(Last Updated On: January 10, 2013)

How will you feel if all of a sudden a group of people barge into your house and start looking at what you are doing? To add to this unpleasant situation, they start talking in loud decibels and throw things here and there and after some time they leave. If this continues for a few days won’t you feel irritated? This is what is happening to the wild animals and it’s leading to a change in their psychology, behavior and their habitats are getting destroyed.

The things become worse for the more popular tourist destinations and the one’s which come into the sudden limelight. Also the seasonal influx of tourists leads to the animals becoming confused and they remain under stress for the major part of the day.

Just like a disturbed human being the animals who are disturbed spend very little time for their normal activities and they are on the constant run to avoid being spotted by the tourists. This may lead to several problems like their migration to less favorable feeding grounds, hampering their mating cycle and improper care of the young ones by the scared mothers. This can further lead to dire results for the entire population of the species. To make the matters worse, the tourists are very interested in watching the behavior of the mother around her young ones. The other dangers can be due to increased dependencies of some animals on the tourists for their food.

The habitats of these animals are being destroyed by the indiscriminate littering of these places with plastics and other wastes. The other destruction is starker and is that of coral reefs which are getting destroyed due to excessive number of recreational divers visiting these places. The destruction of coral reefs also leads to the destruction of various species of fish and the other organisms which are dependent on them for their survival.

Well to think of it all in entirety, these events are not working in isolation but in totality they are leading to a shift in the balance of the food chain.

We cannot ban the tourists from visiting these parks because they generate the revenues which are used to protect the animals themselves and at the same time they lead to the generation of employment for the local population.

The main problem is with setting the standards for every activity like what should be the proper distance from which the animals should be watched, the number of tourists that should be allowed inside the Wildlife Sanctuaries, the period in which the animals are stressed due to the environmental conditions should be carefully studied and in these periods the visitors should not be allowed in the parks and also the substances like plastics which might pollute the park should be banned inside the park.

Let us not be the unruly guests which are a pain in the neck for the hosts. Instead lets be the considerate visitors who co-operate with their hosts and maintain their distance and provide a proper breathing space to them. After all they are the ones who own the place, we are just the visitors.