurdles.



Now, with Holiday Homes, this problem takes the backseat. As a matter of fact, Holiday Homes are the best value for money you can avail on your travel. With abundant availability of Holiday Homes, you can be assured of getting the best deal on your stay, which adds to the fact that you have the whole place for yourself.

Many Holiday Homes come with facilities like private pools, infinity pools, beach shore location, modular kitchen, jacuzzi, yacht stays etc. the list is endless. You get the best bang for your bucks and can be ensured of all the luxuries that a home can provide.

Browse the list of few budget Holiday Home choices:

Additionally, the primary merit of choosing a HomeAway Holiday Home unveils itself when you book a luxurious Villa or a spacious property on your group travel.



For an instance, let’s assume you book this fabulous 3 Bedroom Holiday Home with a Private Pool for a group travel of 5 family members at the INR 5,300 price tag. Now, just do the math, and you’ll realize that it costs you only INR 1060 per pax while making no compromise on luxury.

In the same instance, if you’d book a hotel, you may not get so much space and comfort and also end up spending more. The conventional one room protocol of the hotel limits you in many aspects when you are on a family trip or group vacation.

PEvLJgMdAHD_41a3f44202ea5bd8810bfdde1629fe50Book Luxury of Affordability at Amazing Treehouse

4) Luxury of a group getaway: The more is always merrier

We’ve seen people struggling with the thought of taking the whole family together for a vacation. People with large or extended families face this dilemma often; because frankly, it’s expensive and uncomfortable to travel with the bunch.

Hotels usually don’t help much either, because you know you’d have to make your whole family stay in different distant rooms and the only time they would be all together, would be when everyone goes out at the same time.

Let’s change that with Holiday Homes! When you book a Holiday Home, the price of the stay drastically reduces when you factor in more people.



View Luxurious Holiday Home!


You get the whole space to yourself where all your family members have their comfy rooms, plus you can choose from amenities like additional spaces, living rooms, pools, family kitchen, direct beach access etc.

On family holidays, choosing a Holiday Home for your accommodation is a no-brainer as even the kids love them. Kids get all the space in the world to enjoy their vacation and adults get to spend more time with each other without the restrictions of space, time or rules.

Let’s browse a few group favored Holiday Homes:

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5) Luxury of space: Live without the four walls boundary

The very basic difference between a commercial establishment like a Hotel and a Holiday Home is the reason behind its structure.

Hotels are built to accommodate maximum possible guests at a time and to also ensure that every guest gets the same flavor of customer servicing and treatment. Whereas Holiday Homes are built with comfort as the first factor in mind.

They are built to bring people close and provide them space at the same time. The locality of a Holiday Home is also chosen in the same way – to make the family feel comfortable.



View this Holiday Home!


While choosing a Holiday Home over Hotel, you choose comfort and space over a generic commercial setup. You are never confined between the four walls of discipline and you can have the luxury of togetherness and freedom at the same time.

People traveling in groups can relate to this even more, where they have to book separate distant rooms at an affordable package and still get no space to come together for spending time together unless they go out. At Holiday Homes, you can even organize your party in the living space or enjoy the evening by the private pool.

aF1cyJTqVmu_a02f1fc47d860e84e52caee04cd601ffBook Luxury of Space at Heart of Seminyak

6) Luxury of exploring: The more you meet, The more you experience

What is the value of travel if you don’t experience the culture, the people and the merits of the place?

With the fresh homely warmth, Holiday Homes also offer you the opportunity to actually interact with the native people and get to know their culture first hand. Most hosts, if you are keen, would be open to meet you once you check-in to offer friendly tips and advice to make the most of your stay in their city.
Believe the fact, once you experience a Holiday Home stay, you’d never go back to the guided city tours or guided cultural walks. Your guides would be the local people who actually live around you.



The best part about traveling is experiencing what you can’t at your native place and there is certainly no better way to take full advantage of this, but booking a Holiday Home on your next stay.

The friendly neighborhood of your Holiday Home will make you fall in love with the concept and is also a smart choice as the locals know the best of what to do and where to visit whilst on your trip. You get tips straight from the people who live there and get to make friends with them.

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7) Luxury of romance: Being with the one, without the hustle

Imagine you take a romantic getaway where you need to check in at a precise time and spend the whole day roaming the city, because you know there are less interesting things to do between those four walls of your hotel room.

You wander the city, indulge in all the sightseeing, visit the market and in the midst of this hustle, you try and sneak a few moments of togetherness whenever you can. Not the ideal romantic getaway you had imagined, is it?

To top it all, once you are back at your luxurious 5 star hotel, be prepared to share the pool with scores of other couples or even families, jostling for sun loungers and even the attention of the staff to bring you your drink.


Find the Best Holiday Home for You


Holiday Homes offer you a different dimension of togetherness and are actually perfect for the likes of you, who want to take a pause from all the hustle happening around, and just spend time with each other.

From romantic jacuzzi options to infinity pools; from yacht stays to the beach facing view – Holiday Homes provide the abundance of moments where you can just forget everything and get lost in each other.


Gorgeous Ocean View in Gyeongsangnam Do, South Korea

To sweeten the deal, many packages offer Holiday Homes with the honeymoon package where you get to stay in solace at your own Holiday Home and yet take part in different couple activities.

Tell us if any hotel’s honeymoon suite still sounds a better deal rather than spending the night with your love interest lying flat on the beach in the night, sipping champagne and counting stars; just a few feet away from your Holiday Home.

Planning the getaway is probably the only stressful activity here, let’s browse below to see what catches your fancy(by the way, these are just a few select options, there are thousands more on www.homeaway.co.in ):

NWPZ0isRfU2_a773a645b7784a5ac6e9e25f6e5ea906Book Luxury of Romance at Clifftop Eco – Village

8) The Luxury of exclusivity: never compromise on surprises

If your travel looks extremely planned to you and you see yourself being able to shell out a bit more on accommodation than the top line of Holiday Homes will interest you.

From historic colonial houses to lavish mansions, from tree-houses to five star yacht stays, from a cabin in the woods to a house by the lake, even a whole private island! you’ll find yourself choosing between the gems of the pack.

Having said that, even the aforementioned won’t cost you an arm when you compare the amenities and luxury in comparison with any five-star or seven-star hotel suite.

Browse the list of some unique Holiday Homes for your next trip:

NWPZ0isRfU2_c62c6cc0e13257729df0f544ee6a47c4Book Luxury of Exclusivity at Eco-Village Stone Cabin

The pros of opting Holiday Homes over Hotels are endless, the thing to note here is how exponentially Holiday Homes are replacing Hotels as the choice of travelers.

It’s mainly about the connect you make with the home where you stay whilst on your vacation. More often than not, you’ll find yourself so attached to the holiday home on your vacation that you won’t want to say it goodbye!

The ease, the luxury, the affordability, the merits are all secondary to the fact – it’s primarily a home away from home and nothing beats the homely warmth.